Jo's Coffee

1300 S Congress Ave, Austin
(512) 444-3800

Recent Reviews

Jennifer Burke

Turbo iced coffee was a sweet treat.

Tyesha Thompson

This place is so much fun. The decor is wonderful and drinks are good.

Polli Bush

Meh. Looked really interesting, but the actual coffee wasn't that great. Its very convenient for downtown workers.

Lauren B.

The coffee was a bit bitter. So I go back to pay for extra vanilla. They make me pay $2 and put the vanilla in this gross little cup with coffee grounds and HAIRS?

Stephani C.

Fast, friendly and yummy. Get a quick coffee and snack and then take a picture in front of the mural (don't feel cheesy, everyone does it!) Miga's taco was great and the salsa was fresh.

Fiddu Haan

I know it’s time of pandemic and it’s hard to listen and speak while face mask but lady was rude to tell me put mask while still I’m ordering and I’m a person who take care myself as well others while covering face. Who ever the lady in coffee she need to learn how to be polite and ask ask customer

Ariel B.

Jo's is a sweet coffee shop in a great area. We have ordered the Iced Turbo and lattes. The people that work there are very kind and we have both gone to hang with friends and to just chill and read. All the seating is already outdoors so that's nice and both times we went (on a weekend and a weekday), there was seating available. It's also easy to grab a coffee to go on a walk around the block. We ended up buying a mug from here because we always want to remember our experience here while visiting Austin. Hope you too can visit Jo's, grab a coffee and get a pic by their i love you so much wall!

Emily T.

*Visit was during COVID-19*Dating during the pandemic is hard, however I found a great life hack here at Jo's! I met my Bumble date here because I heard about the social distancing Bumble benches! The benches allow 6ft between you and your date, as well as a hand sanitizing station nearby. I highly recommend coming here for COVID-19 safe Bumble dates and for delicious coffee!

Peter Young

Very friendly customer service! I accidentally took a coffee that looked like what my wife ordered. Then, our coffees came out. I admitted my mistake and offered to give the coffee back or pay for it. They declined my offer and let us keep the extra coffee for free and were very nice about it!This made me feel very grateful and welcome, I will definitely be coming back! The coffee was great too!

Grant Holmes

Jo’s is known for their instagramable “I Love You So Much” sigh, but if you stick around for the coffee you won’t be disappointed. I had the Belgium Bomber and it is a delicious iced coffee drink on a hot Austin day. They have great pastries as well and the only disappointment was that they were sold out of breakfast tacos at 10am on a Saturday.

Nelson Mora

Excellent little coffee shop. Staff was friendly, service was excellent and quick. Great spot to stop.

Lauren K.

Came to Austin from Dallas to see what all the hype was about and was not disappointed! The tea/lemonade is just as good as the coffee!! Also a great spot for photos with loved ones However, no shade when standing in line and no seating under pavilion. 10/10 recommend as a must see spot in Austin!

Christina H.

I've always passed by Jo's when I'm walking around SoCo, but I've never had the opportunity to try it. SoCo is ALWAYS heavily packed with tourists, but now with covid, it's been a bit more bearable. Finally, I can see what's behind the "I Love You So Much" mural! The drinks were so good, I didn't even realize I drank half of it before I realized I forgot to take a picture! The coffee used was strong, and had the perfect ratio of milk, coffee, and a touch of syrup. Don't forget to ask for a punch card!


If you are landed here while searching for "I LOVE YOU" mural, then you are at the right place. Known this coffee place for years and its one of the famous coffee shops in Austin both for the mural & its coffee. Unfortunately they don't have a dedicated parking lot and you need to park on either sides of South Congress amd take a stroll. The mural is painted at the side of the shop.They also have an outside coffee bar with attached restroom.#HappyCafe

Aisha T.

EVERYTIME we come to Austin, Joes is a must! Besides the mural their coffee and service is always quick and friendly. Today it was so hot that having other options to help cool you down, the Laura Palmer was the perfect remedy!

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