Taco Bell

580 Old San Antonio Rd, Buda
(512) 295-8362

Recent Reviews

Rachel Cantu

Great service friendly employee, quick sevice food was hot . Clean restaurant . VERY satisfied

Abe L.

No Taco Bueno! Tuesday, 5:30 picked up their pack of tacos. (Regular) They pack them in a heavy cardboard box, right? Got them home and half were broken, like someone had intentionally crushed them as they put them in the box. Also, the extra thin shells are not what they used to be, so this contributed. What a mess! Not going back here! No Buenco!

Brian Joscak

Great location never super busy and amazing service!

Bryan Mtz

Slow rude customer service she forgot to give me a 5 as i payed with a 10 and changed argued about the incorrect amount got down back had to do a counter draw check if they were over and they were.. Had wait had my food cold and didn't receive anything no sorry or apology.. At least other places will offer to give fresh food.. I don't care 5$ is 5$

Nicole S.

So I grew up in the taco era. Amongst allergies, there's crap that is just adding an extra ingredient to start the next new line up. Im very sick, very broke, had just left enough energy to mining my very own coins of the the back seat to afford these delicious tacos from the chalupa box. 1. No substitution for better meat, and definitely you used old burrito tortillas to be my "double decker", and I didn't even get to eat it. Being malnourishred from not being able to, and to finally get home and eat a decent meal. How come you always get the order wrong? How in the earth can you run an establishment that doesn't fluently know food phrases? So thanks Taco Bell, It was my attempt to feed a family of four for not much money, No amount of fixing will give me the energy to catch up, or retrieve the correct order today. They were s**t taco bell. I wouldn't even feed my dog with it. Is there a way to fix this?

Tyler Summers

Did a quick meal here after trekking Cabela's. Service was quick and staff was friendly. Fountain drink area reeked like the drink overflow had been sitting for weeks. Parking lot area is of slight concern. I literally watched a narcotic transaction take place. After the deal was done a couple of them hung out in the parking lot until another vehicle pulled up and another suspected deal was done.


Very rude service. The cashier saw us but would not come over to take our order. The manager had to come out of his office to tell her to take our order. She rudely laughed and as I tried to start our order she started mumbling to herself. I was half way through telling her what I wanted and she asked if I was done! There were 4 people in my family and I had only told her half of what I wanted! She wasn't paying attention to our order and she was also digging gunk out of her eye the whole time, so my appetite was gone.

John R

Dirty outside dirty inside no towels in the bathroom bad service and all the stuff on the menu

Shane C.

First off I love Taco Bell. It has been my go to fast food for many many years. You can also see that I never leave reviews but this place has forced me to. I just recently moved to Buda and I have been to this Taco Bell probably 5 times. This last order was the last straw. EVERY single order has been screwed up in some way. And the food has just been horrible. Taco supremes minus the supreme, stale nachos, fiesta potatoes with maybe 5 potatoes in a cup, chalupas rock hard and stale etc. I could understand an off night but this is just ridiculous. I will be joining the rest of the reviewers on here and going to Kyle from now on.

Natalie W.

Amazing customer service. 10/10 i know this is only out of 5 stars but i'd give them 10 it was my birthday about a year ago and i was having a horrible day and didn't want to talk about it and i started crying in the drive though, the manager opened the window to tell me it was gonna be a while to make the potatoes i order in my burrito bc he didn't want to give me cold potatoes. that man didn't once ask me why i was crying and that is the best customer service i've ever received. that is exactly what i look for, he minded his own business and didn't mention the tears running down my face. thank you sir you are an amazing leader.

Curtis Clem

The food is good as it always is. However, the wait while dining in at the Buda location is horrible. The time on receipt said 7:40 pm, we got or food 15 minutes later. There were only three orders ahead of ours but car after car flowed from the drive-thru. It would be nice if Taco Bell focused as much on the dine-in customers as they do on the drive-thru customers.

Oops and Ah haha

Bad service from two hoodrats working there. "Cici" and "Lisbet" quesadilla wasn't even cut. Both of those two need some training or different jobs.

Mitch Harrison

Actually a really good taco Bell. Fast, polite and the food was spot on.

S Sands

$ Fast drive through... Friendly service...& So far they haven't messed up on a order... Aren't shy with the sauce packets either... Thank you!! ❤?

Brandon S

Nothing against any of the employees of this Taco Bell, but I found out after waiting eight minutes in the front of the line for someone to take my order that the double-decker taco is no longer available. It's just my opinion, but I will not go back to a Taco Bell if that is not on the menu. I can't provide any feedback on any food items, because I did not order anything upon hearing this sad news.

s sand

$ Fast drive through... Friendly service...& So far they haven't messed up on a order... Aren't shy with the sauce packets either... Thank you!! ❤🔥

Crystal Z

This place is amazing. Each and every person working is so nice and helpful. The main manager or GM is the brst, he is so friendly with everyone, nice, helpful with any problems or just questions. This location is by far the absolute best and I will make sure to avoid other places to come here.

Jerry Shockey

Good food but very slow drive thru. 15 + minutes is too long!

Amber Lynn

I've come here all my life. But today I walk in and the lobby is a mes . They ain't even busy so I dont understand why the tables were so messy and napkins on the ground. The cashier was texting while we were ordering our food. The employees in the back were arguing. The cashier didnt bother to tell us they were out of ice in the ice machine. Just really bad customer service and the place has definitely gone down hill since I last came here a couple years ago. I'm just amazed.

Steven M.

I have to say I don't go out often but when I do it's late because I work 12 hour shifts. They were backed up and the manager bigger guy with a beard a cool guy hooked me up. He apologized many times and as I am not in a hurry he explained some things. If I do go to Bell it will be this one.

Benny Castro

How you gonna run out of tortillas? You're taco bell. I mean, its literally your name. Really reflects poor management. I feel sorry for the people who have to work for the guy who runs this one.

Amanda Teague

Busy location but today is the second time that I have pulled in at 7:30am and been told breakfast is not ready to be served. Evening service is also consistently slow.

Joe Gonzalez

Agree with recent posts. Spent 25 minutes in drive-thru. No one in dining room and three cars in line. So much for fast food. Very sad. Save yourself the aggravation and go somewhere else.

Joshua Garza

Slow service and not trained well enough to offer courteous apology. This place needs new management and better trained employees. I did a better job in high school working fast food.

Ty Marion

Avoid this place at all costs. I went in and waited for over 5 minutes and no one waited on me. The woman in front of me said she had been there for 20 minutes waiting for 3 soft tacos. The person whom I'm assuming is the manager seemed clueless and started offer people things they didn't order. This is the second time I've been here and it's been the same way both times. Horrible overall expierence.

Justin Scroggins

They finally picked their game up and when I went for lunch the food was fresh and delicious for what to expect at a fastfood restaurant.

Daniel Lyons

The food is usually very good but sometimes made incorrectly as in not how I ordered it.

BigNasty Jay

If you go in understanding that Taco Bell is a value Mexican Food place and not a high end eatery then it should be enough to satisfy your basic needs for nourishment with some interesting options. Need a taco made out of Doritos? Taco Bell got you, fam! Maybe you are a bit faded and craving about a dozen tacos. Yep, they are already boxed up for you! Taco Bell clearly understand their demographic and they knock it out of the park for your 4th meal cravings and more.

The New News For Who?

Got my food, in a good mood. Loved being able to walk up to the self order kiosk with my bleary eyes. Didnt have to talk to anyone.

Elena A.

If I could give it a zero stars I would. Understaffed, the staff don't seem to know what they're doing and take 30 minutes to fill the most basic of orders (a cheese quesadilla). There doesn't seem to be any management around either.

Keyana S.

It's very rare that I visit this Taco Bell. I live in Buda, but will happily drive to the next location in Kyle just to get a decent order! This is NOT what comes on the spicy LOADED taco. The fact that I sat there to watch it get made and to receive such a mess like this with missing ingredients. OH and the prep in the kitchen was in such a rush, I ALMOST ate the end of a freaking jalepeno that was found in the damn taco. I'll think more than twice before visiting here again. Especially after 8pm when it's a complete mess. Don't even get me started on how the dining area looked.

Gary O.

This Taco Bell runs out of hot sauce every time I go there! I will be driving to Kyle from now on! When I asked the drive through attendant why they never have hot sauce she just smiled! How does a Mexican quick service place run out of HOT SAUCE! The general manager should be relocated to a McDonalds!

Arthur Way

I mean it was alright. Its taco bell. They keep chamging their vendor and lowering the quality of the foods they use. And there was an avocado stem in my 7 layer burrito. That was weird. Glad it wasn't something else. But the service was good as usual. Food was cheap. Just wish it still tasted like food

Tom V.

Like the tenth time 30 plus wait time. at least this time at the register they said you sure it's at least 30 minute wait before we ordered. We obviously bailed and enough enough won't be back.

Garrett Hunt

Food is almost always sloppy when packaged. There is a man who I think is the manager that is just terrible at customer service. In the evenings I have seen him. One time his was listening to rap music singing along and cursing.

Rena Taylor

Great customer service food was cooked well served hot

Jose Castillo

O it's an inconvenience that I'm here. Horrible people skills big man.

Michelle Rocha

Excellent service and the food was hot and fresh ! 👍👍

David Moore

Some of the nicest people I've ever met at a fast food restaurant

Robert M.

The only thing that differentiates a Taco Bell these days is the service and staff. So much is premade or premixed that the only variability is the Leadership skills in hiring and keeping people. WOW was this slow. 7:30 on a Monday evening and we were trapped in a 30 minute wait for standard menu fare. If this is due to their new complex menu, then they should go back to basics.