McCarthyâ??s Irish Pub

1425 Ruben M Torres Blvd, Brownsville
(956) 801-2066

Recent Reviews

Jose juan Lozano sandoval

Very nice place! They have really good food and also Many specials like tuesday Burger 2 for 1! I really enjoy my visit! They have live rock music

Melanie Little

I really enjoyed the taste of the mushroom burger and the beer was very cold, good job! The service started out good but didn't last for long. I felt like our waitress forgot we even had a tab to pay, it was a ridiculous wait time to cash out.


Great service, the wings are amazing and the service was excellent, good rock music and many sports on tvs.

Gerry Rodriguez

My brother and I eat lunch here at times and service has been either good or not. Last week we both ordered Cesar salad with grilled chicken. It took about 35 minutes for it to be brought to us. I had to inhale mine in order to make it back to work on time. We were told the burgers were always cooked "well done," but ours came back medium well when we went back a different day. The food is good, but the wait time has been sketchy; maybe it has to do with who is on.

Ashley Ritchie

great music and staff food is awesome

RIcardo Losoya

I just had their Tuesday buy one get one free burger special and man was it delicious! I would go with the classic or cheeseburger. Their meat is really delicious so the simpler the burger the more you can appreciate the meat and bun of the burger. Also their fries or super tasty with a nice crunch!

Sam Martinez

I went for lunch and grabbed a burger with their Michelada. The burger was sub par, their fries had no flavor and the Michelada didn't have any kick in it. It was literally just clamato juice without any seasonings. The server was quick and had great customer service. I'm sure at night it's different but I haven't checked it out during the night.

Rod A.

We've been here before and was good. Went to watch the 1st preseason cowboys game and sat at the bar, WHAT A MISTAKE... The bartender handed us menus and one smelled like it was puked in and looked like it was run over by a tank... We ordered drinks and decided to share a sampler plate.. While sitting there, we kept getting whifs of puke. We sat at the end of the bar by the outside door. It seemed when the door was opened, the horrible smell got worse.. We couldn't even eat.... We paid, left and will not be back.... The food was overfried. The service was HORRIBLE. How can a bartender fill up a glass of soda, and then walk away without giving us the glass... If I hadn't have asked, it still may be sitting there....

Choche Bautista

Great place good specials and good service

Tony T.

Good burgers and wings are good. live music on the weekends and they serve up some large drafts.


Burgers and wings are good, live music during the weekends, and they serve up some oversized drafts.

Alfonso Castillo

Killer nachos great service and excellent drink specials!

Elias Hinojosa

Our band Orphanage Road had the pleasure and honor of playing a Nirvana Tribute show at McCarthy's, and we want to thank you all for a great night!!!


One of the best hangout places in Brownsville. Definitely worth the visit. Rockfest last night was killer

Thais D

Best place to listen to some great music and have a awesome burger! Great service definitely coming back!

Federico Quesada

Super slow service, no acknowledgement. Had to stop a server to tell them I need to order after 10 minutes sitting at the bar. Bartender no smile at the whole 28 minutes I was there. Very disappointed, then I get home and my burger was not as I had previously received that type of burger. For that I could had gone to Wendy's. The beer was cold, for the Tuesday special price was good. I guess that was the good thing about it, oh that it is around the corner from my house.

MR421NOW .

This place sucks! Bartenders ignore you, beer taste bitter, food takes forever.. Its defenately bound to fail. Their happy hour wont go far with this bad business ethics.

Vickie Atkison-Clark

Food was tasty. The Steak Nachos is large enough for several people. The french fries were delicious. Hamburger was thick and juicy. Since this is an Irish Pub, would have liked some Irish dishes on the menu.

Anthony Vega

Food took over 30 minutes to arrive. Wings tasked too much like oil and there was no seasoning on them besides the sauce.

Sonny Silva

Don't know if the young lady was avoiding work or trying to get to another chore but I've never walked up to a bar to ask for a beer and gotten twenty questions. "Are you sitting here? Are you sitting outside"?

Paul Juarez

ALLIED FORCES is an awesome band they rock I will be there again was my 2nd visit and was great bartender was nice and promt (she's the one with the tattoos) nice play to eat and hang out...positive vibes.


atmosphere was good.waited very long time for service. food was bland, burnt and plain just sucked. there are far better places in brownsville to eat whether you are looking for dine in or bar food. skip this place

Timothy Nash

Because a person in my party was kicked out of Shenanigans because the owner was being a bit out of sorts (probably under the influence) towards that person. He even recommended we come here if we didnâ??t like it there, that was before he kicked him out.

Letiscia Kawalski

I am a fan of McCarthys. They had Allied Forces last night they were awesome! My server Nallely was amazing and always asking if I needed anything. I was threw off by the menu at first since it was my first time there, that they do not really have Irish food even though the burger we ordered (Mexican Burger) was the best, but when I asked to speak to a Manager a really young lady came up to me and as I asked why an Irish pub was brought here she gave me an AMAZING story about Grandpa McCarthys. I was so into her story that I stopped listening to the band. I will be back very soon!! I loved it. Keep up the good work!

Elena Garza

Spoke with their current dj Raul and he has such good manners. Heâ??s very kind and was very good at making the band sound good. I definitely suggest coming here for the weekend for their bigger bands. My bartender Jackie was really good at making my cocktail, havenâ??t had a good pina colada in a good while.


We had a great lunch at a great price plus delicious mudslides! Server was very helpful and funny! No complaints!

Tim N.

Because a person in my party was kicked out of Shenanigans because the owner was being a bit out of sorts (probably under the influence) towards that person. He even recommended we come here if we didn't like it there, that was before he kicked him out. Anyway that's besides the point, we came here. Service was good, food wasn't bad. Can't really complain much honestly. Just thank your rival Irish bar for drumming up business for you!

Vincent Anzelone

Great drinks, really cool music and decorations, etc. However this is NOT... repeat NOT an "Irish Pub" as there is only one actual menu item that's Irish and that's the Fish and Chips. However, they don't have lemon. They don't have tartar sauce. They don't have malt vinegar. Read that back. An "Irish Pub" with only one "Irish" menu item and they don't have lemon, malt vinegar or tartar sauce.

andrea pina

Needs a lot of work on the service they provide. Took a while for someone to actually come to my table which was annoying to see that the larger tables around me would get faster service. After they finally took my drink order, the waiter kept taking multiple trips to the large tables while I waited for 15-20min for a drink I never received. I walked out disappointed since I had taken a chance on trying this place out. Seem rude of the waiters to only give quick service to larger tables who will â??leave a larger tipâ?. Not sure if the good reviews are friends and family since I canâ??t agree.

Jose Antonio Vasquez

The food was delicious and the customer service was extraordinary! The ambiance was fun and lively

Cyndi Cuellar

awesome food and drink specials. happy hour every day 12-9

James Lopez

Very awesome place good prices on beer awesome food! The staff is great! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!

Lizzie Astorga

Iâ??ve come here twice and theyâ??re always out of ingredients. No mushrooms, nacho cheese for my friends, batter for my chicken tenders.

Bob Banbury

Great place to have a beer an the food that we have had is really good n not expensive at all. Service was great n you could actually visit as noise level was good. Will be back for sure.

hoe bag

My server was very nice and cool. Party atmosphere after 10 pm but also a good restaurant during the day. Great specials.

Alejandra Villanueva

I was there last night having a good time until I had some issues with the customers sitting next to me The bartender brought me my tab without giving me any type of notice that they weren't gonna serve us anymore I was then approached by a rude gentleman saying he was bar manager He does not know how to properly approach customers and he is unprofessional The only reason why Im giving 3stars is because I was having a good time before the incident and because after that I was approached by a manager which she was so understanding and was apologizing for the attitude we were treated in but if this is the way you treat customers we will not be coming back

Gina Howalski

First time coming here and I do not regret waiting 20 minutes outside before they opened. We were greeted by a manager when she opened the door. She received us with a big smile and even joked with us before asking us where we wanted to sit. Our server was very nice too and very attentive. The burgers were delicious and the music was awesome. We couldn't have start our day in a better place. Keep up the good work.

Belinda Cortinas

Great atmosphere. Good food. Love the waiter by the name Manuel! He's great! Very attentive pays attention to details. Good place to wind down.

Wittle Lulu

Great service during happy hour. Food and drinks right on spot!

Yolanda Speece

I do not know what has happened with this place but their waitstaff is incompetent. Get a pad and write down the order. Your memory isn't that good. And making a mushroom Swiss burger with breaded mushrooms is NOT a thing. It is just gross. It is sloppy and lazy and cheap. It was BAD. Don't go unless you want to be grossed out and sick. I would avoid the stars if it were an option.