Wakanda Bar & Grill

2535 E Arkansas Ln #361, Arlington
(682) 320-8106

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Conrad Alagaban Jr

This is the spot for late night and after hours. Phenomenal African food, come by hangout and relax!

Carmen Mamani

My husband and I ordered wings, chicken curry and j*** chicken. Wings were super salty. Chicken curry and rice had a strong smell and after taste to it. J*** chicken was salty, my husband had to toss it. We were so excited for our food to be delivered and to finally eat it, but not what we expected ?

Enoch Ansah

I didn't eat because they didn't have what I wanted they sound more african food online but physically it's more of exotic food than local African food

LD Medlock

The brunch menu has a great variety and the food is amazing. The whole vibe is great, live DJ, nice sections, hookahs, and tvs.

Dreday Allday Everyday

I called in my order over the phone based on the menu I've seen online and they didn't have the foods I wanted so I let whoever I was on the phone with pick the food. I picked up the food and it tasted like it was made yesterday even though I ordered the food right when they opened. Super dry meat, hard rice, the fish was good though. I thought about ordering again but fool me once....I be damned if there's another time


I went one Friday night just happened to be in the neighborhood, guy looked me over at the door and decided he wanted to charge me $40.00 to enter. Called the next day asked how much, was given $10.00. So now we charge people contingent on if they look like money or not?

Deneia Davis

The building is nice and the music is really good. However, the food and drinks are overpriced. I did not take a picture of it but I ordered the wings and things for $12.99 (which is listed as 4 wings and 1 side on the menu) and plantains. The plantains actually were not included and I was charged $3, additionally for them. I've never paid so much for a small meal. The flavor was good though. My friend's beer was $7 as well. I would go back, just would not order food and drinks.

Lindsay Waltner

My partner and I visited this establishment for the second half of a Cowboys game, and we were NOT disappointed. The inside wasn't what we were expecting- it's more of a club feel than a bar and grill. The owner and chef was a nice guy who made great suggestions, and we will 100% be back for the suya!!!

Eric Talla

Great place for some tasty African food. Fully renovated!! I enjoyed the soya and of course the spicy fish. Kudo to the team.


Love the baked tilapia and the goat Suya! Frequent customer

Kizi Trezevant

Last night was my first and last time coming to this place, my husband and I had never been here but they were having a Halloween costume party and we decided to give it a try. The place was nice and clean but the customer service and food was absolutely horrible! First all we entered into the costume contest but at midnight when we left they still hadn’t had it and I’m sure my husband won based on what he had on vs what I saw, keep in mind they close at 2am. When we first got there the waitress seemed nice and we opened a tab because we were gone enjoy the night! After we had ordered food and had a few drinks she disappeared, an hour later I found her working the bar! I ordered wings and fries and I promise I can do better at home the wings nor fries had no seasoning so I asked for salt and pepper that I never received! I asked the waitress if she forgot about us she seemed a little tipsy and said naw they got me working the bar now at that point I closed the tab and left! My husband ordered a Hennessy with apple juice and they gave him something that definitely wasn’t Hennessy with coke! The drinks were nasty and she told us the bartender didn’t have the syrup to make a Long Island ? I am all for supporting good business but this definitely isn’t one!

JazziFlute Goddess

Go to Jamaica Gates this place is a legit Joke. I don’t even feel like typing all that happened to me long story short food in trash $48 wasted. ??

Hope O

Best place for African vibe ,came back with a bang

Asa A.

Overall Great vibes, New Clean feel. Food is very tasteful. If your looking for a Afro/Carribean taste this is your place!

Otega Akinloye

Good services....

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