Black-eyed Pea

4000 Bagpiper Way Suite 150, Arlington
(817) 467-9555

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Brittanie Crawford

My family usually loves Black eyed Pea. We decided to dine in yesterday for a family lunch outing. First incident: we were seated at a table by Nesha (who was great). After being seated, we asked to be moved to a booth. We were told the only booth that could seat our size family, was dirty. We sat, talked and went over the menu for a while before I decided to ask again. Assuming, by this time the booth would be clean. Nesha said no still not clean. I let it go. Next incident: We placed our drink orders and when they returned. I quickly asked for another drink. The cup was filthy. Visible debris and food on the side. Again, I let it go. Next incident: We finally decided on what we wanted to eat. So we ordered. When the food arrived (everything accept my son's Alfredo), my husband and I noticed a change in our portion. No problem. We dig in. Both of our broccoli cheese rice sides are warm at best. We waited another 8-10 minutes before my son's "Alfredo" comes out. By this time he's all filled up on bread and we're almost done picking over ours. But he starts to eat it anyway. He immediately frowned, he says there's squash/zucchini in my Alfredo. I examined it and It was not Alfredo. At this point, We had taken all we could. We got the ticket. On the ticket it said garlic pasta or something for the Alfredo. We paid, tipped and left. Needless to say we left feeling underwhelmed. We spent quite a bit of money (family of 5 with 2 teenagers) but it felt like a waste. We probably won't be back. Do better Black eyed Pea!

Flava Haus Dispensary

Great food and Great service! Ask for Archie!! He is the best server I’ve had in a long time!

Meredith Torrence

Heather at Black-eyed Pea was excellent at communicating and setting up our tasting. We had the chicken and sirloin along with a vegetarian option for our catering. We also included the fruit and cheese and bruschetta option for our cocktail hour. The food was delicious and they were able to get everyone through the buffet line quickly. The only thing that was an issue is that we were told they would be wearing masks when serving and cleaning and that was not the case. This may be an issue with the servers at the event and not Heather who stated that all servers would be wearing masks.

Tamala McIver

The food was very good and so was the service. I am not a fan of black-eyed peas, but...honey...omg..the black-eyed peas were amazing. I guess if they didn't live up to their name they should change it, right.. LOL. The collard green were tender, the mashed sweet potatoes with pecans added could have been a little sweeter and some marshmallows would have been a great addition. The fried pickles were breaded and coated perfectly and were really good. But the peas stole the show. As a Texas visitor from Georgia I enjoyed my experience at The Black Eyed Pea and would recommend a visit. HEADS UP - If you have a party of 8 or more the restaurant will put all orders on the same check.

beautiful advice

Came in tonight to eat with my mother and daughter. I ordered the chicken tenderloins ( tossed in buffalo sauce).. and my mother got chicken fried steak. Her meal was okay and mine wasn’t good at all! The first time it came out the chicken tenderloins tasted rubbery was undone. I said I hated to be that person but it wasn’t done and I asked for them to cook it just a little longer. They made me a new one! It was the same. The chicken was rubbery and wasn’t good at all so I didn’t eat. So they took the chicken off but not the sides which I didn’t eat cause of the chicken. Also we asked the serve for a straw she never brought one but brought a lid for the cup. I had to ask another server for a straw. My mother had to ask our server for a tea twice. It wasn’t busy at all so it’s no reason.. and she disappeared for awhile so we had to ask another server ( the same one from the straw) to get a manager. I wish I would have gotten her name she had blonde hair and was extremely helpful. They also charged my mom twice for the meal. The first time they added the sides and they didn’t reverse or cancel it. She said they left it open( but the pending charge is in her account- which means for the time being bath amounts are taken out of the account). Then charged up again for the correct ticket. Honestly my experience wasn’t good. It just seemed like a mess.Our server name: TAMAR W.

M Walker

The food was seasoned perfectly. I have been waiting for a place like this . Your cooks put their foot in their food. Love your veggie plates . Thank you for offering them . Keep up the good work! Please let your help know their food is loved.

Taneshia Henderson

Visited this restaurant today and everything was great! From walking in, the greeter was very nice pleasant and we had no wait. Our waitress was also patient and also brought our food out within 10 mins. We gave feedback to the manager and she was just a breath of fresh air, genuine and caring. We enjoyed our dinner and appreciate the awesome service. This atmosphere is hard to come by these days. Black Eye Pea set the bar high!

Lizzy York

I'm normally a big fan of this restaurant but this location has terrible togo. Everytime I've placed a pickup order the staff seem super annoyed that I'm there asking for it. I eventually tried doing curbside and even though it was only 11:30am they left me waiting after calling and letting them know I was there for what felt like forever. I finally just went in and suffered through the awkwardness and decided in the future to spend my money elsewhere.

John Richardson

Thought they did not exist anymore. Memories arose with the visit and the taste did not disappoint. Just what I remember.

Tammi the witch

Our waitress was fabulous. She was working the door and serving us.she was polite on top of our dinning service and food was great. I recommend you stop by and have a meal..

Rhonda Brown

Me, My Sister,Janice ,My Neice Shoshsha,My Son, P.C., My Brother, Skyla & her Nephew , The Food Was Delicious, And Our Waitress, Margaret was AWESOME.

Kadoria I.

When my family and I walked in the door, we were sat in the back near the kitchen although there was plenty of seating up front. It was not until we attempted to move ourselves that we were offered alternative seating. In addition, we had two kids with us but were not offered a kid's menu until we asked for one. However, once our server Ashley came out, she redeemed the experience with her friendly smile and attentiveness. The other redemption came when I bit into the N'Awlins Catfish. It was so flavorful and the spice was just right. Dare I say, it rivaled some of the Cajun and seafood restaurants that I've had. Also, as usual, the rolls and cornbread were hot, fresh, and buttery.

Michael N.

Yeah, I've got thoughts. Through Yelp, you offered a 20% off discount to redeem by checking in. I did and ordered dinner for three. Then no discount was applied. Well played Black Eyed Pea. And.... The story didn't end there. When we got to the restaurant at the scheduled pick up time, they said they knew nothing about the order. They blamed Grubhub on not passing schemed orders to them (this is actually the second restaurant I've heard this from). The girl at the bar said she'd take care of my 20% discount, but I have no idea how she's going to pull that off since she didn't even know about the order. The actual eating experience? We got two chicken fried chicken dinners. The batter was cooked too hot and was burned on both. Many years ago this was our comfort restaurant. Now I don't know how they even stay in business. Another edit- Since Grubhub processed the transaction the other day, I have gotten two fake emails from PayPal claiming my account has been limited in some way until I follow their crooked link. (I used PayPal to pay for the meals.) Somehow, Grubhub is either partnering with the devil or has weak security procedures in place to be a conduit to their customers for others intent on evil.

M F.

My review is based on portion size only. The food was good, but the take out portion seems to be a kid's meal. I am that person who would rather pay more, and get what I paid for versus pay more and get less. Since my order was a take-out, they charged additional for me to drive to their location, walk in and pick it up; not bring it curbside.

Jessie Coker

Great rolls and cornbread but the chicken fried steak was tougher than Popeye on steroids. Bathroom has sewer backup smell. Don’t use the restroom before eating or you’ll lose your appetite.

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