No. 1 Boba Tea

1335 E Whitestone Blvd Building S, Suite 130, Cedar Park
(512) 986-7148

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Pilly H.

This place is the best. So addictive but I'm not mad about it. Ashley is the best and has a great skill of recommending items to you. Sydney is great, really everyone that works here goes out of there way to make a great drink. I probably come to this place 1-3 times a week and it's always great!!

Rita A.

The atmosphere is amazing! You will definitely feel the presence of the Lord here! I was so happy to have experienced that weeks ago. My mom and I supported for the first time yesterday and we will be back. It's good to see businesses who love the Lord and are not ashamed to show it! The world can play their crappy music, so why can't businesses play worship music! We need more of this.

Kacey C.

Such a cute business with a great cozy atmosphere. I loved the Christian music playing both inside and outside. So welcoming. I wished I had more time to sit and enjoy my tea but I got it to-go. The taro coconut with boba was delicious. Some of the best I've had! I can't wait to go back.

Amely R.

They have such a huge menu, with the best boba teas on it! Super nice staff, I love the interior: comfy and cozy. They also have some games there.

Rebecca G.

No. 1 Boba Tea indeed! Has feel good family vibes, friendly customer service, and a clear concise menu. I enjoyed sitting here catching up with my mom over a delicious cup of boba tea. I def recommend the Dragon fruit lemonade!

swaroop krothapalli

Ordered three hot boba teas. Original MT, Toffee and another one. The boba is given separately in a cup. This is weird. Usually they are added to the teas. And ordered them with 25% and 50% sweet. The teas are not sweet at all. And finally the tea is not hot. I found them to be cold. This place is not for me.Food: 2/5

Ruby Siebelink

Wow. This is honestly the best boba place I have ever been to. The boba teas are good and the sweet treats are too. The staff is always courteous and the place is clean and gives me chill vibes. They have games for you to play while you relax. The owner, is also very nice. I will keep coming to this boba place again and again. Highly recommend.

C Porterfield

The staff here are always nice and the drinks are really good! I love that you can customize how sweet and how much ice they add. That said, it always takes a really long time to get my drinks. Sometimes they tell me it's because they have to brew the tea fresh which is fine and understandable but often times there's no explanation. I tried ordering ahead of time and ended up waiting longer than if I had just gone into the store to order. This has been a consistent issue for at least 6 months.I love that they have games and a comfy area to wait which is nice for when it is taking a bit longer. The location is fairly clean, though I have never seen anyone wipe down the tables between customers, and the bathrooms are nice. I am not a fan of the Christian music that is always playing and there's no getting away from it as it's played outside too. Christmas music is one thing, though I am not a fan of that either, but having Christian music played year around, in a place that isn't a Christian Book store or something, is kind of obnoxious.

Daywah S.

upsetting experience here. My family and I sat down to get some work done and I ordered the brown sugar milk tea. I did not start drinking the tea until my sister got her drink which took a little while to make (about 15 mins) after I took a sip of the tea it tasted like straight sugar chocolate milk. I asked to get it potentially replaced with a regular milk tea as the drink tasted too much like sugar & they told us that we couldn't due to timeage rules (didn't know this was a thing). We were inside the store the entire time and didn't leave at all. The drink is still full & I barely took a sip. The place itself is not bad. It is spacious and nice however the customer service experience was not a good one. Didn't feel very welcoming.

Darrel Tremaine

Great menu of boba drinks, with fresh squeezed fruit and really good teas, including Japanese Sencha. Bonus points for tapioca that was just right. I’m giving three stars because even though the sitting spaces were cozy, and the drinks were delicious, the music was far too loud. I asked the barista if she could turn it down, letting her know that we are an autistic family and that the music was too much for us. She let me know that ownership does not allow baristas to control the music, even though they have had requests in the past to turn it down. There was no way for us to comfortably enjoy the seating area, so we took our drinks to go. We were the only customers there and we were disappointed to have to leave. We most likely won’t return.

Sheila Hughes

The drink was OK (Chai wasn't as flavorful as I had hoped). The service was very good. The layout was cute and welcoming, unless you're not a Christian. They had Christian music playing quite loudly. I went to sit outside to escape it, and was bummed to find it was also playing outside. Just be aware if that's something you're not interested in.

Mariam P.

Came back here 2 times and they are so fast now. Not sure what happened but they got it together! Good boba, lots of flavors. They have dairy free options! The 32oz is the best deal but too much for me haha. Would share the 24 oz with my partner. So glad this place is in Cedar Park!! Also the vibe is so nice, it reminds me of Friends with the couch set up and coziness!

Mari P

Overall the drinks here are good but unfortunately they are pretty inconsistent with the order that they make their drinks in and therefore it happens often that we order 1 or 2 drinks and easily end up waiting 10+ minutes while people who order after us get their drinks before us, even when they have large orders and we just have 1 drink, and even when they’re not busy with long lines. There have even been times that our drinks are waiting on the side out of sight and haven’t been called out yet and only once I stop someone and ask do they say oh yeah and hand them over. They always have a decent amount of people working on the drinks in the back so I wonder if they’re just not communicating with eachother enough on who is making what and orders end up getting looked over with an assumption that someone else is already taking care of it. The employees never say anything while you wait at the counter even though they probably realize you’ve been there for quite a while and a simple check in could go a long way, but they see you and just ignore and continue on. I always tip and the first few times this happened I just chalked it up to oh it was a mistake but at this point it’s a regular occurrence and I’ll just be switching over to the boba shop down the street.

Talia Bratz

First time here today and it’s because my 11year old nephew wanted to come. He said youth brought him one time. The boba is amazing! The atmosphere is even better. I love that they have games also.. but most importantly the WORSHIP MUSIC PLAYING! The fact that you guys are a business and willingly play this regardless of peoples reviews etc. You will continue to get my money and I’ll def refer this place!

Ashley R.

I really like that the tea already comes with tapioca. I ordered the make you dance dragon, which was 7/10 for me. It was a bit more floral than what I wanted and should have went with lychee dragon. My partner loves slushes so he ordered strawberry green apple slush with mango and strawberry poppers. It was spot on for him. The service was great! She allowed him to try the poppers before adding them in his drink and it only took a few minutes before they both were ready. I would come back here, it's actually a really nice size with plenty of seating if you wanted to stay there and enjoy your beverage.

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