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Shannon Lavender

The past several months I have had wait times of 20+ minutes for carryout. I order through the mobile app, park and go into pick up. I don’t experience this at other CFAs. The employees are all really nice, but this particular location cannot seem to get a handle on its wait times. What’s more, after waiting I’ve had items missing from the order (entrees, sides, sauces). It's a bit sad and definitely not in line with the brand. Hope they can work on this and figure out the issue.

Scott Loewen

I have ALWAYS gotten great food and excellent service at this location. So I want to stress this photo, of a piece of plastic in my fruit cup, is a criticism of quality control at the food processing facility Chick-fil-A uses.

Richard C

Came here for the first time on October 10th around 1pm for lunch. The place was packed full of customers and the drive-thru line was super long. Despite all that, I got my food in about 12 minutes or so. I thought I'd be waiting a lot longer. The food was really good.

Elaine Sloan

I ordered grilled chicken nuggets. One wasn't cooked enough to be tender. The cilantro lime sauce tasted like mayo. The waffle fries were good. You have to ask for ketchup to get it.Dietary restrictions: Gluten free bun is available.

Erica Banaski

I went in today shortly for one kids meal. After ordering, I had to wait for more than 20 minutes to get my meal, which I had planned to take with me to bring to my child. I ended up requesting a refund right as my food was finally handed to me and refused the food. I had an employee check on my food twice during that time, to which I was promised it will be ready in one minute (it was not!). There were several other customers in the same position as me today, with some having waited over 30 minutes for their To Go orders. This is ridiculous and frustrating! There seemed to be no organization in place here anymore. It will be a while before I go back to this location.

Melinda M.

After ordering at 11:14 I finally made it to the window for my food 15 minutes later. Only I was told (along with every other car ahead of me) that it wasn't ready and to pull in to curbside to wait. 10 minutes I'm sitting here and still no food. And all the curbside spots are now taken with people waiting for their food. It's unacceptable. Get your act together guys. I won't be returning.

Bonsai B.

Bro, can't ever ever never go wrong with chic fil a .... It's God's chicken !!! Ask for Jamal, he a smooth cat and crazy funny ...

Touhid Ahmed

They need to hire more curbside delivery employees, its a very busy location and the wait is insane. Last time I was told to wait at the parking because food was not ready, I went ahead and parked, no one showed up, 20 minutes gone, I had to come out of the car, asked the delivery people regarding my food, no one has any clue. Then I walked up to the drive through window, to pickup my own food. I understand the sandwich is tasty, but not worth enough my time waiting 10+ minutes at the drive through line, and then at parking for 20+ minutes and finally hunt for food, total waste of time!!

Jazz H.

Jamal in the drive through line really provides next level service! Thank you bunches

Diana Flores

Fast and very friendly!! First time using curbside and definitely using in future fast!

Justin H.

What happened to Chick fil a? You guys used to be the best fast food restaurant. One never had to worry about the drive thru screwing up your order....not any more. I'm guessing Millennials....

Jack Stevenson

Long wait time. Its not even busy I ordered for only 4 people and I am having to wait. Get it together. The day crew does a great job but the night crew does this every time. Guess I will just come for lunch. I love Chic-fil-a but this location is terrible at dinner.

Morgan Matula

Waited for twenty five minutes at curbside for a chocolate milkshake and a medium Dr. Pepper. That’s it. I had to go inside and have them look for my order. It wasn’t on the screen anymore. No telling how long I would have had to wait if I didn’t go in. Saw them continue to come out with orders for people who had arrived after me that included food and milkshakes. So incredibly frustrating.frustrating.

Avery A.

I'm so thankful for the employees here. My cars' coolant exploded in the drive thru with lots of smoke coming from the car. 3 employees, 2 boys 1girl, came immediately to my car to help. I pulled into a parking space and all 3 of them walked back & forth from the restaurant bring large cups of water to help cool my car down. This all happened right when the restaurant closed & they still made sure I was taken care of. I sadly didn't get their names but this happened 03/08 at 10pm. Can't thank them enough !

Debbie C.

Hey team!!! Your woman's restroom hand sink is not working for multiple days. It's Wednesday and I told you Monday. It appears the battery just needs to be changed. Understandable that your team washes hands in BOH however customers don't nor do 3rd party delivery drivers. Pretty scary during pandemic and with monkey pox. At least put out of order sign as some of us fell for it and soaped up first and couldn't wash off. Team is very nice at this location.

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