Steak 'n Shake

2272 E Lamar Blvd, Arlington
(817) 652-3663

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Cassandra Flowers

I love this place, but the night crew got our whole order wrong. He told us we couldn’t add ranch to our order at the window, didn’t give us a receipt so we could tell the name on it or get my points, gave us 2 plain burgers with cheese only when I order a number 5 garlic burger and a kids burger no cheese, we ordered a specialty shake and got a plain one. And the icing on the cake was when we went back through the drive thru to tell them this wasn’t our order they just looked at us, locked the window and pretended we weren’t there. I would not have cared about any of this if they just remade a burger with no cheese. I honestly just want my money back because I was ripped off and this order will not get eaten. What a waste.


Came for the seconed time, and im way more dissapointed than the 1st trip. The shakes had less flavor and the burgers were a bit overcooked. 2/5 for this trip, i feel it really depends on whose in the kitchen for the taste of the food.

Eddie Ramos


Heather Clearfield

I had a door dash for 2 people and these workers told me that I would have to wait 3 mins for the 1st order & I got the 1st order. Then 10 mins on the 2nd order but I waited a whole hour on the 2nd order to find out the guy said he doesn’t have the order! So my 1st customer had to wait a whole hour for their food! They need more staffing! And they need organization!

Landri Medina

We had a great experience. Food was amazing, very reasonable, and restaurant was clean. Employees were friendly and helpful. Even got checked on by a manager. We left very satisfied.

Amy Stott

Much better now with the whole new crew! Fast, friendly and the food was absolutely wonderful I'm so glad for them to still be here! Thumbs up guys you were awesome!!! Way to go new crew!!!

Michael Montoya

Always a great meal went with my family since we don't have them in NM. It was great you can tell they had a rush right before we got there. Service was great, food was great only thing is we had to ask for a few tables To be cleaned. Staff rushed out and cleaned a few tables. Overall it was great service and food!!!

Michael Ly

Real fast service compared to other steak and shakes I've been too. Friendly staff, and the place is well kept. Will come again whenever I crave a good burger.


Things are slowly getting better. I like the new setup where you don't have to wait on everything from a wait staff. I hate that probably some jobs were lost, but the service was not good. This new experience is much better and you get your food faster.

Jarrod Roecker

Ashley was so nice! I drove off without half my order (my mistake). I came back and they made it fresh and threw in a free large fries. So nice. The food is great too. Thanks Steak and Shake and especially Ashley.

Caleb B.

Me and everyone i was with hated this there was no music it was so quiet. Are food was wrong. And we where looking forward to this after hurricane harbor down the road. But this experience was nothing good at all. I hate to complain but this was bad you have plenty other options in the area.

Jeremy Medley

Says open until 2 on google maps. Sales to location a half mile from our hotel at 12:30 at night due to getting in on a late flight. Whole restaurant was closed including drive through which the sign on the door stated was open until 2 while the dining room was stated as 12. Sign also stated that drive through orders only were being taken as the dining room was undergoing maintenance. I looked through the windows and could not see anything that looked out of place or like maintenance was occurring. In this day and age there is no excuse to have the wrong hours listed or close early like this when you are part of a chain of restaurants. Fix your hours so I don’t waste my time. I shouldn’t have to call ahead to each restaurant we want to eat at in order to verify if it is actually open.

Brittany H.

The ladies at the window were very rude. You could tell they did not want to be at work. You could hear the rudeness through the microphone at the order board. Then they did not put bacon on my sandwich or the pickles on the side like asked. Then when letting her know that we did not receive a drink she again rolled her eyes like it was our problem that she forgot. The food was also sub par.

Felix R.

Hours are wrong, was informed by an "employee?" that new GM changed store closing hours to MIDNIGHT.

Zack S.

This Location is open until 2am. Upon Arrival a Female employee turned me away at Midnight saying if we didn't place our order for pick up then they are closed. I asked which service they are signed up with to place a pick up order and she told me to leave. I then tried to call and ask and the same employee yelled "we're closed" over the phone proceeding to cuss me out. While her managers laughed inside because I could see them in the building. I will be calling corporate in the morning. This was a trash experience. Just a father on Father's Day trying to get food at the end of a 14 hr day at one of the only places open this late.

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