Thai Thani

2101 Manor Rd, Austin
(512) 423-6530

Recent Reviews

Raihan Kamal

Very kind and sweet owner. The elderly lady, I belive the cook and the mom was really kind and we hope the best for their business.

Jerry Klaristenfeld

I went through a lot today. I came to Thai Thani hungry, emotionally exhausted, and in search of spiritual nourishment. When I walked up to the counter, I was greeted by a lady who was nothing if not welcoming. This being so despite my indecisiveness in ordering.In all fairness, it's no easy task ordering from a Thai restaurant/food truck. There are infinite combinations of good orders. My initial hunch was some form of curry. Red, Yellow, Green, I didn't know. So, I asked: which is your favorite? She responded: it depends on what you're in the mood for. Something more sweet, go yellow. More spicy, green. I backed up and took a deep breath. Was I sure I wanted a curry?It's a difficult choice when you're first trying out a new Thai place. Some places excel in cooking Pad Thai, some in Tom Yim, and, yes, some in curry. So, I asked: if you were eating here for the very first time, what would you order? She asks me if this was my first time. "Yes," I said. A second later, an older Thai lady, the chef, turned from her work station. "Your first time?" she reiterates. "Yep!" "OK, go with the pad thai."I pay and I wait. 7:58 minutes later, my order is ready. The lady hands it to me, smiling. The chef peeks from behind, "I hope you like it," she says. "I gave you enough for two meals."I am writing this halfway through the 3 lb. package of Pad Thai I took home. It is amazing. It is fantastic. It is everything Pad Thai should be. But more than that, it made me feel at home. Mind you, I am a Jew from New York. I've never had home-cooked Thai food. I have experienced family, though. And the joy that comes with a connection not just with the food you eat, but with the people that cook it. I felt that tonight, with complete strangers. This is a special place. I hope you have the opportunity to try it.

Doug D.

Best Thai in Austin. The yellow curry is my favorite. The lady is super friendly, everything on the menu is amazing.

fatema ebrahim

First time trying this spot and let me tell you, it was amazing! We got chicken pad Thai which was some of the best pad Thai I’ve ever had, green curry (chicken) which was also soo good, it definitely has a really strong coconut flavor which I love, and the drunken noodles (chicken) which was also really really good. Only thing I’d change is the spice levels, my husband and I can handle really spicy food but even the 3 and 4 was way too spicy. I’d do a 2 next time on everything. The service was great, they were super friendly and portion sizes are huge. Cherry on top is that they’re halal! Highly recommend this place and can’t wait to go back :)

Sai Sindhur Malleni

Unassuming food truck behind a gas station. I asked for a drunken noodles without fish sauce and the owner was able to accommodate my request. The noodle were terrific, not too oily and had the right flavors. The fried tofu that went along with the noodles exceeded expectations.I accidentally ended up ordering food here and guess what, I will be a regular now!

Meg Taylor

Authentic Thai food! Drunken noodles (Level 2 Spice) and egg rolls were delicious. The 1-5 spice level is no joke so go easy if you aren't sure. Staff was helpful and portions were large enough for leftovers.

Josh Curtis

Some of the cleanest, freshest, tastiest Thai food I’ve had. You taste more of the authentic flavors, and less of the heavy creaminess. The owner is very friendly, with many interesting personal life stories, and she talks about how she tried to make the food taste like it would outside of Thailand. Highly recommended

Josh C.

Some of the cleanest, freshest, tastiest Thai food I've had. You taste more of the authentic flavors, and less of the heavy creaminess. The owner is very friendly, with many interesting personal life stories, and she talks about how she tried to make the food taste like it would in Thailand. Highly recommended

Trevor King

Amazing Thai food truck tucked behind a gas station. The wings are really good, but the best things on the menu in my opinion are the curries. If you like coconut milk based curries, the green and yellow curries are amazing. The drunken noodles are also really good. They’re not super greasy like other places noodles.

Sean Fisher

Thai Thani is simply the best. The only bad thing I can say about this place is that after eating their Thai food, every other place I order from tastes bland in comparison!The food is full of flavor with great portions and always very fresh. The customer service is always amazing and they remember/take care of their customers very well.My personal favorite dish would have to be the chicken pad see eaw, but there is no way anything on this menu made by these amazing chefs could be anything less than mouth watering.This is the hidden gem you’ve been looking for I guarantee it!

Liora K.

Pros: huge amount of food, spring rolls Cons: Pad Thai is sugary and I love Pad Thai in general. Feel a sugar rush

Mickey Schwab

Every dish I've had here is nothing short of delicious and is enough food for at least two meals. Curries, noodles, and most of all the basil beef it's easily the best Thai on the east side and the owners couldn't be nicer.

Robin Medina

I love this place. The food is consistently delicious. The people who run it are very nice.

Baneen N.

SO excited to have a halal Thai place in Austin! Verbally confirmed by the person working, both beef and chicken are halal. Went to school here and had no idea this place existed. We tried the drunken noodles and yellow curry, both with chicken. Both were supposed to be spice level 3, but the noodles were much spicier than the curry. The curry was much more sweet than spicy. I'd say it's about the same quality as Madam Mam's or Tuk Tuk. Excited to try more things off this menu, and hopefully we'll figure out the spice levels as we go along.

Omar Ghani

While it took a good amount of time for the food to be ready, Thai thani is the best Thai food I’ve had in the United States. I’ve visited 3 cities in Thailand and this place has certain dishes that are as good if not better. The green curry is loaded with flavor. A little watery but works well with the rice. The quality of the their shrimp in the drunken noodles is spectacular. Thick, and the spices with the big noodles is all too good. This place is also halal. I highly recommend ordering 45 mins in advance and enjoying the meal at home.

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