Hot Wok Cafe

1420 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park
(512) 331-1100

Recent Reviews

Natalya L.

Just bad.. I debated not leaving a review and have waited a month to do so. I dont want to hurt business during a pandemic, but at the same time, dont want anyone wasting money on terrible food . We ordered takeout and when my husband picked up our order, the lady accused him of not paying as he was about to leave. The order was prepaid online and she hadn't bothered checking.. bad customer service. A man came over, checked , saw the order was paid for, and apologized. Fine, mistakes happen. But the food?! Yuck about sums it up. We ordered their lo mein with chicken, broccoli beef, and kung pao chicken. The meat was extremely chewy, all the sauces were extremely salty, and everything had a bizarre smell , similar to canned pet food. It was so bad we threw it all in the trash and ate sandwiches for dinner. What a waste. Now, more than ever businesses need to stand out and adjust in order to keep business. This place stands out alright but not in a good way. We don't go out anymore and ordering takeout once a week is our new norm as it is for lots of others, dont waste your hard earned money and support a business that treats its customers better and has better quality food.

Ken Day

Great food, good price, and friendly people!

Christi Hopkins

Order food from here 2 months ago it was amazing! Tonight’s order arrived missing the main dishes and what we got was bland mushy noodles. I can’t believe it food from the same place we ordered from in May. Never again with this kind of inconsistency.

Jake J.

Love this place. Go semi often. Wish they would answer their phone more often is my only complaint.

Linda White

Love this place the food was to go, and it still hot, while I drove 7 miles home.

Kathy Santiago

Love this place! Always great food, delivered hot, and awesome friendly people. My go to for chinese food in Cedar Park. Not too pricey - great lunch menu!

Laura Lopez

Really nice place in my neighborhood ? food is great,I ordered take out several times,only 10 or 15 minute wait,food is delicious?


Absolutely the worst customer service and food I have ever experienced. My family suffered food poisoning because of this place. Will never set foot in this place again. Very unclean and the staff is very rude. Make sure you check your credit card the next day. They added a larger tip to my order

Clem Bullock

Always great food and friendly customer service. Dishes are always fresh to order. Take out is fast too! ?

Debbye M.

Just ordered from Hot Wok. Haven't eaten there in about 6 months. What happened? The sweet and sour chicken has a different breading. Did not taste good at all. More breading than chicken. Fried rice was very very dry. Did another cook take over? New ownership? I won't be back. It used to be so good.

Richard G.

Small quaint and staffed by friendly people. The person that help me was very courteous and took my order immediately and answered all my questions. The food was cooked within sight. And tasted delicious. I ordered the General Tao's chicken with egg drop soup.

Tammy Cooper

This place is terrible! No taste, mushy egg rolls, tasteless soup and sauces on entrees. Delivered wrong item to me and wouldn’t refund my money. I definitely DO NOT recommend this place. Bad food!

Richard E.

This is a good place for Chinese fast food. They use mostly brown sauces ie Moo Goo Gai Pan will not have the traditional white as most like. Hot and sour soup is good as well is the combo lo mein spicy.

Leonora A.

the worst ever. food delivered cold & not even what we ordered. called to let them know...beyond rude. i love Chinese food, would eat it daily, but not from here!

Dave S.

Unfortunately I tested the food and they use a lot of MSG. I asked them if they use MSG as I always do and they lied and said no. If you are sensitive to MSG, do not order from this place. If I eat MSG I am sick for 2 to 3 days. recommend you not place any orders here. PF Changs or Mamu Fus is much better and they don't use MSG. I have tested with test strips. I have the data. just wanted to let you know. Don't want you and your family and guests to get sick.

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