Abo Youssef Mediterranean Food

2101 Manor Rd, Austin
(512) 815-6804

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Noah Franklin

Excellent food. Man is delightful. Falafel plate is the way to go. Sub in baba for the hummus tho.

Aneeqa Khan

Love coming back to this place. Very authentic food

Steve Kelly

Amazing Mediterranean food. Would go so far as to say the best in town. Drove all the way from Southwest Austin and wil definitely become a regular. Owner is the greatest!


I've had 3 different plates and all of them were great. Friendly service and amazing desserts!

John O'Neil

Nicest guy and the best food. The falafel is the best Ive had in Austin. The portions are generous and the prices are solid. So happy this guy is in the neighborhood.

Mark G.

I can't quite put my finger on what it is that elevates the food here, but there seems to be a little extra something in many items I've tried. There's certainly good karma, as the operator of this food trailer could scarcely be more friendly and pleasant. I've picked up dinner here a handful of times with only one experience falling short of expectations, when a falafel and gardenia plate struck me as a wee bit tired and tepid. Trust me, I finished every last bite of that plate and I am putting up a very solid four stars for this lovely place. A few more visits that match the best of my previous experiences and I'll be ready to jump on the bandwagon with folks giving Abo a full five stars worth of love. Come, eat here. You will get food that generally rises above that offered at local brick-and-mortar mediterranean restaurants. You will feel good about the vibe and the oh-so-nice owner. You will pay a very fair price for a weighty container of hearty and healthy-ish food. And you'll be right to reflect that Abo Youssef is a great example of how a food truck can bring a niche cuisine into a hip-and-transitioning neighborhood and make it a better place for as long as the coming high-dollar developments allow them to remain. Cheers, Samir!

Coretta Stevens

Fantastic service and food. I love the flavor to the meats and hummus.

Erika N.

Delicious plates and lots of food for the price! We ordered dinner online and then picked it up about 20 minutes later. The owner let us know that he gave us two pieces of baklava instead of just the one we ordered and we were so thankful! It was sooo delicious and the best baklava I've ever had (but tbh, I haven't had that many). The baba ganoush was so so delicious - it had tons of flavor and even though we couldn't finish all of it, it tasted good the next day too! The chicken shawarma and beef gyro plates were both savory and delicious and packed with flavor as well. I loved both but my partner liked the chicken one better. The only thing is that the hummus wasn't my favorite since it was a bit bland and watery, but maybe next time I will just get all side salad and no hummus. I also had a sizable snack the next day since I wasn't able to finish the entire plate. I need to check out the plates for lunch next time because they are priced even lower! Highly recommend for a nice pick up order that you can enjoy in your home. Don't forget the baklava for a post dinner treat!


You can't go wrong with anything here. Visited 8 times so far.

Kathleen Lewis

Amazing food! We had the falafel & gardenia and the baklava. Both tasted great! Awesome airstream and really friendly staff.

Mubeen Khumawala

Great place and great owner. Highly recommend getting the mix plate which gets you everything and then some delicious rice pudding to top it off. Will be coming here again.

Benjamin K.

Absolutely epic seasoning. And the owner is so kind!  Salam, good man.  Note. This is in a food truck next
To a gas station. Do not be alarmed. Trust me. Best Shawarma in Texas...

Alexander Behm

This place is great! Amazing price for food. Abo is also so nice! He found out it was our first time and treated us very well, ensuring we understood everything and gave his recommendations. While the entrees are great, don’t skip out on the baklava or rice pudding!


Great food and even better customer service. The owner created an amazing experience and was very patient and pleasant. Can’t go wrong with the mixed grill and the Baklava is highly recommended!

Erica Chan

I always get the falafel and gardenia plate, which is sooo delicious! It's a lot of food, so it can make two meals. This time, I ordered online for pickup, and it was ready when I got there. Highly recommend!

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Abo Youssef Mediterranean Food

2101 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722
(512) 815-6804