Carl's Jr.

1315 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 259-5159

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Heather Barry

Pretty livid right now because it's 853pm and the dining room is suppose to be open til 10pm however every door is locked. They are clearly open and have people eating but can't seem to get anyone to let me in. IM SO OVER BUSINESSES CLOSING AND OPENING WHENEVER THEY CHOOSE..This is an edit......At 858 a guy finally came to the door and told me the dining room closed at 9..well the sign on the door says 10 but even if it closes at 9 it's 858. SO AFTER EXPLAINING THAT TO HIM HIS MANAGER LET ME IN. WTH PEOPLE. GET IT TOGETHER.

Janice Schauer

Burger was mushy and cold with the amount of lettuce and onion applied. Nobody in line and the cheese was just layed on. Not melted.Food: 3/5


The service was so fast and helpful, on top of the food being delicious I really enjoyed this location! I got the Guacamole Bacon Burger and fried zucchini. It took a little longer for the zucchini to cook, so they had me pull forward in the drive thru and brought my food to me! It was so delicious and reminded me of how good Carl's Jr really is!

Bektur M.

Pretty friendly and quick service. Good place to snack and work in the mornings. Their double cheeseburger is awesome.

Tom K.

Fast food burger restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and taste of the burger. There was plenty of beef and it tasted fresh, not a frozen patty. Came with lettuce, sliced onion, tomato. The fries were very good as well.

Craig C.

We went here tonight after my grandson's basketball game and 5 of us had cheese burgers fries drinks and ice cream shakes.We have never been to Carl Jrs andIt was a great experience. The food was hot, fresh and served quickly and the burgers were large and had all the vegetables tomato onion lettuce and pickles. Great flavors, we will come back again for sure.Very clean and well run.

Chris G

Swag food albeit a bit expensive. Have messed up my order a few times over the years but are generally pretty swag about getting stuff right.Food: 4/5

Karen Sparks

Cashier had difficulty taking our order and nobody seemed to be helping him. Food was hot, so that was a plus.Food: 4/5

D.R. Steuerwald

I don't know if it's because my family doesn't dig this place or what but I always love the food here. The 2.99 burgers are too small don't waste your money.

Katie S

Do not go here!!!Went through the drive thru on 10/7/22 and the worker who was working the window took my card and disappeared with it for about 5 minutes (did not use the register by the window) before giving it back. Later that night I had over $700 stolen from me by someone using my card number to buy things online/pay for online gambling sites. This was the only place I’d gone this day and after how sketchy he was acting I’m positive it was him who stole my card info. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Spencer Tyler

Absolute best customer service of any fast food option we have experienced. Stopping in here was an accident, but we had a wonderful experience. On top of the way we were treated, the food was fresh and tasted great.

curtis brown

Staff was very helpful,fast and polite. My only gripe is that they forgot the pickles on my burger, but they got the rest of the order 100%. I've had much worse service after waiting twice as long. No complaints overall

Mike Pain

I wondered why there wasn't anyone at the drivethru- almost $27 for 1 small and 1 medium combo?! For this? Hard pass


Awesome burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries.Also great service.Cool music as well.

Keo T.

Best burgers and fries. It taste just as awesome as it did decades ago. Great savory crisp fries. Great juicy burgers. Awesome juicy plump chicken sandwiches as well.

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