Niki's Pizza & Pasta

508 N Bell Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 250-1188

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Tammy S.

This is the best place. My husband and I get the calzones. They are perfect. We moved from Cedar Park to Georgetown and make sure we visit twice a month. The owners are great and very friendly. We enjoy eating at Niki's. The best pizza place in Cedar Park.

William H.

First off, I LOVE PIZZA! I'm a New Yorker ("Why wouldn't I?") However, a real Pizza needs to have a little oil to make it follow me? But this Niki's Pizza had more oil soaking thru to the cardboard box than a Bronx family with five boys needs to slick back their hair with! Also, the crust was so thin it couldn't hold the sauce & cheese on it. That stuff just slid off it....I had to put it back on "my slice", roll it up like a Canoli & eat it with a fork! WDF ("What Da F_ _k?"). And the pepperoni tasted like the Hormel crap you buy in a plastic bag....Jesus Chrysler!

john g.

Always really good and consistent. Pizza, pasta, calzones - it's always really good. I've probably ordered pizza from here about 15 times and it's always good. I will say that whole pizzas are better than the slices. The slices always seem like the crust could be cooked a bit longer. They have a lunch special where you can get 2 large slices of pizza and a drink for under $8. They have other options too. They also have a $9.99 lunch special with a pasta, roll, salad and drink. The maranaria sauce that comes with the fried chess is excellent while the fried cheese itself average. Salads are larger than you'd expect and always fresh. Highly recommend.

Russell B.

Delicious lasagna!!! The $9.99 lunch specials are great and come with a salad and drink. They are observing COVID safety requirements. The service is prompt and with a smile. Encourage you to stop in and make sure they stay in business.

Jeff B.

I was craving pizza and read the Yelp reviews and everyone seemed to endorse the pizza. I decided to try it out and I will say it tasted excellent. As soon as I picked it up I took a look at it and the aroma was making me salivate. The pizza looked fresh and when I did get home it was still piping hot. I did read in one of the reviews that the crust got a little soggy and it did but really only in the center and not on the edges. I ordered the large supreme. So large and so delicious. Nikkis has a drive thru so order and drive thru to pick it up. If you like pizza you will like Nikkis. Thank you Nikki for being in Cedar Park and by being a good neighbor!

Stephy G.

Based on a friend's recommendation I tried this place a couple days ago. I ordered 4 dishes before my commute home, and the food was ready right on time. My husband loved his calzone and I loved my eggplant parmesan. But I also ordered a pizza. I have never ordered a pizza that came with frozen spinach - not fresh - on top. They could've hid the frozen spinach by covering it with more mozzarella cheese. I was disappointed by the pizza and most likely won't order it again.

Toni D.

We love this tiny Italian restaurant! The Eggplant Parm is to die for, the Pizza is great, and their garlic rolls are wonderful! Service has always been good!

M D.

I've loved their pizza for many years. These people are always so friendly and nice. I usually get their special with slice, salad and drink. Perfect!

Warren S.

I was under the impression that you'd get the same service and quality of off as the Round Rock location. I was wrong, the lady at the window who I paid was rude and when I asked for a few plates and disposable silverware I got a evil look and she made a comment that I believe was in Spanish to another coworker. My kids wanted to eat pizzas and pasta outside in a picnic under a shade tree in a opened area and this ruined the vide for us. I asked for "garlic knots" and we received two loafs or dinner rolls vs the awesome garlic knots. The pizza was good and the pasta sampler wasn't as flavorful as the Round Rock one.

Nate McDonald

We came in from out of town and landed at this great spot. Phenomenal pie, great price and our order was ready quicker than expected. An excellent experience all around.

Shelley Lanum

I waited in the drive thru window for 15 min before I was even noticed. I had a crying baby im the back seat. Finally asked the lady to double cutt my pizza and when i left was not cutt! I didnt have or get any utensils so my baby had to wait to eat something else. I really like how they have pizza by the slice but customer service and owner needs to improve or hire more employees if you cant provide the attention a customer needs.

Rajat Roy

Floppy pizza that didn’t stay up when you folded the crust. Pretty bland

Rajat Roy

Floppy pizza that didn’t stay up when you folded the crust. Pretty bland

Kristen P.

Decent food but extremely proud of their Alfredo sauce. Too pricey for such small cups of it and it wasn't that great. $12 for three shot sized cups of Alfredo. Was really expecting better sauce for that price. It was okay to experience but not going to be a regular.

The Adventures of Josie & Sophie

Delicious food and personable workers love going there to support small businesses! Good prices for huge pizza slices and yummy calazones.

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