Firehouse Subs Lakeline

1540 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park
(512) 335-3473

Recent Reviews

LaDonna H.W

Love this place the foods great and the customer service is TOP NOTCH ??


Love this place the foods great and the customer service is TOP NOTCH ??


Food was good service was very slow last two times.

marlene wenger

Excellent cheesesteak.TY

Mandy Duran

Super friendly, efficient staff. They were open on the Friday when we started thawing out from the 2021 Freeze. There was a line but they handled it with courtesy

Louca Campbell

Loved the sandwich!! And service was quick and friendly.

Bhanu Addanki

Nice staff, delicious food

bhanu chand

Nice staff, delicious food

Timothy Remmell

The workers were excellent they did a very good job making my sandwich I would recommend it to anybody that wants a top-of-the-line sub

Kimberly J.

This place takes their food preparation very seriously. I ordered a sandwich without onion because I'm allergic to them. And the man making it made sure nothing that  went on my sandwich was near onions. He got fresh gloves and spatulas and knifes to ensure nothing that touched my food. Had never been used yet with onions.


My daughter and I ordered takeout at Firehouse. The food was as delicious as usual with steamed buns and high quality meats. The food was prepared quickly and cheerfully. One thing I noticed that may have been lost during COVID was that the staff no longer greeted every guest with multiple workers shouting “Welcome to Firehouse!” Apparently this is no longer done at Firehouse, but aside from that the service was friendly and efficient.

Scott Williams

Great food. No complaints..Tried the jerk turkey sandwich this time.. I liked it.. good flavors.

Chase W.

This place is a joke you order ahead and they make you wait 30 minutes while there is no one in line. 7 people to make subs and no one waiting. Don't bother ordering ahead probably makes more sense to just order in line or even better go somewhere else.

Kelli Hughes

We frequent this location regularly because it is very close to our house. They are always friendly and get our order right every time. The food is great!

Miss V and Me Choban

I go to pickup my call in order. Let them know I'm there at the counter. They keep making subs for people that aren't there yet. FINALLY make mine. Um...Hello!?! Learn how to Expo!!

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