Royal Tea

4654 S Cooper St #340, Arlington
(682) 270-0089

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Syd G

Patronize a real family-owned Vietnamese restaurant. They make REAL Boba tea with REAL fruit. This shouldn't even be called Boba tea. The Bobas are nothing but bubbles filled with air and the drinks taste like they are syrup plus milk. I know several real Vietnamese places that make it right in front of you with real fruit and it costs the same. This place doesn't even make in front of you & that should tell you everything you need to know. Dont go here.

Mattie Vonderhaar

Don't waste your time going anywhere else for boba tea! My teens and I come here almost daily. We are quite addicted and have a problem lol We go try out any other boba tea places that pop up. This place is definitely the best! Drinks are consistently good and they never mess our order up. Thai green tea taste authentic as well as the taro and coconut milk tea. The toppings are also great. The "small bites" food does not disappoint either. Service is always great and speedy. Prices are good. Don't waste time going anywhere else. This place is the best in the area!

Esmeralda MacedoDePaz

Their "smoothies" are milkshakes.Overall still really good. I enjoyed the atmosphere.

Kristal Lula

By far my favorite tea place! I've been going here since the grand opening at least once a week. Some things have changed like no peach pieces in the peach tea and there is no more snow ice which was a family favorite of ours, and no more games. Japanese fries and salt n pepper chicken are great!

Candace L.

Had an Oreo milk tea without the pearls. Sounded great, tasted okay. The chocolate flavor was really muted and the cookies were a bit too gritty going down. Still I love that the place is connected to the ramen joint and would gladly try other flavors. The serving size is generous and it's pretty satisfying on a hot day.

Lilibeth Olvera

Delicious flavors, good prices on boba tea. We have been there several times, it's always clean and fast

Kit Kat

WAS the best place to get bingsu milk shaved ice in town, actually the only place. But they have discontinued it without changing their online photos, restaurant description, or menu.When you search bingsu and Arlington guess what is the first place to pop up, royal tea, but they are liers. I used to LOVE this place. But I am never coming here again til they bring back the best item on their menu. There are too many boba shops in town, without bingsu this place doesn't even make the notable boba shop list. ?

Luis Rosales

I've been to this place a few times and this last time made me write this review. I arrived 35 minutes before they close to order and asked for a eggette sunday. The cashier informs me it will be 30 minutes because they have to warm up the iron. I was in disbelief and it threw me off. She asks "is that ok?" And i responded no because i dodnt want to be rushed eating it. It would have giveb only 5 minutes to enjoy before closing so i picked something else. It took them 14 minutes to get us our smoothies and right after we got ours, i was astonished to see that someone ordered what i wanted and was given to them. I was lied to and didn't get what i wanted. I understand that they may be trying to underpromise but lets be real here and make it more reasonable. Customer no service here

Ivori Haros

Staff is usually really nice and drinks are made fast. Clean place. Lots of cool menu items to try, not just boba tea.

Xíu P.

I would give this place 5 stars when they bring back the shave ices. Everything about the store is great and the staff is so helpful and friendly. My most favorite thing was the shave ice because it's the item makes the store so unique and standout. And they are DELICIOUS!! Please bring them back

Chris Brown

No major issues. Place wasn't that busy on the day I visited. Staff was friendly. I ordered the green Thai tea as I've had it elsewhere and it was really good at the other place.But I have to say, I felt let down here. It just didn't have the creaminess or flavors of the other one I've gotten and felt almost bland. So I wouldn't order that one again. Maybe another drink if I make it by here again.

Cassandra Barney

Amazing drinks! I got the Mango Yakult with black boba. And my husband got the Lychee Lovers special fruit drink. We loved it and will definitely be back.

Jessica T.

My go-to boba spot! I've been a milk tea fan for almost 20 years now. They almost always get my drink perfectly and will fix it if it's not. They'll even make suggestions once they know what you like.

Jon M.

I was in the area, picking up my child and tried this place for the first time. My child (he's 21) has 1 drink while waiting for me and another before we left. Since I was going there to pick him up, decided he was going to buy me a drink to pay me for the trip. Also ordered one for a good friend that loves Boba. The prices were good and the drinks were amazing. My "go to" the first time trying someplace new is the "Taro" and here it was amazing and prob better than 90% of the other places I've tried over the years. For one, it was very flavorful, but not as sweet as it usually is. I stick with basic tapioca pearls for the boba and those were great.. Not to soft, but def not too hard/chewy. The tea the fried of mine wanted, was a passion fruit green tea with strawberry popping boba and she said it was "sooo good" (it was her birthday, so would have bought one for her anyways, even if couldn't convince my child to since she absolutely loves Boba lol) Overall, I really wish I was in this area more often and I would def give them a lot more of my business, since not many options for even decent boba around me)

Jennifer U.

First time here and tried the Oolong milk tea and Japanese furikake fries! The tea was perfect aka did not have to ask for more or less sweetener. And fries were super yummy! Will have to go and try some more snacks and tea!

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