Little Caesars Pizza

202 Walton Way SUITE 158, Cedar Park
(512) 528-9876

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TheEveryday POV

Very highly unimpressed by the manager on duty. I placed an online order at 4:14PM for pick up at 4:36PM. I go in there st 4:45PM to pick it up. They didn't even start my order and said they were out of dough at that time, yet they were taking other people's orders that were walk ins, and not ordered ahead...they said I had to wait another 20 minutes. How do you run out of dough at 4:15? That isn't even your busiest time. Contact the customers if you are out of dough. It is the lack of common sense and lack of customer service that I will never go here again.

Calvin King

Slow service and not one employee seems to have it together. Do not go to if you want a fast lunch

Mandy Bernal

Really terrible service and product. We got home, opened the boxes, and were really disappointed. The pizzas weren't cooked all the way and weren't made evenly. We had to pop them in the oven ourselves to cook it all the way which kind of defeats the purpose of ordering pizza to-go. The employees were more concerned with flirting with each other than actually working. But as the saying goes-- you really do get what you pay for.

vera schlosser

Pizza was delicious! Pizza was thin, with just the right ratio of sauce to cheese. I even ate the crust ,which I ordinarily don't do.

Amanda-Jean McCreight

Already not a fan and rarely come here, but today showed PRIME examples why I do not approve of this location:1. Lady coming in and out from her car carrying a baby going to the back kitchen (not in work gear so assume doesn't belong doing that).2. We are still fighting COVID-19 (it IS FRUSTRATING but we are) and I'm 6+ months pregnant (medical community states this is increased risk) and guy working counter pulls mask ccompletely down and states "at this point I just don't care really", and then just continued to serve remaining quick minutes w/o mask.....he may not but I DO and am really trying to stay safe. MASK ISNT FOR YOU, its for others.

Horror Tube

Order was to be ready at 6:30 I arrived at 6:32 and they told me they were waiting on just the pizza. It took another hour before it came out. I’ve worked in the pizza business it takes roughly 10 min to make and bake a pizza so honesty I’m impressed at the work quality. What I learned as I stood there contemplating this farce is that they will mix and match orders with other people’s orders just to get them out. They gave away my breadsticks twice which led to me waiting longer in the end. This place is an absolute joke and if I could I would give a zero. Whoever owns this place should be ashamed of themselves.

Edie Barno

I am never never never coming here again, 45 minutes for one cheese pizza, I left with empty hands and didn't even get my money back. This place is miserable and should be shut down.

Bob Weenig

Inexpensive and tasty pizza. Good as papa Johns


This place is horrible! Won’t let you order online... says to call the store but every time you call they answer and then hang up on you.

Braden Werley

Terrible management, waited 25 mins for a pizza... not hot and ready....

Stefanie Palomino

Good pizza, they need more workers for sure and more pizza being made. I have always come and never found a hot and ready me. I end up waiting but its worth the wait

JS Hamilton

Only 4 staff on hand at 530pm on a Saturday night causing loss of business and delays. That was the only problem. Good pizza for the price.

Joshua Grimes

the pizza is pretty bad the only decent things are the soda and kind of the bread sticks. the service inst good.

Tony A.

Online ordering doesn't work, and no one there answers the phone. You're a pizza place. Figure it out.

Taras Kalani Mahoe

The dough is the best pizza dough I have ever tasted whoever is making your dough is AWESOME!!! GIVE THAT GUY A RAISE!

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