Jimmy John's

1400 E W Whitestone Blvd #500, Cedar Park
(512) 259-1030

Recent Reviews

Andrea Blakely

They have the BEST lettuce wraps! They actually stay together when you bite into them

Isaac Chaves

"Freaky" fast as always. Good tasty sandwiches, clean place, great service. Humans are so dumb, we have a jewelry store right next door that we built with a grossly exaggerated amount of square footage to display some rocks and shiny metals that we deem valuable, yet we cram ourselves into a enclosed cramped closet to eat. The store is thin, narrow and cramped. Strangers unwillingly nudge your elbow as they pass by while you eat. 5 stars for food and service minus 1 star for comfort / location / size - an uncontrollable factor for Jimmy John's. No outside seating available. Great for take out - especially in todays "covid world". Everything is bigger in TEXAS, except this Jimmy John's.


I ordered my fave...the Italian knight!! It is my go to for a good Italian sub. I ordered online and picked up at the store. I have not had this sub in about 5 years and now I am addicted all over again. The meats, lettuce and bread were fresh...I just love the bread - I took my sandwich apart to eat the bread last!!!

Cierra Merryfield

I ordered a club lulu WITH onions and pickles and received a club lulu with ONLY onions and pickles. The experience leaves a customer hungry for some other sandwich shop. Poor quality. Poor service

RRena Patterson

I love the freshness of all the food, produce, bread / sliced is my fav , meat , the whole pickles & fast service

Anthony Cepeda

They really are fast... And good

Mackenzie Wilson

Absolute rudest employees. I picked up an order and got to my car and checked the sandwich and it had no meat on it. I went back in to have it remade and instead of apologizing for the inconvenience he said “you took the meat off and brought it back” I asked if he was serious because I couldn’t even believe the accusation, and he snarkily said “yes I’m serious”. I cannot believe and employee would confront a customer like that, I was in my car for less than a minute and there’s no way I could have just taken the meat out and left the rest of the sandwich in tact and also why would I do that?! Will never be back to this location. What a joke.

Rachea Pendley

Level of service and quality of food didn’t match the price. ? disappointing.

Heath Harrison

My kids consider this the best lunch ever, Don't ever get the wheat bread.

Tommy Perkins

Great taste, great product, friendly staff and lighting fast service what's not to like? If your in a hurry and want a tasty bite to eat this blows most of the other chain sub shops outta the water. Try the #16 club lulu your taste buds will thank you.

Josh B

The ONLY thing I would change about this chain is the cheese. Provolone is fine, but I want my american!Otherwise, you can't beat the fresh bread and ingredients. They're fast, efficient, friendly, and consistent in quality. Whenever I want a sandwich, this is where I go.

Robert Scheen

Worse place I have ever ate at it's a sandwich place but you have to pay extra for cheese and it's bread was nasty. For their prices what a RIP off . They don't even deserve a star

Jacqui Edmond

incredible in-shop employees!!!!! this might be my favorite jimmy johns ever

Vince Hart

Like the advertisement says they were, freaky fast! The place was clean the service was excellent, and the sandwiches were perfect. Thanks!

C Martinez

Freaky Fast .i get the Tuna and the Pepe. In and out of the store in 6min.

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