Taco Bell

5745 Interstate 20 W, Arlington
(817) 478-1468

Recent Reviews

Bill Knight

Usually pretty good. Service was a bit slow

Joey Urquide

It was pretty good. No complaints

Rebecca K.

This locations never ever gets our order correct. There's either always something missing or wrong.


Relatively decent. Staff was friendly. They filled the order 100% correct. And they were quick too. Great job guys!

Sherri Schutt

One of the best. Always friendly and accurate. Great food.

Adrian Gonzales

Late night drive is constantly getting my order incorrect. I drove back and informed the employee at the drive thru about my order and his response was "aight pull up". Very unprofessional and unpleasant experience. When I tried to explain it to the manager she said she works two jobs and is working with a bunch of inexperienced kids. I never got an apology at all.

Cory Hall

Went in and had a big order and it was a little complicated. Worker was very patient and aware of menu. Did a great job and all my food was correct. 6/28 @12:30am


Very polite young man at the counter. Apologized for lateness when though my order didn't even take long. Clean and place looks well-kept. Def a do again.

Samuel Sanchez

The service was great we pulled up there was at least 4 or 5 vehicles in front of us and it seemed like everyone ordered 30dollars or more In each vehicle. So I was already like dang its gonna be a minute. But we get to the drive thru intercom in about 5minutes. We place our order b4 I knew I was already at the window paying for our food and grabbing our bags of food and pulling off. We get home and my food was still warm and hot. Thank you

Cynthia Brooks

For the first time I was disappointed with my order. It was correct, however, the Tacos weren't wrapped in the paper properly which lead to all the ingredients being in the bottom of the bag.

Sir King

Delicious hard and soft she'll tacos...portions just right and an emasculate lobby...great place fr.

Pauline Pham

I do Love the service here.the Employees are very nice at this place.It makes all the difference in the world.

Alfonso Sanchez

I go there too often. So I was surprised when I was told that they would no longer cater to my needs for my OCD child, when it was their idea in the first place. Lost my business. Going to the one off sublet in Kennedale now.

Tia Gibson

Food always reliable. Fellow at the drive through on this day however was very impatient. He mumbled and was annoyed because we were having a hard time understanding him. Ironically we had to repeat to him several times what we wanted and he finally repeated it back correctly. 4-28-21 5:00 pm.

Grayson Clarke

Pulled up to the drive through window. No answer. Pulled up to the “pay” window, was told that they haven’t been open for two hours at 11pm. While 4 people stood in there talking.

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