Dunkin' / Baskin Robbins

1851 S Lakeline Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 382-5658

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Kelly M.

It's my daughters 13th birthday and we read that if it's your birthday, you get a free drink. False advertising! We were quickly told that you have to get their app and maybe it would let you get a free drink. Maybe? Is it like the lottery, good luck sister? So I then proceeded to ask if I could get the app now and would they honor. Well, of course not! So disappointing. Also, get your gigantic pot hole fixed...thanks Dunkin' Donuts, I'm sure I'll have to get an alignment now and you should pay for it! That's a joke, obviously since you won't honor a $5.00 drink. We will not be back and the word will be spread how incredibly unprofessional and snarky we were treated.

Kaci P.

Everyone that works here is so mean and doesn't care!! At least the food is good....

Josh Ellis

Ordered snackin bacon... got a bag of limp, super greasy bacon.

Mary Mitchell

My kids and I love coming here as a treat! I love the strawberry dragonfruit refresher, my oldest loves the jelly filled donuts, and my youngest loves the mermaid ice cream cup! The two things I really, really wish they can improve: 1) adding a phone number to the rewards program so we can collect points that way without needing your phone every time, and 2) that TERRIBLE pothole!!! I'm almost wondering if I can submit a request myself to have it filled. In any case, it's still a nice snack place that is perfect for a sweet tooth.

Sonya Anderson

My husband went in and ordered a 3-scoop chocolate chip sundae. He ws told that there was not enough ice cream nd given a one scoop sundae. He was then charged for a 3-scoop and given essentially a small cup full of toppings and very little, if any, ice cream. It was disgusting! This is happening more and Moore. We're done.

Kevin Singh

This is the best Dunkin location I've found so far. I usually go here for their breakfast sandwiches and coffee and they are always consistent with the preparation of both. Always hot, delicious food.Furthermore the team is always friendly and they usually are fast and efficient.Please keep it up! I don't want to change my preferred Dunkin location again. I even go out of my way to go to this location because most Dunkin locations are pretty awful...

C Martinez

I would of gave them 5 stars , however the wait on the drive thru really sucks

Mike B.

Terrible service and no one seem capable of answering the telephone. Called for 2-days during "normal" hours. Rings busy forever (off the hook) or rings continuously until dropped. Cannot be sympathetic with this type of "small/franchise" business that does not want business during Covin-19. Have owned 2-small business. Owner's must work themselves when times are tough?

Rachael Z.

Pretty sure the guy taking orders has hearing problems. Last week I ordered a egg, cheese, and bacon croissant and I got a ham, cheese, egg muffin! Just this morning I ordered a croissant and got a bagel! I suggest the guy taking orders REPEAT the order to the customer.

Ariel Cañas

They always get our order wrong. Aside from that they always use regular surgar (I always ask for liquid sugar) for my iced coffee... not sure if they realize it WON'T dissolve. This is the only Dunkin near us so we've continued to keep going (4 visits now) but after today's RUDE customer service and another wrong/ignored order we may just have to start drinking Starbucks...

Christianna S

They are always out of what we want but mainly customer service SO RUDE!!!! Going through drive through the guy slammed the window door and then while we were sitting there waiting to ask a question he was rude and had an attitude "do you need something" rude.

Sandy M.

Every time I go to this location they are out of donuts by 10am. You'd think a donut place would have donuts ALL DAY. Their Baskin Robbins location is also out of chocolate ice cream quite frequently. Poorly managed

Alee J.

the matcha latte was very yummy :) thank you for the friendly drive through service kings

Grace W.

We've driven the 25-30mins during this social distancing a couple times to get coffee from Dunkin. You all need a store in Bee Cave/ Lakeway. Anyways, "Emperor William" served us through the drive thru today. Nice guy! Thank you for being pleasant during all this, drinks were good as usual, and made quickly. He was the only employee I saw at all so good for you and whoever is with you right now! If anyone is. I appreciate everyone who's working so others can still have our needs met during these strange times.

Nicole Hill

Save yourself the stress. Ordered via mobile app, 1/3 of my order was missing, employees didnt bother telling me that the item was out of stock and was about to send me on my way without a refund. They could only refund directly to my card, which of course was not on me cuz my items were paid for and I was on a quick break from work. The employees we're acting completely clueless.

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