Taco Bell

1825 W Parmer Ln, Austin
(512) 492-8998

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Victoria Valdez

I would rate zero stars if I had the opportunity. I arrived at the drive-through at 2:45AM, well before the closing time listed online and on the building’s windows. No one helped me at the drive-through, so I tried to call the restaurant, but no one answered. I pulled up to the drive-through window, and honked a couple of times, as I saw the lights inside were still on. A young man came to the window and informed me that they were closed. I let him know that their website and building signs showed a closing time of 3:00AM, and that I only wished to order 3 crunchy tacos (which is a very simple order). He continued to give me numerous excuses as to why he wouldn’t take my order, such as “we have already started putting away the food” and “we are allowed to stop serving food at 2:50 per upper management.” After several attempts at trying to order food, I was finally forced to give up, as it was clear that he did not care that a paying customer was there to order food during operating hours.I would like to iterate and advise to any “upper management” of this facility, that it is terrible business to refuse a paying customer during OPERATING hours. If this restaurant stops serving food at 2:50AM, then it should be listed as such on the building and website. I really am not one to write negative reviews, but this was completely unacceptable. Disappointed would be an understatement. I encourage this restaurant to either change the listed business hours, or train your team to better serve PAYING customers.

Christina Nickel

Let’s start off with no ice for the drinks had to wait to be waited on the wide blonde lady Obviously was not customer friendly very rude! Not the person for that position! I won’t be going back! Pay attention to your Customers taco. Bell Listen to what they have to say she’s no good

Cheryl Gudat

Taco Bell has taken all green options of odd the menu, so I don't go anymore. The salad and tostadas were the only items I ate, while my sons ordered everything else.

Richard Osborne

Waited 5+ minutes to be helped, 2 employees saw me but ignored me, never once acknowledged me. Thanks for the way I was treated.

Krishna Ganne

I had great respect for Taco Bell until 5 mins ago when the staff here on W Partner Lane were very rude. We ordered 6 Chalupa but we got only five and we realized only when we started having in the parking lot. We politely told the staff about the issue but we were asked to come via drive thru and we did it. Finally after 10mins of the discussion, we were given the final Chalupa throwing on us as if they are giving us for free. Even if they give someone for free, it's the least to expect some respect. Best advice to anyone visiting this branch of Taco Bell is not to visit in the first place but if you happen to visit anyhow then kiss your self-respect goodbye and take whatever food it's given.BTW, the cashier is Antonia M and the order # is 353022.

Meg B

Woman working drive through speaker had a nasty tone, no enthusiasm when I asked questions either. I got my food and said I wanted chicken not beef she said it comes with beef. I realized hearing her voice this was the same woman I ordered with at the speaker. I repeated I wanted chicken. She said I'd have to drive around to order and pay again. No accomodation was made in the slightest. she seemed annoyed like she didn't want to put any energy into her work. An earlier review here mentioned a rude blonde woman, this woman was blonde too. I would not be surprised if it was the same person given her poor treatment of me too.

Steve G

Great. Customer service ...... Ok

Adam Weedy

Blonde lady with the headset by the drive-thru window wasn't friendly. Everyone else was great. Food good too!

David Zarzoza


Cee B.

my Gordita crunch literally had less than a tablespoon of meat in it. And most all of that is in one small corner and there's NO meat in the middle. If I wasn't still hungry I'd find it absolutely hilarious but unfortunately my order was also missing an entire taco and ALL the sauces I ordered, so I'm definitely left hungry. I wasn't able to eat half of my order! This is absurd.

Sudheer Chittuluri

Came here ordered online at 1.20am.Came here to pickup and he says system down because i came at 1.50am. Came here because it was open. Will never come here again.

Destiny Bickel

The late nite drive thru guys are always so sweet!!

Richard Durham

I need Tex-Mex fast food every once in a while. I love the bean and cheese burritos. The tostatas and nachos are good and the cost is reasonable.

Dyvro Delguarde

You can go to any other Taco Bell location and get what you paid for. Here? You pay the same price for half the quantity/quality. Take the drive and go to another location, you're money is worth more than what you get

Bev R.

Food is as good as Taco Bell gets. Friendly and good service. But it does bother me that I have gone there twice recently and no one I cld see was wearing gloves or a mask. It's as if Taco Bell is not worried about COVID. Guess I shld not go back if that bothers me until all this mess is over.

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