117 America Drive, Brownsville
(956) 982-7999

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Jorge Becerra

Okay One Time I Went To This McDonald's And Felt That They Were Judging Me . One Time In The Front Cashier And Asked Them If I Could Have A Cup Of Water And The Lady Was Right From Her Face Expression She Wanted To Say No.

Luis S

You ask for napkins and they still forget to give you some

Will Guillen

My wife and I love the coffee! The iced caramel macchiato is the best. As for the food that's why a star is missing. ??

chritsine puente

15 min waiting for my order to be taken through drive thru and another 35 min waiting for my food to be given to me.i gave them a chance being there was alot of people in line. but after i saw that everyone else getting there food before me was upsetting. I wasted my lunch hour!!! Besides my self there were 3 other angry customers that had been waiting for more than 20 mins. never ever again to this McDonald's. you all should not even get one star at all!!!

Mrs. Perales

Be aware. They're free meal for healthcare professionals and first responser is only md and register nurse not for anybody else working as healthcare they should correct the wording free meals for first responser and healthcare professionals because it not.

Nancy Garcia

I was disappointed at this location today... I went to redeem my free meal for healthcare workers.... and I was told that Radiology Staff does not qualify for the free meal.. let me state that yes I can in fact buy myself a meal but if the company is promoting a free meal for healthcare workers as long as you show proof of working at a hospital I believe it should be honored.. there is no stipulation anywhere on the email sent that it is specifically for nurses or doctors do ifbit is which is fine they should clarify that on the email sent.

Miguel Jaramillo

Never go there. Food always cold. They don't listen to the customer on recomendations

Francine Adams

Fish sandwich was fresh. Buns are light and soft

Dany Rivera

Great place to get sick or food poisoning

Belinda Valero

Good Place To Get A Quick Bite

Elizabeth Schreier

Really clean. Good prices. Fast service.

Raquel Bautista

Who dosen't like macdonald's. Love the coffee

Nick Caldwell

Cant complain. It is McDonalds after all.

Joel Miranda

Thank you all for working during Christmas day. Good my order fast aswell. service was great today!

Jesse Ruiz

Good burger, but the fries were cold and hard.

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