Gati Coconut Milk Ice Cream

1512 Holly St, Austin
(512) 494-6436

Recent Reviews

Lauren Roy

This was the perfect pitstop on a hot summer day. I love the fact that their ice cream and cones are vegan, gluten and dairy free. I had their ginger peach flavor and my sister tried the golden milk. Absolutely delicious and you can tell that it's made with real ingredients! There were two tables and seats near the truck otherwise not much seating. Pricing was a bit on the higher side, I spent almost $13 for 2 cones 1 flavor but i guess that's expected for quality ingredients. The owner also mentioned a brick and mortar was coming soon, so that's something exciting to look forward to.

Luis Machado

Best vegan ice cream in the city, hands down. There's always something interesting to try (tonight I had Pandan). I can't recommend this place enough. Be sure you try the cookie monster if they're not out.

Craig Newell

Was walking back from the river and dropped by the truck on a hot day. The matcha was sweetened but was nice with a coconut aftertaste. The chocolate was a nice milk chocolate without as strong a coconut aftertaste. A great find on a hot day.

Philip Arno

Wonderful taste and texture.

Amanda Bremseth

Truly the best ice cream I have ever had!! This is the definition of amazing and awesome!!

Christina Crowder

Was driving by and stopped in. Had a cup of the chocolate and it was amazing. The coconut flavor is there as well as the chocolate making it taste like an Almond Joy candy.

Jjm Jessica

Amazing thanks for the double waffle cone omg

Jessica Martínez

Amazing thanks for the double waffle cone omg

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Sarah Animaladvocate

I had the strawberry basil the other day and have been dreaming about it ever since!! Can't wait to go back soon!!

Cindy Kuykendall

The ice cream is to die for

Miles Kelley

Gati sells amazing ice cream! Got the Cookie Monster and LOVED it. Also fell in love with their lavender flavor. This place is a must try.

Gati Coconut Milk Ice Cream

1512 Holly St, Austin, TX 78702
(512) 494-6436