Gangnam Zip

202 Walton Way STE 150, Cedar Park
(512) 986-4198

Recent Reviews

Lasantha Kularatne

Great food, everything was good. We really like the food, included ramen, fried rice, plat, bubble tea.

Eduard Khudaiberdin

Super tasty food. Ramen and bibimbap were very good. I'm definitely going to come back to try other dishes

Mary L.

Excellent! The bibimbap was both beautifully plated and delicious! The spicy fried chicken was also amazing, and VERY spicy. My mouth is still burning but I'd order it again in a heartbeat. If these two dishes are a standard for the food here, I can't wait to try the rest of the menu.

Misty Unknown

This place is amazing!! Ramen is 100 to die for. The miso ramen was so delicious. 100% recommend.v

John W.

Beef bibimbap had a sickening metallic taste. Didn't eat but the first spoonful. Small side of kimchi was great. Seaweed salad tasted fine. Very disappointed after such great yelp reviews.

Paige O'Neal

Went here on whim and was very pleased we did. Really enjoyed the beef bulgogi and tofu cup bop with a large side of their delicious in house made kimchi. I went with the spicy sauce on my tofu instead of the sweet option because I love spice. She warned me first and I thought that was very considerate. For someone like me who loves spice it was just right. A little sweetish and spicy but not unbearable. There are plenty of other dish options to try and those portions were very generous.

Nathan T.

Absolutely love this place. The food is great, and the owner is extremely nice. Lots of vegetarian options, spicy when it should be spicy, tasty all around.

Chip W.

Spicy Pork Bulgogi Cup is my absolute go to item here. They cover it in a spicy mayo that brings creamy heat! My wife loves their spicy tonkotsu ramen. Family owned by some of the nicest people. Whenever my wife gets a ramen craving, we jump in the car and drive 30min a out of the way just to get to this place.

Michelle McIntyre

I love Gangnam Zip! The food is delicious!! Easy parking, wheelchair accessible. Friendly wait staff and nice atmosphere, peaceful, with some awesome K-pop playing on a big screen - loud enough to be heard but not intrusive. My grandkids love it! My go to dishes are the fried chicken and the donkatsu Ramen. I go here as often as I can, great choice for Korean food!


This place has vegetarian options, and the food is very fresh. They don't have a lot of sit-down traditional Korean items, but definitely a quick and yummy bite to grab and go at a reasonable price. Beautiful robust presentation. The only negative was, the broth seemmed to be over salted this day.

Zachary Dixon

We used to love this place, they had the best fried chicken, but recently (the last 2 times we've been) they must have changed their recipe because the fried chicken is completely different and for the worse unfortunately. The chicken quality isn't as good, and I preferred the old breading.

Kaitlin O.

A good stop for Korean food! We ordered takoyaki, spicy chicken bulgolgi dup, beef bulgolgi cup, spicy pork bulgolgi cup, and kimchi friend rice for 5 people. It was more than enough food and was all really good! I really enjoyed all of the meats, especially the spicy pork bulgolgi. I would highly recommend this spot if you're ever up in the Cedar Park area and are looking for something fast, affordable, and delicious!

Kathryn Nutt

The chicken was sharp and terrible I really don’t know how to explain other than it was sharp staff is fairly nice and good ambiance food is kinda bad

Bradford Garcia

Was awesome this time around. We stopped by when they first opened but was ok. This time the food was perfect. There starting to show promise and seeing it behind the counter as well as in the dinning area. We really like the display with them showing k pop bands like BTS, Twice, TXT, hyuna and many others.One thing they could do also if there going to have more than one display is they can show a live cam of Seoul or around the area. I watch different live cams of Seoul while I’m working and it’s so awesome to see it and feels like your there. Or they can also show some ASMR walks around the city so folks who don’t really know what Seoul is about can have a good idea.Overall food was incredible can’t wait to stop on by next time. Keep it up!!! ??

H M.

Not a fan. Got the kimchi fried rice but it lacked flavor. You would think Kimchi would have all the flavors but NOPE!!! Husband couldn't even eat half of the small order. I got the grilled chicken plate. Chicken was so tasteless and dry. I gave up on it and gave it to the dogs. The furry babies couldn't even chew it. It's pretty expensive for the quality they serve. Not coming back.

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