1335 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 986-7593

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Josh Young

Just left this Baskin Robbins and left displeased. I ordered 2 scoops of Chocolate chip ice cream on a chocolate dipped cone and a lemon ice cream cone with 2 quarts of Chocolate chip ice cream. The gentleman informed me that they didn't have any chocolate dripped cones left " because it's a busy day" So fine whatever, lemme get the cone with sprinkles then. " We don't have that either.... Ok then lemme get a regular cone then, he says ok, then informs us that we don't have anything lemon.I drive to the window and he's trying to hand me 2 lose quarts of chocolate chip ice cream. I then ask him to put it in a bag ( you know like a normal human being) and now he's getting attitude LOL. Then the guy brings me my cone that's more cone than ice cream. No napkins, no receipt!Just a bad experience all together. Here I was hoping to treat my mother ( who was in the car ) to some wonderful ice cream, but instead got a mess in my car and a mess on our shirts, plus we didn't even get what we wanted... Thanks Baskin Robbins!

Shibani Gupta

The front desk staff was very rude. At first she could not find my order.Before attending me she went ahead and attended other customers behind meAfter waiting for long time and me requesting to re check they found my order.The girl in front desk Ms.Malaya did not have the courtesy to apologize.This is humiliating.

Christopher Hinds

Ordered 24hrs ahead of time pickup for next day at 445 they had no order ready and owners were reluctant to make right. This place has horrible management. Please feel free to reach out I’ll let y’all hear the voicemail lol

j johnson

Great location and customer service. Shopping center was busy on a Friday evening with limited parking.

Ranveer goud

I would have given 0 if had a chance the guy at the front desk is so rude and shut the door on the face saying the store is closed even though the sign board says it’s open till 11PM on Fridays

Aime Sandoval

They seem to be out of cappuccino blast concentration quite oftenI asked why they seem to be out all the timeThey stated it gets made a lotA solution would seem to keep more concetration on hand and increase their order

Lance Rosenquest

Service was awesome and ice cream was great. But, the waffle cone was in incredibly stale to the point that it was inedible. My wife also had two scoops in a waffle cone. Hers was just as bad. Unfortunately. We had taken ours to go, or we would have swapped out for something else.

Meghan Daniel

Great service and yummy ice cream.

Irene lopez

My father came in on April 29th at approximately 11:15am to order two Jamoca blast. The worker did not placed the lid on properly causing the drink to spill. The lady charged him for a new drink, saying she is unable to remake him a new drink. When I encountered the incident she refused to refund the new drink. I told her there should be no reason for my father to pay for a new drink when the drink accidentally spilled on the counter in front of her. When I asked for her name she again, refused to give me her name and claimed to be the owner. She was very rude, very unprofessional, looked around 50-60 years of age.

Linda Torres

Elderly lady who works at this location is very rude and unprofessional.

Doug Palmer

I tried to get some ice cream tonight Friday April 16th but the store was closed early. I could see an employee inside eating but the doors were locked at least a half hour before closing time.

Unbiased Reviewer

Ice cream is over priced but good. The only reason I don’t support this location is because the manager and certain employees are rude to customers. If you come in later than 9 they won’t give you a milkshake because they “don’t have any milk left”

Tommy Perkins

Clean and tidy, professional and courteous. A ton of selections of cones, flavors, and toppings. Able to sample what your not sure about or if you just wanna indulge in new flavors. All staff was wearing masks and practicing safety while handling the food. Will definitely be back

Kimberly Barbour Goodman

I got a vanilla cone. I’ve cream tasted freezer burned and cone was stale.

Chris Rockhold

Tried to call several times, modem or fax tried to answer after the phone not having been answered. Someone answered, then hung up. Third time, someone answered, but couldn't finish asking a question without being interrupted by them, just wanted to check on an order, but it wasn't their problem. And they hung up on me again. Not a good way to run a business.

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