Phil's Philly Grill

11200 Lakeline Mall Dr, Cedar Park
(512) 257-7445

Recent Reviews

John T.

I've been coming here for 21 years and I've always had a great experience. The food is always prepared quickly and served piping hot. The prices have always been reasonable and the staff is friendly. For a good philly, come to Phil's.

Kim Y.

Even in the fast food business, I think customer service is key. I have been a customer here for years. Whenever I want a solid Philly cheesesteak sandwich, I go here. The owner is always so nice and the food is always good. It's a guilty pleasure for sure!

Joshua Scott

Food was great french fries are the best. Free refills on drinks.

Gordon Chi

had 15 minutes to nab a quick bite before work. I ordered large curly fries and large tater tots. I explained that i needed to get back to work asap so if they would please make it fast that'd be great. They heeded and those fries and tots were soooo good and hot as well as rly crispy. Well done!!!

Nathan Cunningham

Freshly made chicken philly, yummy and just enough to be able to split between the wife and me. :)

Randy Ly

always order two for myself and my kids. we love the phil’s classics and the customer service is very nice.

Jarrod Stewart

Got a philly cheese stake recently, and altough it was good and tasted great, just felt it was a little too small, however with the combo and drink, I was filled up, but wished it was just a little bit bigger. Along with the combos cant get chips and drinks as well such as bottled water or even a hot wrap.

S Sands

$ Was really impressed with the original Philly... Great flavor and freshly made.. . Curly fries were right on too.. .. Friendly service & promptly made the food.

The InLight

This is one of the best Philly Cheese Steaks I’ve had! I get it with chicken instead of beef.

Nicholas Bennett

very great spot for quick and delicious service

Tasha Sledge

Tony is such a dedicated man. He knows what he is doing and makes my food taste great. Thanks Tony for all your hard work.

Yogesh Patil

Tried chicken quesadillas. Taste was okay not that good.

Orlando L.

Just don't do it, it's dry and tasteless, but in all fairness it is mall food sorts not out of the ordinary

Christine L.

Chicken philly was tasty! And got a side of tater tots that my daughter devoured! What I love most is great customer service in a fast food place! The man behind the counter was shy, but very friendly and worked quickly! I also noticed he changed his gloves when keying in! Was very impressed. Thank you for the quick, delicious lunch!

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