Salsa at the Village

210 W 26th St, Bryan
(787) 519-5063

Recent Reviews

Lesha R

Love this Cafe! Worth the 45 mile trip. Second time here is as good as the first. Fun atmosphere, friendly staff, unique menu and awesome food and coffee


On a stay in downtown Bryan had the chance to have both breakfast and lunch at the Village. Excellent food in a relaxed atmosphere. Great place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.


Really enjoyed my late (3:30) lunch here. Atmosphere felt like a coffee bar vibe. Place was packed but lots of seating, plus outdoor seating for nice, warm weather days.Sandwiches were delicious and fresh. Fruit was arranged beautifully in a cup--nice, classy touch. Highly recommend the strawberry cupcakes. I'm really not a big fan of icing, but their strawberry icing was delicious. Pricing seemed reasonable: freshly made, healthier dining options. Did think the noise level was high with everyone talking, which did make it difficult to have a conversation. Nevertheless, I will return and just hope for a quieter crowd next time. Check the hours before you try to eat here. Thought I saw a sign stating dinner hours vary.

Jerry F

Walking distance from our hotel, this was a good place to get a quick bite and some coffee before heading out for the day. It really had that Austin, artsy feel. I guess that is what they are going for. Nice folks and good food.


We liked this place. Cooked and baked from scratch fare. Lots of healthy options, and many gluten ree offerings. Service was friendly, and the food was delicious. All in a comfy seting. Prices are fair. Recommended.

Rosane G

Nice and inspired place to have a wonderful breakfast, with friends! I strongly recommend The Mr Rex! It is perfect!! There is always something creative and interesting at the walls like the nice pictures during the monsters challenge!


I don’t think this place is over priced at all! We eat here once a week, and it’s ALWAYS delicious and affordable., we wouldn’t eat here otherwise.


Overpriced, but atmosphere is great, good place for meeting people, acoustics are good for talking and visiting.

Becky C.

Food is amazing! The portions are very good sized. The chips and queso is a must! Their hours are great, especially if you want late night tacos.


Surprisingly, downtown Bryan doesn't offer many options for a full breakfast and The Village is likely your best bet. You order at the counter and your food is delivered to your table (there's plenty of space in the dining room). The menu has a decent selection of got items with the Dr. Rex (two eggs, toast, bacon and fruit) and the Scramble being great options. Prices are very reasonable ($8.95 for most dishes) and the room has a funky feel/look with rotating art pieces being displayed. Plenty of parking is available.

Maria Jose C.

Don't let the long line fool you, it usually goes by pretty quickly. This place is almost always packed but you can always find a place to sit. I love their queso and El Presidente taco. Their tacos are big, I usually get full with one. Their horchata is also really good. This place is great for breakfast tacos or for lunch/dinner. I usually bring guests from out of town here and they always love it.

Jadonne G.

Good fresh Texmex. Some unusual combination are possible such as adding Mac n cheese to your burrito. Also they fry avocados used in burritos. It's a good place for a quick bite.

Brianna A.

I come here all the time - not only is their food and service so good but they truly care about their Aggies! Highly recommend this place is AMAZING! Especially their manager! I come here all the time and the one time my card didn't work I felt so ashamed but their manager eased everything over for me. I come here all the time and not only are their tacos amazing but customer service! Highly recommend

Haley L.

I haven't been here since I have graduated in 2012 and finally, I was back here again. Loved the tacos and great portion. The food is freshly made upon orders and everything was so good and quick. The side bar has a variety of salsa/pico de gallo choices to taste. It was hard to find a seat b/c the place was super packed, but it's worth eating here!

Fox E.

Whether you like Lego or Playdough Whether you wear Tie Dye or Dayglo For the best college food Although it sounds rude Get your fat f***ing a** into Fuego! Everywhere Fuego, Barbie seems to be dressed scandalously. It's quite thrilling honestly. I was actually very pleasantly surprised by this place because even though it is extremely American and extremely college and extremely packed full of energetic young people pushing in front of each other and leaving a horrible mess and being loud and being drunk... Having said that there were also some spectacularly beautiful girls in here which I liked, and the service was really nice. And perhaps best of all - the food was surprisingly good. Now it wasn't great and I mean how could it be when it's not really authentic anything - but it was definitely good. I was expecting it to be horrible or average-at-best so the fact that I actually enjoyed it means that I will definitely come back here in future and try some of the rest of their ridiculously elaborate somewhat hipster very teenage menu that has a few gems hidden here and there among the items. And while I'd give it a high 4 for the food, I think the massive number of hot people and the fact that being in here at night makes us feel alive, bumps it up to a 5.

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