Firehouse Subs 1890 Ranch

1465 E Whitestone Blvd Ste H-340, Cedar Park
(512) 259-9696

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Lance Rosenquest

Really good sandwiches. Hero Sub, fully involved, jalapeño chips, and a cherry limeade... Trust me.Vast selection of hot sauces as well.

Christy Shindell

It was disappointing to see that not one employee was wearing a mask during our visit. Especially since COVID cases in Texas are increasing every day with the young adults, which was the demographic of those working in the store.When I called the store, the manager told me that since the Governor has not mandated masks that you have no control over making employees wear one. This is simply not true and quite frankly a weak excuse.Firehouse Subs states that it cares about “First Responders”. I find that contradictory to what we saw in the store this evening. If you truly care about these individuals, who have been pushed to the brink during this pandemic, you would help them by making your employees wear masks so that we can eradicate COVID-19.

Eden Schiffmann

Delicious food. Service is good but a bit slow.

Christy S.

The sub is very good and not a lot of cheese and fills you up. Chips are amazing and good ingredients

Scott B

Very tasty sandwiches if you haven’t tried them. Though the prices are way too high it’s just the chain. Feel like a fancy sub come here, want it quick and cheap there are better alternatives.

Taylor Rosales

I’m a huge firehouse subs fan and this is my go to sandwich place. I love that they now have a gluten free bread option as well. They are always friendly, give me my extra pickle I ask for and never mess up the order. My only note is the soda machine is a bit dirty but hey...isn’t that at most places?

Logan Vogt

Love this place! Great people that work here and the tables are always clean. I highly recommend!

The Borg

Been here more than 10 times. Always fantastic.

Craig Poirier

The food is always fantastic. The price is always more expensive than the previous visit.


Good lunch fast service.

alicia poulos

Whoever the 2 people are working tonight need a raise/bonus Line out the door and never got shorter than that the entire time I was there. Only 2 people working and nothing but kindness and apologies for the long wait from them both. Literally the only place open this time of day due to the weather conditions.

James W.

I'm reviewing this based only on the pickle buckets. When I was in this location the other day I saw they sale the pickle buckets with the snap on lid for $3 each. The proceeds go to the Public Safety Foundation. What a great business concept to reduce waste, and to help out a foundation. Buckets with lids are hard to find after what we just experienced. My daughter lost water and I remember Firehouse having buckets for sale, so I called this location. The young lady said she had one bucket, but could clear another bucket so I could purchase the two. I drove straight there and bought those two. I noticed she even rinsed the bucket out that she emptied. I didn't catch your name, but thanks for your kindness. I then called two other Firehouse locations but they were out, but a third location I called in Round Rock had seven buckets available. I drove straight over there and purchased six additional buckets. I was able to deliver 40 gallons of water to my daughter and she was very grateful. I'm grateful for the Firehouse Pickle Buckets. Find out more at firehousesubsfoundation.… - Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is a separate legal entity from Firehouse Subs which operates the restaurants. Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and Firehouse Subs is the largest corporate supporter. Portions of the annual operating costs for Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation are kindly funded by Firehouse Subs. The remainder of the annual operating income comes from the generosity of individual and corporate donors.


Ordered from Uber Ears. 2 kids drinks missing, and grilled cheese sandwiches were so burnt that we threw them out and had to make new ones. Called and the manager said we can make new ones but cannot give you a refund. You will have to go through Uber Eats. Will never order from here or Uber Eats again.

Jess C.

I tried to place the order, but when I checked out it told me it didn't work and to try again. I checked my CC and it charged me for the meal. Based on this I called the store to ask if it had gone through. There I was told all online sales are through Grubhub or some other app. Basically I don't know if I have a meal coming or not. Bad set up. Get an app that works or leave it to those that can.

Ron B.

Great subs, hot, fast and friendly staff. My go to when I want something easy and filling

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