Taco Bell

1825 W Parmer Ln, Austin
(512) 492-8998

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth J.

Not open the hours they are posted to be. The drive through was closed way before 2 am so don't expect to get any late night options from them. Go to the one on Braker or Taco Cabaña.

Just Sayin'

Absolutely freezing inside. Wear 2 jackets if you plan to dine in.

Samantha Rodriguez

I love taco bell but my loco taco today was a bit stale and my gordita crunch tortilla was still a little doughy. Hopefully it won't always be like this because I love going there.

Aiden Holloway

This employee took cash and didn't give back change for a 10 dollar order( i gave 100). This has occurred more than once. This guy is a Tall, skinny black male and I demand him being fired.

Cory Smith

Always get bad service at this location. I'll ask for extra fire sauce and they will give me 2 packets

Ms. Jones

@aidenholloway thank goodness for cameras and draw count confirmations. You are attempting to pull a scam which is an arrest able offense. We know who you are.

Juan Flores

Drive-thru service is always fast, friendly and accurate when I visit this store at night after work.

William Waller

The food is fine, it's hard to mess up Taco Bell. But the hours listed are totally incorrect. I have never seen them open past 1 am.

Maria Ornelas

Great vegetarian option like the vegetarian power bowl... Delicious!!!

Keith Hall

12 tacos and 2 huge burritos in 4 minutes is great, but I still haven't ate due to speedy service. Why? It was a drive thru order and it was 4 minutes. As sure as you see what was ordered & I got no change back, this happened..a 4 minute order.

K Gilmore

I don't usually complain, but this Taco Bell has the most incompetent staff I have EVER seen. My last 5 orders have been incorrect, and they turn off ALL the lights (even the drive-through menu) HOURS before they close.

Marvin Molina

The shift manager is a thief!!!, went to the drive thru, ordered and paid with $100 bill, the cashier called the shift manager to get him change, he then gave me my change. Took paper what i thought was the change inside amd put it away because I was so busy. Then I realized that I was missing 80. Went back to ask for my change....this where it gets very interesting, after arguing with the shift manager, I called the employee Jeronimo and he told him that he remembers not giving me my change. He still refused to give me my money, this happened 6-12-2019. The next day nobody is picking up the phone necause he told me to ask the manager about my money. DO NOT EAT AT THIS LOCATION!!!!

E. R. Stoddard, Jr

3 crispy taco & Nacho box! Yummm.

LaRon E.

So we came in at 9:45 pm and I guess it was close to closing time would you believe that these people locked the doors with customers inside to my understanding all doors are to remain unlock during business hours ,that is a direct violation of the city fire code. It appeared that they were more worried about getting out on time instead of worrying about customer safety, what if something would have happen and no one could get the door unlocked in timely fashion? whoever the manager on duty was needs to go back to training..Needless to say this speaks volumes of this store operations.. First and last time giving them any money.

Julianne M

Ordered an enchirito with no onions, took one bite and opened it up. You can see the inside was practically all onions and there was a hair.(in the photo it's on the bottom right on the cheese)I tried to call the location multiple times but the phone was busy. Had I not been on my lunch break I would have taken it back, but didn't have the time.

Debbie L.

PROS: This is the best Taco Bell I've been to in Austin. The staff are usually happy, courteous, and friendly. They all seem to enjoy working here. They've all been helpful, too. My order is usually correct. The store and staff are clean. I live nearby so this is the one I frequent. **CONS: tonight they were out of taco salad shells and guacamole. I ordered a burrito which they forgot to bag. They didn't answer the phone. I drove back, waited in line and had to reorder. I asked for an upgrade item for the inconvenience. I didn't get it. Not cool... especially when doing Game of Thrones night emotional eating.

Jody R.

PROS: This is the best Taco Bell I've been to in Austin. The staff are usually happy, courteous, and friendly. They all seem to enjoy working here. They've all been helpful, too. My order is usually correct. The store and staff are clean. I live nearby so this is the one I frequent. **CONS: tonight they were out of taco salad shells and guacamole. I ordered a burrito which they forgot to bag. They didn't answer the phone. I drove back, waited in line and had to reorder. I asked for an upgrade item for the inconvenience. I didn't get it. Not cool... especially when doing Game of Thrones night emotional eating.

R A.

This food is not edible. Look at the photo of my taco. I won't be back. It was liquid ground beef.

Christine Maffei

Ladies were great!! Thanks for the pick up order accuracy. ð???

Ryan-D Vallon

I went to this Taco Bell today on 2/13. I placed a mobile order and went into pick it up. The restaurant was backed up and unorganized. I saw the employee who was preparing my food stop so he could touch his Apple Watch with his gloves then reach into his pocket and pull out his phone to take a phone call (with the gloves on) and then after return to working with the same gloves on. While they were still making my order I could not cancel because they marked the order as ready. They would not issue a refund when I vocalized my complaints and did not even reprimand the employee who was unsanitarily preparing my order. I called Taco Bell directly to file a complaint and get a refund and they said it should be issued in three days. Sadly I feel like they were lying to get rid of me and I will have to call again. However I did file a complaint against this restaurant and I intend to follow up with the health department. Ladies and gentlemen there is a reason people work at Taco Bell for a living, and itâ??s because they canâ??t do anything else. Bunch of trash. #StayInSchool

Ryan Bee

They get our food order wrong 9 times out of 10, usually multiple wrong items per visit. If they werenâ??t so close to where we live theyâ??d be dead to me. I donâ??t understand how I can pull up and be the only car in line, have the entire staff working on a single order and eff up as bad as they do on a consistent basis. This Taco Bell is garbage.

Sara Krohn

Just went there 20 minutes before they closed and ordered 30$ worth of different stuff and they just threw everything they had left in a bag and gave it to us. One thing we actually ordered was in there and one other thing but just 2 other been and cheese burritos and fries were in there. Dumb workers. Worst Taco Bell experience ever.

Robert Egertson

I get more bad attitudes and incorrect orders from this Taco Bell than anything else. Some of the employees are great but the manager is constantly in a bad mood and gives nasty attitude to customers constantly. I've had so many bad experiences here that I will never come back.

Joseph Hwang

It's not the prettiest on the inside, nor does it have modern contemporary displays you might find at other fast food restaurants. Cashier service is a bit on the slow side but they crank out food quick. This one also so happens to have a Pokemon Go gym.

Chance J.

It's taco bell. Don't even have my food yet, and it's been an hour and a half. I don't understand how hat it is to put taco meat inside an already made taco shell.

Carrie robeson

Normally have great service here and the staff is always so friendly. If youâ??re going to eat at this location just go get the food yourself. DONT order through grub hub! Whoever is â??managingâ? right now is awful. Grub Hub driver brought me a watered down Baja blast, and no orange juice and he bolted no receipt or anything. I called this location asked to speak to a manager, a very rude unpleasant lady gets on i informed her she gave the grub hub driver a watered down Baja blast and she rudely said â??no thatâ??s not our fault or problem thatâ??s the driversâ? I said maâ??am itâ??s in a Taco Bell cup not a grub hub cup. Truly just called because I was going to go up there and get my drinks but when I asked the â??managerâ? her name she hung up on me. Called three times and was hung up on. I only called to see if I could go get my drinks, wasnâ??t going to have grub hub redeliver to me instead I got a nasty â??managerâ? to tell me I was wrong and hung up on me. Wasted my time to call Taco Bell customer care and make a complaint.

daniel robin

It's better than I thought it would be.

marc wissman

This location is always clean when I go. They have a TV if you are so inclined. Taco Bell claims that they are "open late" but not later than the bars close at 2:00 A.M. Their box of hot sauces is always neatly organized which is a nice touch that you rarely find at fast food restaurants.

Kendall Barber

I like this Taco Bell. They are usually very quick and accurate. The woman working the drive through on 12/31 at approximately 8:40 AM needs a little refresher on customer service skills. I asked for my breakfast quesadilla without eggs, which doesn't seem like an odd request. She got snippy with me over the speaker box, then did not speak to me when I got to the window. I asked for salsa, and she didn't say anything, just gave me an ugly look, which continued throughout the rest of the transaction. I'll probably go to Taco Bell on Braker going forward, if dietary restrictions are such a hassle for the employees at this location.

Cab F.

Never again will I visit this location or any Taco Bell after last night. I've been puking and peeing out of my butt all day today. Thanks for the disgusting food that's probably been left out since lunch time. I will never visit a Taco Bell again

Hannah B.

This Taco Bell isn't super close but we thought we'd try it. They almost forgot our drinks, they had no hot sauce and when we got home we found out they left out our quesadilla from the order. Not impressed at all.

Ryan B.

If I could give no stars I would got a taco salad which is usually pretty alright and the taco shell had mild type stuff on it I will never eat here again blahhhhh they better hope the city of austin is easy than I am

Shermette J.

Ever time I get take out from this location and I request no sour cream and no sauce, there is sour cream and sauce. They absolutely never get our order correct. If we order 6 tacos, we get home and there are 3 tacos. There was sauce on my beef fajita soft taco tonight, of course, and it made the entire thing so slimy that none of the 4 people in our group would eat it. We have even started going in to order because they cannot get it right and that does not make a difference. They still cannot get it right.

Dara C.

Went to this location and ordered chicken nachos. Took my order home and there was absolutely no chicken whatsoever on my order and hardly any beans at all. Seems like it would be very hard to forget to put chicken on an order of chicken nachos.

Amanda H.

My boyfriend had ordered me three burritos and cheese tacos and I found a strand of hair on one and a piece of fuzz on another one. He then tries to call them twice to get a refund nobody answered. Waste of money this place.

Nicki C.

Rough day, turned into long night, and we needed to eat very late. This place was pleasant, the customer service was great! And the food was good/order correct. Do appreciate this place for what it is, and you can't beat the prices!

Kantiki J.

Three visits, three bad experiences, done and done. I only started coming here because they were the nearest location using the app. The third (and final) time I went, the Mexican pizza they made me tasted like they had dipped it in cinnamon. Avoid at all costs.

Neesha B.

Fast service and descent food. Service is pretty good here as well. Went through the drive thru and it was very fast

Corina G.

I wrote a review from the receipt I was given but never heard back from management or anyone. Obviously they don't care but I won't be returning to this location ever again. The drive-thru guy FORGOT one item in my order and when I went to the window I told him the price didn't add up, it should have been more expensive. He forgot my Mexican pizza so I told him politely I still needed it. I work service industry so forgetting stuff happens a lot. He yelled to the kitchen staff that I messed up and wanted to add on a Mexican pizza. I overheard one man in the back get aggravated and say "gosh I HATE it when people do this shit!" I almost just asked for a refund but didn't want to hold back the people behind me and the inside was closed already. The order tasted awful! Like ice cold fish. I haven't eaten Taco Bell anywhere since then. That young man taking orders needs to be fired for being so disrespectful. And as for the man that was cooking...I have no words and I have no clue what he did to my food but it's ruined Taco Bell for me forever.

LeShea Harris

The food there is not bad and neither is the customer service but there is one lady that does drive through, Older African lady she is so rude and she is always rushing people when they are ordering. That is not good customer service at all. I think her name is Joyce but if it is not this is still the correct Taco bell. She makes you not want to even come there to eat. Good Customer service is key to satisfied customers in case she did not know that.If she cannot be polite through Drive thru maybe she needs to be strictly front counter.