Aurora Venezuelan Food

10901 Domain Dr, Austin
(737) 228-6210

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I recently came to Aurora Venezuelan Food after spotting them at The Domain and they have a good selection on the menu to choose from, so I got:- Venezuelan Hamburger: This thing is HUGE! Literally the size of my head. It's stacked with hamburger beef, chicken, ham, bacon, egg, cheese, thinly sliced fries, lettuce, tomato, and their special sauce. If you're on a journey to try different hamburgers in the city, you must add this on your list!- Cachapa: This is a sweet corn "tortilla" and I filled it with shredded chicken, cheese, fried plantain, topped with cream. Unique flavors as there's a mix of savory, sweet, salty, and meaty.- Arepa: Corn tortilla that I filled with shredded beef, avocado, black beans, and topped with cheese. This is similar to what a Mexican gordita is.- Empanadas: Got the ones stuffed with beef, fried plantain, and black beans. A classic! These may have been my favorite especially with the dipping sauce it came with.My thoughts? The food items here have a interesting combination of ingredients that go surprisingly well together. Great value given the price and the big portion sizes. I enjoyed them all. The service is amazing, the owner was so kind! Satisfied with my visit!

Marissa Wise

Holy moly! Theres a reason i’m a regular here! The arepas are out of this world good. Easily one of THE best meals you can enjoy in Austin.Order the lonestar arepa and the garlic sauce is to die for!How anyone gives this place anything but 5 stars is beyond me.

Trin Y

The arepa was so hearty and delicious. The servers are friendly. Check this place out.

Sabrina B.

I came here on a whim with my sister's Venezuelan "friend" wanted to try Venezuelan food in Austin. I hardly come by this side of the Domain, but I'm open to anything. We ordered almost the whole menu.... For three people. Quite overkill, so when the food took a while and mixed up a few items, I'm not mad at all. The prices are great, I wish I visited early to cure a few cravings I've had late at night. I would skip the cheese empanada and go for a protein option if you aren't vegetarian. The stars of the entire meal were definitely the cheese sticks and plantains. The cheese sticks are pastry-like with a salty cheese, while the plantains reminded me of the sweet plantains from childhood. I would definitely love to come back after a shopping trip and continue getting those two items especially!

Sebastian Adam Carter

Decent new food for us to try but it felt like nearly everything was deep fried so we felt a bit heavy after the meal. Quite nice and friendly service though!


Amazing food! We'll be coming back!

Tyler Lemon

Amazing food! We'll be coming back!


Delicious comida venezolana!A variety of options on the menu, nice place and very good service.I definitely add this place to my favorites ?

Ashley I

Delicious arepas and so many options to choose from!

Joelle Thompson

Amazing empanadas, jugo de guayaba and plaintains. Sweet owner. The Guava juice is fresh-pressed, well worth the wait.

Jackie Broils

Some of the best food at the Domain!! The quesdasa and burgers are my fav!! Everything is delicious there!!

Kevan Irsch

Fantastic arepas, they're huge! Loved the quality juice choices. Friendly, quick service at a food truck with several nice picnic tables in a landscaped area (with fire pit!)

Ozzy D.

First time trying Venezuelan Food and I like it! I will come back to try something else soon. It's a quick stop lunch food truck area with limited outside seating at the hotel parking lot.

Jenny D.

Love Aurora's food. I am Venezuelan and feel lucky to have this food truck close to home. Their tequeños and cachapas are the best, the real deal. I love also their empanadas and arepas. Don't forget to order a passion fruit juice.

Bryan B.

Good food and service The Arepas and cachapas are best in the city Can't wait to come back

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