Taco Bell

1825 W Parmer Ln, Austin
(512) 492-8998

Recent Reviews

Sudheer Chittuluri

Came here ordered online at 1.20am.Came here to pickup and he says system down because i came at 1.50am. Came here because it was open. Will never come here again.

Destiny Bickel

The late nite drive thru guys are always so sweet!!

Richard Durham

I need Tex-Mex fast food every once in a while. I love the bean and cheese burritos. The tostatas and nachos are good and the cost is reasonable.

Dyvro Delguarde

You can go to any other Taco Bell location and get what you paid for. Here? You pay the same price for half the quantity/quality. Take the drive and go to another location, you're money is worth more than what you get

Bev R.

Food is as good as Taco Bell gets. Friendly and good service. But it does bother me that I have gone there twice recently and no one I cld see was wearing gloves or a mask. It's as if Taco Bell is not worried about COVID. Guess I shld not go back if that bothers me until all this mess is over.


Great place, awesome friendly staff and they have machines you can order from for anti social ppl...... Any way, yeah great place! Omfg I love Taco Bell

L N Yates

I experienced great customer service at this Taco Bell. The nacho fries were great. It was hard to find a clean table though that's why only 4 stars.

Lou Ashcraft

Quick service, Dollar menu, self service sodas, sauces and napkins, etc. TV too.

Steve Cox

It's all about the young hip crowd,and all these new dishes,y'all should remember,it was us older folks,and your classics like bell beefers, and enchiritos that made y'all big in the first place

Piyush Mehta

The place was understaffed and it took quite a while. Overall the food taste keeps getting less organic.

Haley Mendoza

I’m a favor runner and I had received an order directed at this location. The store hours are until 2am. The lady inside had already “closed everything down” and “could not help us” before the time of 1:50am. Both myself and this location lost out on money tonight. Mean wail, just wail writing this review, about 5 other cars also came and were sent away as well. Very disappointing.

Diana G.

Literally the worst Taco Bell I've ever been to. I would never recommend anybody to this location.

Bryce B.

This place is TERRIBBLE!! I went there at 1:30am after a long shift at work looking to get a quick meal. When I first pull up to the drive through I ask the lady there to give me a second to look over the menu and she said 'I guess' and sighed heavily. Then I placed my oder and pulled around to the window and was greeted by a very rude lady- didn't even try to be nice. I ordered the Variety Taco Party Pack or whatever it is called and when I got home I found out that I actually just got a bunch of regual tacos. Then after further investigation over half of my tacos were smashed and broken. This is absolutely the worst service I have ever received, enough for me to write a review. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND GOING HERE, McDonalds is better than this, at least the people at McD are nice.

Rosetta Perry

Food was good. Service was good

Whitney Abbott

Ordered a veggie bowl with no cheese and no ranch.

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