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Marsha Corbitt

My hubby was wild about the fish dinner with no bread! My chicken wrap was filling with just enough seasoning! Our daughter's burger was loaded with mushrooms and she was pleased. Our son is very particular about what's on his burgers. Whataburger employees nailed it! We were all happy campers.

Flor Zermeno

Literally Ordered our food through the app and then they couldn’t bring us our food made us go through drive thru and people who ordered way after us got there food. By the time they brought our food to us it was cold

SomeSaxdude FromSouthTexas

Cross conatamination of covid19. They should have someone handle your food and another person handle the money.

Santos Reyna

was about time I wanted to sit and have a burger inside

Jorge De La Cruz

It was a great evening and great service & atmosphere

Patti Eldred

Great curbside experience today. Shift manager and all employees were so kind and helpful. Kudos!!


Surprisingly fast right now while this pandemic is going on. There was at least 5-6 cars when I got there and surprisingly it was so quick that when I got to the front it I didn't even notice

E. Reys

This was a to.go order..I just hate when ordering the "whatasize" that they fill fries container only to the middle..really so what's the difference of keeping it medium and going whatasize? ... not happy bad experience

Nidia Najera

Twice in a week: my double meat WB Jr. Was super salty I thought that maybe it was only one meat but tried to take one off and the second was the same. I was so hungry that I had to take half of my son's sandwich. Today I went to order 3 bacon, egg and cheese biscuits and when I got home oh surprise they didn't have bacon instead sausage went to check back the order on the bag and it said bacon and cheese. They got it wrong! Again I had to eat it like that. So disappointed. Next time that I order something from here I will have to check the order before I take off.


Great food and clean place all the time I've been there

Daisy Z. Valdez

No matter what you order or how busy it is Whataburgers in general take a long time. Quality has also diminished; its fast food what can we expect.

Jorge Magallanes

1. Burgers are delicious2. Prices are good3. Staff usually gets the order wrong ??‍♂️

Janie C

Love the burgers nice people.❤️

Francisco Guerrero Jr

Great place to dine and relax. Also listen to great 80s music. My favorites being played. Can't beat that after a long day. Thanks for a fine dinner that hit the spot.

Francine Adams

Good...ordered chicken strips. More gravy would have been good

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