11066 Pecan Park Blvd Suite 540, Cedar Park
(512) 428-4433

Recent Reviews

Anna Sanchez

Great place and food!

Greg W.

Placed an order on-line for pick up, get there at the time when the order was supposed to be ready. Sign on the door "we will reopen in April"Uuhhhh,it's the the last week of June .....Damn it I wanted a good burger!!!

Paul Gilmore

They do not do takeout. They take an order. Hold it for two hours then cancel. Don’t waste your time when there are business that actually are open

Gabriella Martinez

I was visiting here because my friend had recently moved out here (originally from seattle). We had decided to try this place out and I was actually pleasantly surprised! I expected this place to be something like the food chains we have back at home but there was so much variety that I wasn't use to seeing at a burger joint!

Joel A.

The food was really good. The service, however, was terrible. I ordered a burger and my wife ordered two sliders (Duo) combo with onion rings for us to share. My burger came out in an acceptable time. My wife's Duo didn't arrive until well after I was finished eating - and the it came without the onion rings. Those finally arrived when she was about half done with the sliders. We noticed another couple where one was half finished with their food before the other person's arrived, so I don't think it was just us. We may try them again since the food was good, but the service MUST improve if they're going to survive.

Mieka S.

First impression was good, cashier was nice, helped us through the menu and made suggestions. Price was ok... $10 for a combo. Plus they had a gluten free option! Got our food and we were very disappointed! Food was only a bit warm, meat was soooooo dry I finished almost my entire drink by the end of the burger. Gluten free buns are usually pretty dry, so no bad judgement on the bun. Tzaziki sauce was just a thin layer of white slime smeared on my bun.... yuck! Will be sticking with Moonies!

Patriciana H.

The pictures are pretty. The food is not good. The chicken tenders are that of my childhood from Burger King. My husband said his burger was okay (the Greek burger), and I tasted my child's burger and said "glad I didn't get a burger". It had a distinct flavor. Not a good one either. I mean seriously, when I tried to pull apart a tender, the grain of the "meat" shredded in different directions like a spiderweb. It was super disturbing. The chicken tender also had this weird slime between the batter and the "meat". When we decided to go out for dinner my husband said let's do burgers, and we had been wanting to try this place for a while with high hopes. We saved a coupon for them thinking we'd go there one day. Well, we tried it. Never will go there again. It's a (1/2) step up from Burger King if you like that sort of thing, because they sell beer. The manager was nice and the cook I'm sure did what he could with what he had to work with.

Matt D.

solid burger, service is good, resturaunt clean and oderly. I just tried the angus burger, all components were good. I usually avoid fancier burger options but will try their aged beef next time, and maybe the lamb.

Barb W.

I work next door and visit often. Everything I've gotten has always been great. Grilled to perfection with marvelous flavor and oh so fresh of veggies on top, and delicious! The menu is simple yet offers a wide variety of options for many different tastes. The fries remind of how my grandma made them Today I tried the sweet potatoes fries and as always I was pleased, cooked to perfection. You will be pleased if you decide to eat here. Also your food is ready quickly and everyone is friendly and helpful. Thankyou Burger IM for building next door to my work and making it so yummyand easy for me!

Ron Stake

Fresh cooked - custom Burger with incredible fries great onion rings - friendly staff -

Holly A.

I needed lunch and saw this place. It was closer than PTerrys. I will definitely be baCk! They have beer and the options for burgers are endless, i got the classic and everything was so incredibly fresh! Best burger I've had in ages. They also have lamb, salmon, falafal burger.

Melanie L.

Great burger, great taste! Friendly staff as well!!! Our food was hot, fresh and out in about 7 minutes! Recommend for a quick bite to eat!

Deneane F

This place was just ok. I decided to get the two sliders so I could try two different burger. The fried chicken one had a little more flavor than the plain burger but not much. My chips were just warm not hot. I am not sure how that happened since we were the only ones in there at the time. Seems like it should have been fresh and hot. I wouldn't say I would suggest this place. I would give it one more try to see if maybe it was just a bad day for the cook. The cashier was very friendly, helpful and professional. He was great at explaining their menu and giving suggestions.

Krishna Bayya

Tried this new chain restaurant and burgers are tasty. Kids liked the food and smoothies. Will go again. Service is fast and atmosphere is good.

River S

They are one of the vendors in my work cafeteria and I have yet to have a decent experience with them. The food is not great but the service they provide is even worse. Take some pride in what you do

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