Freebirds World Burrito

5001 183A R500 Toll Road, Cedar Park
(512) 572-0870

Recent Reviews

Arjun Nag

Food is amazing! The portion size is A LOT. So keep that in mind while ordering. Will definitely visit again.

Don Engel

Our first time here and we were ordering for a family of 6. Got a little confusing but it all sorted out. Amazing food and fun customer service!

Shannon Widner

Food was just ok, nothing seemed fresh like at other locations. Every employee seemed annoyed that we were there and barely spoke to us. When they did it was rude and like we had irritated them. The employee helping my daughter maybe said 3 words to her and only stared at her until my kid said what they wanted. We usually love Freebirds and have been going for years, but we will not be back to this location unfortunately.

Jade Richardson

This location is just underwhelming to me. Time and time again. The rice never seems to be fresh and it’s just not as good as other locations I’ve been to. Think I’ve learned my lesson and will go to another location from here on out

Justin S. quality control whatsoever. Ok. Ask for free chips & queso since I don't have time to wait for it to be re-made without burning the tortilla. Nope. I ate at Freebird's regularly while in school in College Station, before they came to the Austin area. I don't think I'll be back anytime soon. Complete fail on the food and the customer service. Freebird's used to be great!

John Mead

Burrito was good. But the employees would constantly talk to each other, while I was trying to tell them my order. One acted like a hood rat and was constantly cussing. So I’d avoid next time.

Nora Baggett

Food was very fresh and hot. Tasted great, and the staff were very friendly.Wait was not long at all, and it was a enjoyable experience.

Jennifer Pavlicek

Really curious why folks love this place....ordered a steak burrito with cheese, lettuce and guacamole. Was 90% lettuce and flavorless guacamole. So disappointed!!


I ordered two burritos and a kids meal through doordash. The only thing that arrived were the burritos. In an attempt to get a refund, I called them. And the guy on the phone said I had to contact doordash to get a refund? Which makes absolutely no sense because why should I have to contact doordash when this location packaged the food? The bag was sealed meaning the driver is not at fault. I had to pay for food I did not receive. On top of that, the burrito was awful. They added extra things I didn't ask for and omitted things like sour cream. This location in general is definitely a no from me.

Trinity V.

NEVER eating here again, it's so sad because this was my favorite place to go eat! Yesterday I was sent to the er because I couldn't stop throwing up!! I was in so much pain and i couldn't figure out why. My friend that I went out to eat with at freebirds, said she was feeling the exact same way. The next day we find out 5 freebirds workers are out due to food poisoning, WHAT THE HECK!!

Bob Ugiansky

Delicious food. My preferred burrito place!

Alex H.

1 star for making my wife wait 30+ minutes for a curbside order. Order placed at 5:59PM, website stated it'd be ready at 6:09PM. Curbside parking was full so she waited inside. Crew member said it'd be 5 more minutes, which turned into 30. Meanwhile people in store were getting their food as soon as they walked in. DO NOT order online for pickup. You will wait longer than if you go in person and place an order.

Aida Salikhova

we eat here or get takeouts all the time. great food and great prices! i literally have so many points there the manager said for like 70 free burritos, LOL! that's how often we eat here, lol.

Jeremy M

This is the worst Freebirds location. I am a huge Freebirds person and without fail I am always unhappy at this location. I think after my last two experiences I am fully done with this location.First complaint which isnt huge but still an issue, they dont cut or cook the onions and peppers fully. I had to stop including them in my order.Second, My wife decided to try the cauliflower rice. It was so unbelievably salty to where she couldnt continue to eating it. It was actually unsafe at that point. eat m!! I finally made her let me try and it was inedible and just unsafe for anyone to consume that much salt.Third, we ordered 2 burrito bowls basically the same exact thing besides one had beans. The portion sizes were so completely different it was out of control. One looked like it was a bowl made for a 5 year old. The other, me a full gown man! How in the world does this even make sense to anyone?There has really been multiple occasions at this location were the food is under cooked, the portion sizes are horrible. And it really seems like if you are ordering delivery they give you the worst of the worst. I hate to complain and like I said I love Freebirds. After today I will just not come to this location.

Ethan S.

Let me start by saying I usually come about once a week if not more. I have never had an issue, my burrito/bowl is always delicious, but for whatever reason this morning I came about 30 minutes after they opened and it was a disaster. They were out of like rice and queso. The queso is my favorite part, so I was a little disappointed, but it was okay i understand things happen. They finish my toppings, and then she starts to fold my burrito, I notice that she didn't mix it or fold it very well. It ended up falling apart halfway through the burrito! It was not mixed at all and I was getting bites with only rice, or only salsa and onion! The meat on both of our burritos was cold and the rice was way undercooked and crunchy. I am pretty disappointed, it may be awhile until I come back.

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