Tea Cup Boba House

1725 E Riverside Dr Unit B, Austin
(512) 565-8456

Recent Reviews

Harmony L

Perfect boba every time! The brown sugar milk tea and oolong milk tea creama are my favourites so far! Want to try everything on the menu!

Erica Hernandez

This is the place to come get Boba- I loved it. The ladies were nice and helped with the perfect choice. They have popping Boba, Crystal Boba- and smoothies ?

Joshua Ernst

First time here while visiting Austin. A definite must! I’m not a tea drinker but I got the recommended watermelon fruit slush with lychee boba and strawberry jelly. It was beyond delicious! If you’re in Austin, come!

A. Allison

Really yummy drinks with a calm and cozy atmosphere. There are various games and is a fun place to bring the kids or chill enough to work on an

fatima del toro

First time trying it, had an avocado smoothie w boba and it is absolutely delicious. Their boba is the best I’ve had and I’ve tried multiple places omg


This place is the best after a long day, the place is cute and is a nice place to study. The drinks are so good and they have board games for you to play, great priceing and is just a nice place to hang out.Kid-friendliness: I see lots of kids here having a drink with family and it just super cute

Jace G

Was very excited to find out I could get vegan boba near me. The boba balls were very good. Price was quite high. The chocolate milk option was much better than the matcha, couldn't tell a difference between the vegan milk options. The matcha was very bitter and had a brownish color. Left me feeling kind of sick.

Mary Behringer

A very chill place to hangout and get boba! There’s a smooth jazz and plenty of seating with outlets. The boba is good but nothing special, they have lots of different options. The recommended sugar is 75%, so keep that in mind if you really like or really hate sweet drinks. The bathrooms were a little sketchy, but nothing crazy. Overall an okay spot to hangout or study while getting your boba fix.Vegetarian options: All of the drinks are vegetarian

Michelle Mai

I love this boba place, one of the few boba places in riverside. They have a really big menu & have different level of sweetness. They have a few seats & wifi here to study if you want. I honestly think it’s a cute study spot. The boba was also perfectly priced.

Sara N

I ordered matcha latte with crema and regular boba. It was okay. The matcha was a little lumpy and the drink had too much of a powdery feel for my liking. The boba texture was good. I would go here again if I passed it or was in the area and wanted boba, but I wouldn’t seek it out or go out of my way.

Geovanny Ventura

Great little hole in the wall! We take our 5 yr old there she loves the Boba and the little board games they have!

Melissa M

Great place, friendly environment! Great Boba!

Via C

Very nice spot for boba. I got the taro milk tea with 50% sugar with tapioca. I think the boba had the perfect texture with a nice brown sugar taste. You can change the amount of sugar in the drink which I always find nice. I thought that the 50% sugar was still pretty sweet so I would probably get 25% sugar next time. They have a variety of options and the staff was friendly. Would definitely come again.

Amy N

Honestly best boba in the Austin area! The milk tea is nice and potent. You can really taste the quality of the tea. They use REAL fruit and milk in their smoothies which is awesome compared to other shops that use artificial flavoring. The shop is a nice environment and the staff are friendly.

Lexi Marie

Needed a new boba place and found this cute one. little heads up, its a small place by a gas station so you might miss the turn like i did. however its a really cute, simple place, music is a bit loud considering im a quiet person so they had trouble hearing me. i think its a nice place to sit and have your boba, they have games scattered around different tables while you wait or dine in. i got the brown sugar milk tea and it was really good, definitely better than the last place I've had. I'd get the sweetness level lower if you're not huge on sweet drinks though.

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