Tacos El Vaquero

1425 Ruben M Torres Blvd Ste E, Brownsville
(956) 561-4272

Recent Reviews

Erika Rangel

Los mejores que he probado en Brownsville,me los recomendaron y desde que los probé he vuelto por mas

Elder HunTTer

Defiantly loaded Taco... My friend said he van do 3 but no way do I believe he can scarf dowm more than 1 . All in all dam filling ans delcious recommend the bandido mix!

Jr Barrientes

Great Atmosphere & Food

Boots Koozi

best tacos in brownsville!

Smiiley Mktg

excellent food awesome service will be back for sure !!!! Taco pirata is amazing

Bettina Gomez

Staff is rude and the food was covered in mounds of onion. My tacos were 1 part meat and 3 parts onion.


Great service & awesome food

Ricardo Vega

Real good tacos and great location!!


Ok if you eat red meat. I only eat chicken, so not too many options for me too choose from. Beverages are served in their own containers , no glasses or cups. I will go again if its the only restaurant available for the city of B'ville. Gave 2 stars cause the service was very good indeed.

Robert Pecina

Great food just not enough meat in the taco. But really good

Ricardo Ramirez

Great food. Tripas are awesome. Bisteak tacos are legit. Frijoles especiales are a must.

Erika Ruiz

Great food and great service!! Totally recommended!!

Sawgunner ZeroSix Productions 5.56 Video

Great enviroment and place to grab a bite

Michael Beltran

Food was super good. Prices are fair for the amount of beef in the tacos.

Farid Khouane

Best service best tacos from the meat to the ingredients just awesome variety and fresh everything!

Uriel Castro

Great service and food is delicious

Me M.

Went here with family to try a new taco place. Several family members were telling me the bistek in the tacos were super salty. I agree, they were sooo salty..so if you don't mind your meat being overloaded with salt, then try them.. everything else tasted pretty good except the bistek.

Some Guy Named Steve

Great food, prices, and very friendly staff.

everett patterson

Good food and tasty.. nice employees warm welcome

Mike Cordova

Great food! Excellent service!

Alejandro Rojas

Tacos here have been great and the service is wonderful. I highly recommend visiting if you have a chance.

Monique Latigo

Great service!!!! Amazingly tasty and sooo good food!!!! Guarantee beats tacos de marcelo!!! Their taco piratas are waaay better than marcelos forsure! They dont give you 12oz. Coke they give you 20oz.!! I willbe coming again!!

Tonatiuh Gonzalez

Big portions for a good price.

Zoraida Aldaz

Deliciosos taquitos ! excelente atencií³n al cliente, limpieza y ambiente muy agradable. muchí­simas Gracias.

Catherine Donnelly

Very tasty and hand made. Authentic. Restaurant is clean. We'll be back. Prices reasonable, too!

Dora Lee

Great food ! Loved the tacos

Ricardo Salinas Jr

Excellent service real delicious Mexican Tacos. Excellent location and real Clean area.

Alejandro garcia

This is a nice restaurant with plenty of parking, nice staff, and a good amount of tables. The tacos themselves are very good. The tortillas are great and the barbacoa tacos are very lean and don't have much if any of the gelatinous fat nobody likes. The pastor are my favorite they have a lot of burnt crispy bits, which I love. My only real critique of this place is they tend to bring out the tacos one order at a time; so if you're in a large party, you might finish your tacos before someone else in your party gets there's. Also, the bistek are sometimes inconsistent, sometimes delicious melt in your mouth and other times the meat is cut a little thicker. Overall, I highly recommend

Silguero Family

Awesome taste, traditional taco taste with a small hint of Texas flavor. Great customer service , clean and simple locale. Just a good place for some great food.

Veronica Ramirez

Best tacos in Brownsville, my favorite tacos that I have had are the tacos de discada, tripa, chile rellení³, and tripa. Oh and the amazing baked potato stuffed with whatever meat you wish. Hands down this place is the best taco place I have ever been to here in Brownsville and the service is amazing. Very friendly.

no angery

Kind of expensive

Richard Alain Butler

Hands down the best taqueria in town. The variety is awesome. Most places stick to the fan favorites, but here they have discada and brisket flavored with Veracruz spices. Try it. You won’t regret it, and most importantly we can end this routine of complaining that we don’t have good places here. If this closes there goes another awesome place we let slip away.

julissa garza

Loved the food and customer service is awesome!

Alan Plays

Good food loved the tacos

Gerry Okimi

We were just passing by while here in Brownsville visiting from Canada. We were welcomed with friendly smiles and greetings. The server suggested Papa Big Mama Fajita as a meal for the two of us. This is a baked potato scooped into a dish mixed with cheeses beef and more. Filling and delicious. Quick and efficient service. Recommend this place heartily.

Gabe R

Nice, friendly and good location. Ordered the tacos de bistek. Comes with cilantro, grilled onions, avacado and queso. Asked for onion on the side and came out just like that.

JuanCarlos Oviedo

Muy buen servicio y muy atentos! Riquí­simos los tacos. Probé los recomendados de discada y están deliciosos! La salsa muy sabrosa también.