Taco Bell

2308 E Riverside Dr, Austin
(512) 441-8821

Recent Reviews

Alexis M. Quintanilla

It was fast and it was 3 crispy tacos and cinnamon pastry puffs. Food was good although i was disappointed they discontinued the caramel apple empanadas...those were really good. Bummed they don't have them anymore.


Completely didnt listen or ring me up right. Had to have the entire order redone.

Rocket T

Great options both meat and vegetarian as well as great prices and yummy!!

Brandon Marshall

Super fast and convenient stop for me today. Love taco Bell when it's on point and hot! Thanks

Jonathan Urbina

Place is very clean and staff is friendly and helpful.

Becky Carlson

They always get out order right, even when we customize it. The staff is always on point, friendly, and fast.

Melle B.

No idea why yelp says this location is closed today- it's open and serving amazing breakfast !!! I can't believe I paid so little for such a well made and filling Mexico breakfast !!! They take a bit longer than typical Taco Bell's with your order but that's because they make it fresh right then. Portions were good, quality of the food was there and place is very spacious and clean. WiFi also good.

mockme jockme

I pulled up ordered my food n forgot to order a drink with cotton mouth and they gave me a free soda.. don't tell the manager or nobody will fwy anymore

Jamey Johnston

Tried the toasted cheddar chalupa, it's actually pretty good. If you like toasted cheese snacks and such, it's a very similar flavor. My only complaint is that's it's priced wrong. Compared to basically anything else on the menu, you aren't getting much food for the price on this one.

kewl kitty

Steak meat taste and smellsike feet and I got food poisoning. Why do I keep going back? Maybe cause I am stupid.

Michelle Trevino

Everything was so fresh even at 1 am!! And the order was totally correct!!

lane guitzkow

Good Taco Bell location. Clean. Everything tastes like it should.

ANGIE Redeckr

We are from out of town. This is the best taco Bell we have ever been to. The employees were intent on quality and the flavor showed this. The St. Louis area Taco Bell's could learn something from this location.

Scott Thomas

Melissa at the store on em cannon and 35 really does a great job with taking charge and leading that crew to good servece.

ayamain olivas

They are always very nice and respond in a timely manner.


Drive thru was pretty fast and young man taking orders was nice. Person taking payment at window could have smiled but all in all service was fast and my order was complete.

Daniel K.

Terrible Taco Bell, cashier can't do simple math and unwilling to substitute more rice for when removing sour cream, cheese and lettuce....did rice become a precious commodity at some point?

Hugo SamuelVeraSanchez

Its Taco Bell its clean fast food and good service. They have a place where you can place your own orders customize it your own way pay for it and they call your name out.

Betty G.

Always busy, this Taco Bell is my favorite. Good, friendly customer service and they're always hustling. No slackers here. Aaaaand, the foods consistently good.

Rigo Mosquera

The staff is great with the exception of Joanne J. she is rude and unfriendly and assumed i had taken a cup out of the trash when I went to get water with a cup that I had purchased the day before. I felt very humiliated in front of the lunch crowd but I still love their food and their manager Mr. Mere runs a great ship.

Ben Malfaro

Nothing wrong with this taco bell. They did great job but I don't consider any fast food to be worthy of anything above 3 stars

Sonie S.

I've always had such a great experience at this place. It was 3am and I tried going to taco Cabana. It's supposedly a 24hr place but it wasn't open however taco Bell (which was supposed to be closed) continued to take our order

Mark Wright

Honestly, this was one of the lower ranking visits. The cashier was upset. The order was incorrect. And finally, the food was like warm at best.

andrew brown

In the day time they're decent here. Been here a couple of times and got wrong or cold food. Came to the lobby at 10:30pm and the doors were locked even though they are supposed to be open till 11pm. Also the drive thru is slow at night.

Angel Martinez Martinez

Is a great place for breakfast also for your lunch and dinner and late-night snacks also bring back your and see when you can make chimichangas at Taco Bell

D R.

Went thru drive thru last night and was met with a employee that was rude and I felt rushed. The drive thru wasn't busy and they don't close until 2:00. This took place around mid-night. If there was an escape lane, I would've used it! The other Taco Bell's in the area closed at 1:00, so I chose to stay. The guy had a beard and tats. I know this is Austin...that's half the people here! The store manager knows who he is.

Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας

You know why you're here. The establishment itself is just fine. Clean for the most part, although, more often than not, the floors will be greasy and slippery. Even after cleaning.

Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας

You know why you're here. The establishment itself is just fine. Clean for the most part, although, more often than not, the floors will be greasy and slippery. Even after cleaning.

Heather H.

Went to the drive through at 145am (I know it's late but we knew the drive through is open til 2) and NO ONE came to us or spoke to us. Literally sat there for the ENTIRE 15 minutes waiting for the employees (who were clearly in the building) to at least let us know they are closing early or SOMETHING. This was so rude and absolutely awful customer service. Sucks because this is the closest taco Bell to me and we loved them for late night snacks. Not anymore...

Blake Chancellor

I used to love you so much but one day you changed. You weren't the same anymore. We fought and fought and I just had to let go. I will miss you hot, fire and mild. I will miss all of you.

Jaime F.

The woman doing drive through tonight at 11: 45 was the best. Not one issue. Perfect example of a good employee who is polite and efficient. She handlers a while line of cars perfectly and for that I thank her for my burritos.

R. Herrera

Delivery experience was abysmal. The store prepared the wrong order & sent it out for delivery through their contracted delivery service. Management does not verify order for accuracy before it is sent out for delivery, but their leadership team believes that doing so would be asking for too much.


Was alright. Tasted fine but look like someone just half tried to wrap my burritos

Gordo's Twin

Well, the sign said Taco Bell so I had to give it 5 stars.

Francisco Galindo

When on a budget it's good to come here

Theresa R.

The food quality and service have taken a downward turn over the past year. At the drive thru, the food came out so poorly packaged that crunchy tacos were crushed and one was completely opened with contents spilled all over the other food, making those paper wrappers tear and the food inside became wet and cold. Very unappetizing.

Bryant J

The customer service is great. But when comes to your food. It's always a rush job. The last 3 times I have been there. They never put cheese on my tacos. I would ask for no sour cream and they put sour cream. I never have this problem when I got through the drive-thru. Only when I go inside. I understand it's around lunch time. But there should never be this much inconsistency in a fast food place.

Srinivas Mankala

Had all types of vegetarian items. I love the Mexican pizzað??, tacos and burritos. Very attractive deals Wednesday and weekends.

John Jacob

Worst Taco Bell I've been to in the city. Consistently terrible customer service, horrifyingly unattractive employees...(no I'm not shallow....I do mean on the inside)....and outside (let's be honest). I've been here several times as my business often finds me in this area and I always make sure to stop in and see if they still suck. They never let me down. I've never actually had a full experience here because I've never actually gotten to the point where I've had any food in hand. Most times I leave after 15-20 mins of Reconquista attitude....which is "ignore the white guy"....and there have been times where it's been so ridiculous that I've left after paying because.....its just not worth it.

Net R

I cannot believe the absolute monstrosity that I faced tonight. The first day of the new year. Their website hours (unfortunately for me) say that theyâ??re open. So, I took a leap of faith and ubered from downtown Austin to the only â??openâ? Taco Bell that there was. Upon arrival, I was more than disappointed to find out they falsely advertised their hours. THEY WERE CLOSED. we even walked through the drivethrough and it was horrifying. I canâ??t believe a large franchise like Taco Bell would do this.