Gino’s Italian Restaurant

1525 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park
(512) 996-8990

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Brian Reisman

Not the best Italian food around, I prefer a little fresher and homemade stuff. I would have given 4 stars but they have gotten crazy expensive. You want to charge me over $25 (Veal) for a takeout dish, make your own pasta, and don't use anything frozen.

Krystal Munoz

We ordered this through uber eats. Very organized!!! We ordered raspberry cheesecake and chocolate cheesecake and they called saying they only have raspberry cheesecake so we told them that's fine just 2 raspberry cheesecakes. But when it finally arrived not only did they not give us our cheesecake but they didnt put any sauce on my chicken alfredo! Literally just noddles and chicken. Thanks ginos for the $16 plate of noodles and chicken. Such a sad meal wont be returning. Tried going local but will not be supporting this restaurant during these times.

william jerbenman

i moved away from cedar park to las vegas years ago but i remember eating at this place around when it first opened when i lived in cedar park. a very memorable experience, good atmosphere and great food. a great local place if you're looking for good italian food at a reasonable price.

Tracy Drewitt

Never had a bad meal here- love their sauce- service is hit or miss but you can always tell they are trying

Jacqueline Ellis

This place is pretty good, good food, good service, adorable patio. 4 stars for misleading hours. Online it says happy hour 430 on Fridays on their happy hour menu page, I even called to confirm. Showed up on Friday and they are not open at 430 and they don't even have a happy hour menu on Friday!! Told them about their site they said I was wrong and that was that I guess ?

jim tune

Excellent Italian menu, nice atmosphere. Our service has always been OUTSTANDING whenever we go. Prices are reasonable, and the drink service (not alcohol) at the table is especially Jim approved. This is making me hungry, and I'm getting in the car to leave right now.

Shelton Moynahan

Food was okay, nothing spectacular, very thin red sauce and generic bread. We were a large group that called ahead and they only had one server who struggled to serve the whole group.

Adriana Araujo

amazing food I love it

John Sullivan

A hidden gem. A couple of weeks ago my family and I enjoyed lunch at Gino's in Cedar Park. There was only one other table being served when we arrived. After they left we had the whole place to ourselves.The service was excellent. The waiter instantly brought a basket heaped with delicious fresh baked bread and served it with olive oil, garlic and spices. Yum! The entrees were wonderful - large portions, great flavor.This place is a refreshing change from Olive Garden. It is way more authentic and it is actually less expensive. What's more, this is a local place and I always feel better about supporting good, local restaurants.We have a family celebration tonight, and the first place I thought of was Gino's. I can't wait to go back and try something different.

Natalya Stadler

Absolutely love the food at this place!! And I barely used to like Italian food before I tried to order some dishes from here. Thumbs up!!

Bari Noel C.

So far this is the cutest place and the sweetest people and believe me cause i hate people. their rose is fucking exquisite, infact i've definitely had too much cause i'm writing this review. the caesar salad is so delicious and fresh you'll literally nut. --karen

J Smott

Food was awesome!

Alex Freeman

Fast and Covid-friendly service. Pizza was delicious: hand tossed crust, crispy on the bottom, good sauce. Can’t wait to go back!

RNG Films

Pretty solid food

cole haynie

This place is great! Good food and very welcoming.Great drinks!I should know.I'm Cole, the Bartender.

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