Juan in a Million

2300 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin
(512) 472-3872

Recent Reviews


Get the Don Juan with extra cheese and 5 tortillas! Also bring a friend cuz that plate is huge. Did I mention it’s a meal for two for less than $7.

Mercy B.

This place was a lot more hype than taste. The dishes were basic and easily replicated at home. I found nothing that made then deserving of the long wait and accolades on the wall. The service was great but food was meh. I'll stay home for this type of food.

Shirley D.

Just left this place, we were seated and the drinks were brought. Then the waitress proceeded to ignore us and see to every other table but ours. There were no less than 4 other waitresses standing around doing nothing but watching the happenings on the floor. When we finally got tired of waiting and after we complained we decided to take our business elsewhere and we were still charged for the tea and coffee. This used to be a great customer service based business who if something went wrong it was made right! It's true what they say you go to an east side business, you get east side service!

Camellia C.

These four stars are more for quantity than quality. I ordered one Don Juan, Barbacoa, and Carne Guisado taco, thinking it'd be just enough to make me full. BUT NO, it was not enough. IT WAS WAAAAY MORE than enough (which is a good thing.) And I had to essentially put more than half of my food in a take-out box and reheat it the next morning in a styrofoam box (I know, dangerous waters) using the smallest microwave I've ever seen, in the smallest RV camper AirBnB could offer. I can't say anything was delicious, but there were a bajillion carbs, calories, and grams of protein.

Jade K.

This was a cool little place, Don Juan El Taco Grande which is basically a crazy big breakfast pancake with cheese, potatoes, and meat! I can see why this is a big staple in Austin! Now the wait, that was unpleasant but my bf really liked this place, I thought it was alright! I would come again but it wouldn't be my first choice.


A good taco can cure just about anything, Samantha! We appreciate you and your friends stopping by after a fun day in the sun. Looking forward to serving you guys up another round of delicious tacos soon! All the best, Juan in a Million Family

Alyssa Y.

Ok wow!! First time here and this food is authentic and delicious. I had the chicken enchiladas which were phenomenal and husband had some type of tacos. Both of us were super impressed with the fast service and amazingly tasty food. This could easily become my new favorite Mexican restaurant. Yummmmnm

Priscilla Perez

would go back for more love this place. Great food and friendly Staff

stacey g.

Juan's is just classic. Big nice burritos and tacos. Beans and rice. Good salsa and chips and drinks so big you could swim in the cup!!! Nice staff and quick service

Lauren F.

Hands down one of the best place for breakfast tacos in Austin. I usually get the migas and add chorizo to it. The servings are so big that I can usually make two meals from it. The food is fresh, delicious and authentic. The place is usually packed, but it's worth the wait if you're really wanting some authentic Tex-Mex food. The salsa is also good, and they always get my order right. Love this place--I've been going for years when I visit Austin, and I will continue to do so.

Jesika QueenRegnant

Been coming here since I was a kid with my parents. Now bringing my kids here since they were babies..Hands down one of the best Mexican restaurants around.

David Harrison

Always great service! Food is spot on. the wait is worth it.

Natalie A.

We were looking for a great breakfast/brunch place and after reading the reviews we knew that Juan In A Million was the place to go. The atmosphere was great, we did not wait long and were seated right away. The server was very attentive and friendly. The food is definitely five-star quality, the portions are certainly worth the price! My only problem was that both of their iconic dishes: the Don Juan and con queso are comprised of 80-90% potato filler. If the dishes had less potato and adequate amounts of meat/egg, they would have been amazing. The experience was watered down by obnoxious amounts of potato.

Blake Lynn

Good food, good prices. Chips are ok but everything else will blow your mind.


This is my favorite place to get breakfast in Austin! I’ll be honest, I searched for years in Austin for some good Mexican food or even just good tacos, and I could never find anything good enough.... until I caved in and tried Juan’s! He is a great businessman and makes everyone feel welcome. Thanks for making me feel like familia and for filling my tummy with delicious food! I will continue to go back again and again.

Angela T.

We were visiting and apparently, this is the place to go. I mean if its good enough for Man vs. Food it should be good enough for me. The dish pretty much everyone gets is the Don Juan, which is basically eggs, bacon, and potatoes on a tortilla. The thing is massive and costs just under $7. Honestly, if it weren't for the food challenge hype, I don't think I would have come here just for a giant breakfast taco. There wasn't much that was special about it, and about 1/3 of the way through it got really boring + there's no stomach space to order anything else if you get the Don Juan. I did appreciate that the horchata was good (also massive and only cost $2.50) I guess in the end I had a second meal that I ended up giving to someone in need. It's a solid place if you need a meal that's easy on the wallet.

Selena M.

Man v Food brought me here. Stopped in while I was in town and was not disappointed. I got the Durán Juan el Taco Grande and when I tell you it was good, I'm not lying! Big portions and it was sooo flavorful. Will definitely be back when in the Austin area.

Brett Rudolph

Anyone who's someone knows about Juan in a Million. The don Juan is one of the best dishes ever. They serve great salsa and chips with every meal and the words home cooked come to mind every time I eat here. If you're lucky the owner Juan will meet you with a solid handshake. If you're ever in Austin and want great lo al cuisine, come here and be a part of history.

Jesse Wang

Was looking for a place to get some famous Austin breakfast tacos. This was great. One Grande taco was more than enough. Good thing I didn't get two like I was originally planning. Make sure to get the extra tortillas because you'll need them!

Samantha V.

After 8 years away from Austin, I am glad to see Juan In A Million has stayed consistently delicious. Coming into this place brings me back to my college years of being able to get delicious and huge tacos as a great place. The breakfast tacos are still huge, location is still the same, And most importantly, Juan is still there with a smile. The breakfast tacos are huge, enough to share between two girls. Definitely a place to go every time I visit

Ajia L.

Stumbled upon Juan In A Million because we saw the SUPER long line outside of it. Thank goodness because this place is great! The tables turnover pretty quickly so we didn't wait more than 5 mins, and we quickly just ordered whatever was recommended/sounded good. We ordered the Don Juan Breakfast Taco which is HUGE. It can easily feed 2 people. I need to figure out how they make it because it is that good. We also got a barbacoa taco and it was SOOO flavorful and delicious. They were super generous in their meat portion too. I wish I had more time in Austin to go back while I was there, but until next time!

Joyce S.

I'm not going to lie, my friends and I only came here at first for the name. The food was amazing! We had 4 girls, and shared the chicken enchiladas, the Don Juan, and the breakfast special (with the queso), and a side of extra tortillas. Everything was so good. I would honestly recommend everything that we tried. The free salsa that they give in the beginning has a really nice kick, and is necessary for the food to balance out all the heaviness of it. Would definitely come back!!

Angela Hunter

We are visiting from Dallas and found this hidden gem... maybe it’s not too hidden because they had a wait outside but the line moved quick and it was worth the wait. It was enjoyable to watch the owner take such pride in greeting everyone who walked through the door. Wonderful and attentive staff. Our waitress was Theresa and she did great but we also had other waitresses checking on us to make sure we didn’t need anything. We will definitely be back!


The Don Juan here is one of the best breakfast/lunch tacos in Austin! All the food is great and the prices are very reasonable considering the amount you get. It’s definitely a local place that’s been there for quite a while so parts are a little dated but that just adds to the classic feel. The outside patio area is enclosed and great for larger groups. Highly recommend Juan’s!

Doc Holiday

Amazing Food, Customer Service, Solid Vibe!

Felipe Comboni

Juan in a Million is perfect to go eat brunch. The food is brought to you on a timely manner. Servers are helpful and nice. You should get the Don Juan if you haven't had one yet.. it's delicious! Just prepare yourself and come with a huge appetite. Definitely would recommend

Cameron Lowell

Been here twice now and it has been a hit both times! The service is SO friendly - nothing but smiles and our coffee/waters were topped off, as was our chips. The food portions are massive and the pricing is low, so it's great value. We got the Don Juan and it was super tasty. Definitely will be back!

Jennifer Sherfield

Love that the owner greeted us as we walked in and shook my husbands hand like we had been friends forever. Besides the staff being fabulous, the food was amazing! We are just visiting Austin and heard from everybody that we have to eat here so we did and will definitely make it a "must go to place" when we come back in the future.

Claudia Z.

I love the authenticity of this place! It's also deceivingly big inside! There are sooo many seating options inside and even an outdoor covered area! This place is on the Austin Bucket List and after living here for 4 years, I finally decided to try it. Pros: - Pretty cheap, you can get a huge cup of Horchata for $2.50. And it's super refreshing and delicious! - Endless amount of delicious chips and salsa that actually has a kick to it - HUGE portions, I ordered the Don Juan Taco - It's basically eggs, potato, bacon, and hella cheese served on top of a tortilla. You need about 4 tortillas to finish it all. (ask for extra tortillas) - I asked for salsa, and they gave me some green salsa that was super delicious, ask for it if you like spice - Every employee was super friendly and helpful Cons: - You have to pay your ticket at the register which took longer than the wait to get a table - This was kind of inconvenient - There are many seating options, but if you sit in the entrance near the door, you are pretty crammed in there and you have people hovering over you waiting in line at the register so that can get annoying too Overall, this place is a gem and everyone loves it for a reason! :)


This is a tough review to write. The folks running the place are nice and wait staff was very attentive even on a busy Sat AM. Had a brief wait, which was anticipated and no problem. Our party of three was Seated in a booth that was pretty tiny. The migas portion was large and more than I should have eaten. So this breakfast lasted me until supper-time, although my teenage nephew ha to have a P-Terry burger around 3. I like Tex-Mex a bit on the spicy side, and the food was really not seasoned at all.


This place is everything they say. The food is fattening but good. Totally true Mexican food. But when you see a taco for 5 bucks and get the bill for 9. It’s the coffee. Lol. They got to make a dime somehow. I would just order a margarita next time we go back. Almost same price. Great old school atmosphere.

Miki L.

You know when you go to a restaurant during your travels and have such an awesome experience to return years later and not? Fortunately, this is not the case. I haven't been back in Austin for six years, so when I came back our here I insisted we go to Juan in a Million for Migas. As delicious as they were all those years ago, they still are. Hospitality is excellent too!

Jesus S.

Excellent service and great food if you came to Austin you need to came here for a good breakfast


Quick bday girls trip to the ATX....asked all my buddies what is the ONE place that we absolutely could NOT miss - and it was a unanimous Juan in a Million! Excellent recommendation.. . Delicious brunch, excellent service, super casual environment, and great prices! Made us feel like a million bucks, especially after a late night enjoying the vibrant nightlife. . . Ordered the Migas - very generous portion of cheesy goodness, complete with potatoes, beans, and flour tortillas. Chips and salsa were great. They even brought out a less spicy second salsa option for my Yankee friend.. . Quick $6 Uber ride from our hotel. Will definitely be looking forward to my next trip.


What Juan in a Million shares with many other Austin eateries offering Tex-Mex breakfast fare is generous portions of the sort of food that slakes the hungriest appetite, what old-timers called 'stick-to-your-ribs..' The bountiful food is served by a pleasant waitstaff, and you will be dining with local families also enjoying well-made comfort food.

Mechelle Alvarado

Very disappointed that it was store bought tortillas and not homemade. Charged $7 for a side of guacamole...that's outrageous! Good service but prob never going back because tortillas.

Yery Colombón

great service, great food, awesome prices!!!

Maggie Hernandez Prather

Food was great! Service was also great... but the flour tortillas were not homemade.


There are scads of mediocre Tex-Mex joints in Texas that can’t even put a decent plate of enchiladas on the table. This is the real deal. Just get the enchiladas and a beer. Don’t over think it.


We went here for brunch, place is busy with locals but the food is really good. One of our plates was too cool (seems it had been sitting under the heat lamp too long) but they fixed it with great service and came back piping hot. Overall service and food are good.