Freebirds World Burrito

5001 183A, r500, Cedar Park
(512) 572-0870

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Gideon Hernandez

The best service of any restaurant I've been to in Texas so far! The food is really good, and the employees are really courteous. If something goes wrong, or you have to wait a while, they'll make up for it somehow. Creedance is especially courteous and attentive.


Service was exceptional. Food was pretty good.

Adam G.

I went here once just because I wanted to try something other than chipotle. It was horrible. Not the place or the employees but just the food. No taste. It was the same price as chipotle too. Don't waste your money just eat at chipotle. It's so much better!

Belinda Wilson

I rated a 3 as I have been a total of 4 times. 1st & 2nd visits were EXCEPTIONAL I raved about this place for it's freshness, quality of ingredients and great customer service. But that last two times were about a 1 star maybe a 2 star. I thought maybe it was just an off day so I tried the 4th time but still visit 3 & 4 were well below par. i don't know if change in ingredients staff or to give the benefit of the doubt costs 3 & 4 were in the last few weeks when they were allows to open back up. Maybe Covid related??

Chris Yancer

The food here is delicious. Fresh ingredients, lots of options, plenty to mix and match and never have the same meal twice. They have some covid restrictions in place. We like to use their app and order ahead. Normally, works perfectly but this was the seal on our last visit...tampered with or not?

Dave Morales

The best hot tomatillo sauce, I miss it!

Darrin S.

Disappointed again! Second time trying during pandemic and I'm done. They at least have the curbside pick up situation better, BUT...refried beans had zero flavor! Someone forgot to add salt! Check your recipe! If I'm ordering nachos to go, I tried to select chips on side, but wasn't an option that I could type in, so I assumed they would be automatically on the side so chips wouldn't get soggy...nope! Soggy chips! Barely any chicken, other items left out, and a bunch of nasty beans. Had 2 monsters, 1 with extra meat and rice, didn't look any different than the regular monster, but paid extra! When you are not there to visibly see what they are doing; it is clear they don't care, nor follow orders! It will be a long time before I ever go back.

Jason E.

I ordered nachos for my daughters to share. The steak was juicy and delicious, and there was plenty of queso over the chips! My only compliant is that they were room temperature. But it is take out, I don't expect it to be Burn my mouth hot. It wasn't cold either, but room temperature which is expectant for takeout. Some takeout feels like it came straight out of the freezer! My burrito was tasty as well, along with my oldest daughters, so thank you Freebirds for your good food and great takeout service.

Bailey K.

This is the worst Freebirds I've ever been to. The employees don't even greet you and act like they're completely miserable being there. They will have several people working to-go orders and not one will acknowledge those waiting in the line until it's almost to the door. The exception to this review is the red-head that works there. She is always very friendly and seems to genuinely care. If you are able, go to the Round Rock location.

Chandler D.

This is for Tara at the Brodie Oaks Location: Today my order was late by an hour from the Third-Party Delivery and even though this was not FreeBirds' fault, (nor probably the delivery driver's) Tara was concerned about the freshness of the food (frankly, as was I as there was dairy) and drove to my apartment to bring me a fresh order. She was so kind and I felt so bad that I didn't have the means to give her a tip. She was understanding and asked for a review instead and I am more than happy to oblige. These small acts of kindness are so appreciated. I have been struggling with a Chronic Illness and haven't been able to leave my home (let alone cook) and it truly is so amazing when someone goes out of their way to do something even without knowing a person's circumstances. Thank you so much, Tara, and you make it so much more worthwhile supporting local businesses.

Anthony C.

This location (Cedar Park) is horrible. Ran by a bunch of kids who have zero clue how to manage to go orders with dine in customers. Worse yet, they do not care. Prepandemic, waited for 30 minutes in line while they pushed out to go orders. Post pandemic, called in my order and they said 30 min. Went in 30 min later, no one in the restaurant, everyone sitting around doing nothing. Asked for my order and they said sorry, we haven't started making it yet. I love Freebirds but this location is not worth the effort. Especially since Chipotle is closer to my house.

Angela H.

I have to give this Freebirds major props. Times right now aren't easy for anyone and restaurants are getting so busy and crazy amounts of Togo/delivery/call orders than ever before. This freebirds is doing a great job considering everything. They keep up the communication and do everything they can to keep people happy. I'm so happy with my experiences with them and it's always a pleasure to be there. Thank you guys so much for working so hard in times that aren't the easiest. Keep up the great work. Also, Creedance the assistant general manager really did an awesome job with just keeping everyone in the loop and being more apologetic than she needed to be, but she really did an awesome job to ensure everyone's happiness.

Sky N.

I love this location because they always provide us the best service! Creedance and her crew are awesome!

Oliver S.

Great food but awful pickup management in these challenging times. Don't give I realistic pick up times so you get orders when you can't deliver. You either need more staff or give more realistic times.

Regina Lombrana

Filthy food service line (they just throw the food around) and no clean tables in the Cedar Park location. They are consistently out of rice and certain meats and consistently have a dirty resturaunt. We always have to clean our own table just to sit and eat.

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