Taco Bell

5604 Cameron Rd, Austin
(512) 452-7059

Recent Reviews

Sue Horvatich

Great Prices Great Food Great Atmosphere for Children room for a party or Get together ...variety of Mexican Food Meals that are delicious ...

Sharee Thomas

Got a lot of nice lil things for good price..

S Wr

Me and my son came to eat here 11:15 cashier was patient and professional. Food was delicious. Prompt service and everything was clean. Will definitely visit again!

Angela Huston

My experience at Taco Bell off of Cameron Road has been inconsistent at best. The first time I came to the lost-cost Tex-mex establishment I was taken back by the superb deals offered. Then, I received my order in no time ... the care and attention that was taken with my order was evident. Yummy! Then the following week I go into Taco Bell and order something different. My order was to go and took more than 20 minutes to get to me. Then I didn't even get what I ordered! Ugh. The entire experience really made me want to run for the Border!

Dawson Friesenhahn

My girlfriend and I are big-time patrons of Taco bell, but this place is actually terrible. Long wait times, terrible bean-to-rice ratios. Front end service was actually nice, but it was pretty clear that the back of the house needs some work.

Melody Sue Horvatich

Love Taco Bell and In Manor Texas my Favorite Baby Girl works there best service and Fast too ..

James M.

I just had the worst "fast food" experience ever at this Taco Bell location. We ordered at 11:20. My friends got their food 20 minutes later. As I watched them eat, still no food for me. At 12:00 after my friends had finished eating, I finally asked for a refund, with my food nowhere in sight. The manager that processed my refund was extremely rude and seemed put out that I was disappointed. I tried to give her the change that I had received so the I could get back my $6 without coins and she said, without even looking me in the eye, "I don't want that", and proceeded to give me even more change. No apology, no nothing. Needless to say, I will not be back. Taco Bell might as well just close this location or hire all new staff. I've never had an issue like this at any Taco Bell.

Mark Wright

The 1 thing that keeps me returning to Taco Bell is their consistency. Customer service is always hit or miss. But the food???? Great!

Penn B.

A very hilarious Taco Bell where they will flat out lie to you and tell you they are out of food when they're not and they just don't wanna serve you.

Heidi Evans

We visited this location and they were out of quite a few items however the Drive-thru service was exceptional. Don't know your name young lady but you were awesome!!

Madeline Baumgartner

It's a taco bell. I hate that i love them. Its fine.

Melanie H.

Well... when did Taco Bell change their menu? They didn't have at least half of what we wanted. We came in 20 minutes before closing but still heard them tell a customer they were closed. Make TACO BELL GREAT AGAIN.

Julie Meacham

This Taco Bell location is clean and an employee was busy wiping down tables during lunch. One thing I appreciate about Taco Bell is that there are vegetarian options. The beans do not contain lard or meat ingredients. I usually just order something from the dollar menu because there are meatless items and I can eat for under $3. I know it's faster fast food, but it's satisfying in a pinch. The store was running a little slow today, but the manager apologized for the delay and once the rush was over, things started coming out more quickly.


Slowest service I've ever experienced. Waited for 29 minutes for 3 items.

Timothy Lyon

When this location is good, they're really good in terms of service and accuracy.


I waited twenty minutes behind two cars to get to the speaker and the gentleman asked how he could help. So I responded with asking for four bean cheese and rice burritos. He interrupted me to say, We are out of beans and rice you would have to wait 20 minutes. I did not wait and let him know I would be writing a bad review. Very upset.

jorge zapien

I love Taco Bell, and this is the nearest one to where I reside so I always come here. This one is on par with other Taco Bells, which is good! However, the employees often mess up our orders. Most recently, we ordered power bowls with steak, and they gave us power bowls with chicken after we had already paid the slight premium. Now it's not much of a price difference, but I'm upset at how often this happens here. I'm hoping this review will lead to improvement on order accuracy

Matthew Schmitt

Taco bueno just came to round rock. It has much healthier God options. I recommend giving the bean and cheese burrito a try.

R Lawson

Sloppily put together Mexican pizza. I feel nothing but regret and sadness after having eaten this. But it was the shortest line. Should have known better.

YatazaqYah Rawach

That frozen Mountain Baja Blast hit the stop after delivering my Amazon boxes, and the chicken and beef quesadillas was yummy, especially the chicken one. My only gripe is I used the Kiosk to order it and after the cashier helped her last person she looked at me and asked could she help me, when I told her that I was just waiting for my order, she asked me what did I order, she looked and checked and there was no order in sight for my drink as it never came up for them to make it, so if she had not asked me I probably would have been just standing there. So sad, it looked like it was helpful.

Laura Kuenstler

Great service. Lately the crunchy tacos have been awesome!

John Creek

Worst place on Austin. The first time I came her I waited over 45 minutes for a couple of tacos, nothing special. Everytime this place is a disaster. Nobody taking orders, lobby full of people waiting for their food and a line with 6 or more people and the line doesn't move. I waited over 10 minutes before I decided to leave because nothing was being done. Literally the worst Taco Bell in Austin.

Lauren P.

This is the closest Taco Bell near my work, so I go here often. The past few times, they have messed up my order and I tried to be nice and let it slide. I called up there to speak with a manager and no one picked up, answer machine was full, so I called a few times more AND THEY TURNED THE PHONE OFF!!! They have messed up my coworkers orders as well. They often forget extras on the tacos (which cost extra), forget to switch the protein to an extra paid one, fail to put a sufficient amount of potatoes on the potato taco (the past three times I've gone there, I've gotten 3-4 very small, burnt, sad potatoes). Their employees are rude, neglectful of the front counter, always on their personal phones and always seem stressed and unhappy. The physical appearance is unkept and the bathroom is often times nasty. Not good Taco Bell, not good.

Dorothy Jenkins

Nacho Supreme was dry not enough sauce as shown on TV

Dense Abeita

It was okay my first order came out fast. 2nd order which was an ofder of Naco Fries and Pintos and cheese took 20 min to get

Ash N.

Took 55 mins to get our order. Didn't even get a sorry for your wait. Then our order was wrong..... We stayed patient and waited it out, but man they have some horrible customer service.

Justin B.

Usually passes as a Taco Bell but since the beginning of the month, 2 out of the last 3 times I've gone I've been told the "system was down and it'd be a 20-30 minute wait." Keep in mind both of the times I heard that was at around 11:30 pm and today and 10:30 pm (close at 1am). Odd how frequently the system goes down here, always at night, and the guy also knows when the system will come back on.

Vero V.

Absolutely horrible!!! I mean obviously we know Taco Bell is on a high class restaurant but what I encountered in this particular location was beyond bad!!! The service is horrible! Workers are super rude! The restaurant itself was dirty, I don't know when was the last time they cleaned it and the food.....well, let me say this.... I won't even feed them to the dogs!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOCATION!!!

Naomi Surita

Worked all day long. On my way home late at night went to Taco Bell. I ordered 4 nacho fries. I only got 1 order of nacho fries, everything else was correct. They placed heavy burritos on top of my Mexican pizza and this is what I am left with all the topping on the lid of the box and the pizza wasnâ??t even cut into 4 slices when I get home. I go through the drive through because I donâ??t have time to sit there and make sure you guys get my order right. I know I asked for FOUR orders. I didnâ??t get to eat because those 3 other fries that I ordered were for my kids. Itâ??s too late for me to go and ask them to fix my order. Thanks! Also at this location yâ??all are always out of something. I know places get it wrong sometimes. But this is so frequent I had to post this. My family of 6 goes to Taco Bell more than the average family does because weâ??re a busy family. So it makes it very difficult when stuff like this happens. I donâ??t care at this point if I was over charged or not. I donâ??t have the time or energy right now.

Gary Smith

The food was very good but it took several minutes to get my order of three soft tacos and a bean burrito. The only real problem was the bathroom no toilet paper in the stall and the soap dispenser was empty other than that my experience was good!

2 Anderson

Instead of putting tomatoes on my food I got pico. I'm allergic to onions. Had the order changed and they still had pico on my nacho fries supreme. Worst service at this Taco Bell ever.

Justin H.

I want to share my appreciation for the staff. I came by during a Friday night, and the drive thru was really backed up. When I pulled up to the cashier, the employee seemed stressed. We had a quick conversation while she was running my payment. The team was two people short, and they were working frantically to fulfill all the orders. The young woman was polite and kept her composure while getting my order ready. I don't think these people get enough appreciation for getting through unexpected circumstances. Thank you!

Bobbi M.

I use to love going to this location. So I decided to go yesterday. I ordered a Nacho Fries Bell Grande and 2 supreme tacos. This is the 1st time the fries were cold. Couldn't finish it. Then I opened one supreme taco (barely anything in it) the other was full but was missing the shedded cheese. So I took it back to the counter and asked them to remake it. The cashier who was very sweet informed the guy who prepared it and he said, "portion control." I understand portion control but that was more like toddler portion control. Never received the tacos so I paid for 2 supreme tacos without having it fixed. They pretty much stole from me. I went to the cashier and she gave me 2 large skittle slushies. The old crew is who I loved. They weren't greedy. This new crew just don't care minus the cashier.

Molly M.

Each time I've gone my order has been wrong. They're all extremely rude and they close an hour early most nights but stay in the store until they're suppose to leave. They say there registers are down as an excuse to close early but it's every time.

Sharol M.

Horrible customer service. We waited 15 minutes at the speaker box to order and nobody still didn't attended us!!! On top of that when we get to the window we have the cashier get the manager to tell us that he could not attend us at the speaker box because the system was down so, we asked if we could order at the window. The manager kept making excuses refusing to attend us. I would not recommend this Taco Bell at this location to nobody.

Chris Barger

Food was great. But they did not have bacon. Also every Taco Bell should Supply ketchup for breakfast


Always friendly staff at most locations. Food is quick and tasty.

Misty Dawn Lopez

The workers in the morning shift are awesome. These are some of the sweetest women working together.

Wild W.

This has more to do with the staff, and not the food. Around closing time, someone comes into building, and starts shouting at the crew, and called out a tall Hispanic with tattoos on his arms about respect. The guy who walked in was shouting at the staff in prison terms. The staff handled it very well, and calmed down the situation. I ordered 2 bean burritos there, and was entertained. The bean burritos came out good.

Hannah R.

Big Taco Bell fan but this is the most incredible drive thru experience of my life. Got the veggie crunch wrap supreme and Doritos locos and have never tasted flavor like this before. Truly amazing. Will drive out of my way to hit up this TB again.