SUBEN Sushi+Bento (Sushi, Hibachi)

1025, 75010 W Hebron Pkwy #156, Carrollton
(972) 810-0123

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Terry Heronime

Noticed it randomly and decided to pop in. Staff was incredible. Very friendly service and the food was phenomenal. I tend to judge a sushi place by its miso soup as it shows attention to detail. The miso was some of the best I’ve had. It’s byob, so brig the beer and enjoy a meal!


Under new management and has seriously decreased in quality. They got rid of 2 things I always ordered - the Angry Wife roll and the Salmon Lover set. Also they do not have poke or sushi burritos anymore (so don't try to order those). Prices have drastically increased; what I loved about this place before was the sushi quality and the price. Decided to give them a shot anyway tonight and ordered 4 rolls. THEY DID NOT USE SUSHI RICE FOR A SINGLE ROLL. That is step one for sushi, very basic. They only used plain white rice with sesame seeds on top. Extremely disappointed. This has been my go to sushi place in the area since they opened, but I do not think I'll be going back.

Edith B

Was craving sushi for lunch and this was the closest to work with decent reviews. Quaint, small dine in or to-go. I sat down and in just a few minutes had my drink and 8 min later my sushi. I ordered a custom spicy tuna w/ creme cheese so it was a $1 upcharge, otherwise 1 single roll, which is 8 pieces and more than enough would have been under $7. Can't beat that for fresh sushi. It has a good taste. Nothing fancy. Very well sushi. Good service because midway through they checked to see if everything was ok. I would come back here. The restaurant was quiet when I came but still friendly and fast service. Unlike previous review I was not served on a paper paper. Great small local place.

Sandy K

My husband and I went on a Sat evening. Salmon roll was fresh and delicious.The restaurant was very busy every one in there were working very hard.Nice and CleanMy husband and I will go again!

A “A.Rod” Rod

Ok so I had already eaten 5 pieces (half of it) before taking a breath lol… it’s amazing. I always get the miso soup and it never disappoints. They pair the fish so well together and its really great quality fish at a perfect cut. Avocado roll with cream cheese + cucumber was also amazing. Highly recommend. 10 stars. The sushi chef is amazing Super fun place. The sushi is good, and the atmosphere borrows from modern Asian culture. Family friendly. Now sushi + sashimi bento with the rainbow roll was exquisite. The mouthfeel was crunchy, smooth, soft, yet had bite. Prices are fair and the food is beyond delicious and fresh, you’re destined to be spellbound by this journey to SUBEN.

angel beautifymeeh

Amazing poke bowls!!!! My husband and I got salmon poke bowls for dinner today. The salmon was sooo fresh! There was a lot of sauce and vegetables in it! If you are craving poke or sushi, highly recommend this place!

Joanna L.

This place was really good and has great prices! I'd recommend! Lunch hour is saturday!

Alina A.

I love this place! It's a bit hidden but once I found it I haven't stopped going. Prices are fair and the food is beyond delicious and fresh. Indoor seating isn't anything special but the food is 10/10. Extensive menu options and customizations available. The Chef is also very nice- service with a smile!

Vanessa R.

Great customer service, everything was very tasty! We did not wait long at all to receive our food.

John Sida

lol...chicken karaage is just a deep fried FLAT chicken breasts, it was so tough to eat. Do they not know what karaage is??? Sushi was a huge disappointment. I trashed after eating half of my order.

Adrian Bertulfo

No frills, mainly takeout, fast and reasonably priced good quality sushi. I’ve never had a problem ordering for pickup, service is great, food is consistent.

Manu N.

Ordered food and waiting while it is being prepared. And the chef starts whistling as he preparing the dish. As far as I know there is always some spit flying and with no mask where do you think it goes. Disgusting, unhygienic and unprofessional!!!!

Abby G.

We wanted quick delicious sushi lunch and so we went to this place. We ordered sushi + sashimi bento with one rainbow roll. The place is cute and clean. We were the only one who dine in there but there were alot of people picking up order online. So the place must be really popular. The food is delicious and fresh. I love how thick the sashimi is. Service is very friendly and quick. Def. Recommended

Kristina Phillips

The fish is fresh, and its actually really reasonably priced. I am so excited to have a Japanese restaurant so close to home. I will definitely keep coming back to this place.

Brenda Cardenas

The food has good looks but flavor wise it was way below average, I couldn’t even eat it. It was flavorless, and stale. The girl at the register was rude. Won’t come back.

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