Chapps Burgers (Little Road)

153 SW Plaza, Arlington
(817) 483-8008

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Horacio Capella

Have been patronizing Chapps for many years.I never been disappointed with the serviceor the quality of the wonderful hamburgers they serve. Outstanding place to have a comfortable dinner or lunch. Very welcoming family atmosphere especially on a sunday lunch date.

Trey Thrush

Great local burgers. Check out the grilled cajun chicken sandwich too!


Burger was fine. I didn't like the fries though, they either tasted burnt or just okay at best.

Tracey Duncan

Heard the burgers here was awesome so went to Chapps today for the first time!Wasn’t packed or busy.Ordered Bacon Cheese Burger dressed with reg hand cut fries. Wait time wasn’t bad however the lettuce was Old & Brown!! Shared this with the waitress who looked at me crazy when I showed her the lettuce! She hesitated then took it to the back. Came back, lettuce was green & fresh! By this time fries was cold! NEVER APOLOGIZED FOR THE INCONVENIENCE OR OFFERED FRESH FRIES!I’M NEVER GOING BACK TO THIS PLACE !

William Alan Wood

Big shout out to one who was it was working the cash register in game register in gave excellent customer service. The CheeseBurger was excellent as were the onion rings. You will see I ordered the burger with just mustard & mayo no veggies. The store is well lit and very clean. They use black Angus beef by Nolan Ryan which had a really rich beefy flavor ( the way a burger should taste. They have high chairs for the tykes as well as restrooms. Be sure to let them know how you like your burger cooked or you are getting it well done. I will be returning here to eat a Burger, big smile?

Pamela Reynolds

So the food is good but if you walk to the bathroom or look along the walls toward the kitchen there are little bugs. I had informed an employee that they may want to pick them up, he said they were putting powder down. They may need more than a homemade recipe for roach control.

Melinda B.

Well, this place was a pleasant surprise.... I came in slightly after the lunch rush so I don't know how busy they are but while I was there a steady stream of customers came in - a young couple, older couple, ladies out shopping, a police officer, an a few couples and singles with kids. The staff had someone refilling the ketchup bottles and they brought my food to me without giving me a number. Busy and efficient staff. Lets get to the burger- it was great: hand formed, thick in spots, nice crispy almost burnt edges (just right),crispy but not overcooked bacon, fresh veggies-lettuce tomatoes onions and grilled onion. This was not a prefabbed patty on a bun. yummmm. The cajun fries were a mix of crispy and soft fries well seasoned with cajun seasoning. It was a dang good burger.

Mary Ray

First time visiting and definitely will be back! Dining room was clean, service was amazing and the burgers were to die for. Even after our normal meal we ordered more to go to have for later. The employee asked if it would be OK to put our patties in a separate container from the buns that way the buns did not get soggy. This place will definitely be my go to when I'm craving a burger or chicken sandwich! So glad we stumbled upon this place

Bj Menard

Stopped in today for a burger and fries.The dining room is filthy...dirty tables and seating. The TV is showing soccer in Spanish.Which the employees are sitting in the dining room watching. They do get up to take orders and deliver orders.The burger was prepared correctly and tasted good. For my taste the fries were over cooked.The filthy dining room is to much to deal with. I won't be back to this location.

John C

Always a great, fresh burger. Friendly servers and excellent cooks. I'll be back. ??

Morgan Evans

Been going to this location since i was a kid. It was always so good and everyone always so helpful. But ive gone there a tottal of eight time now in a total of two months around 8pm and 8:30pm just to get the lights turned off on me as i aproch. Ive worked food and i dont understamd why the closing time is 9pm if they are going to close the doors at 8pm. So rude. Apparently im not the only one this has happened too. Guess i just wont be going back.

Michelle S.

have been here twice and they have not disappointed yet! Burgers are delicious and juicy and tender!

Kayla Mondino

Food was eggsellentay!!! (Excellent), like really delicious. They weren't to crowded and the staff is really helpful and kind. Loved it and will be coming back regularly from now on!

Megan Starkey

Quick service and you can't go wrong with the jalepeno cheeseburger.

Romeo D.

This was my first experience here. Absolutely disappointed. Burgers: We both ordered burgers with cheese. When they arrived, the cheese was not melted. They were placed on the burgers right before serving. The burger meat was dry and lacked flavor. Fries: lacked enough salt Cleanliness: restaurant was dirty with sticky floors. Front area had soil from a planter all over the floor.

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Chapps Burgers (Little Road)

153 SW Plaza, Arlington, TX 76016
(817) 483-8008