Phonatic Vietnamese Restaurant

1468 E Whitestone Blvd #200, Cedar Park
(512) 528-1090

Recent Reviews

Amanda Mart

Egg rolls were the best thing here.My vermicelli bowl with lemongrass beef was underwhelming. The meat tasted old and more teriyaki than anything. The meat to noodle/veggie ratio is low.If I’m in the mood for a vermicelli bowl, I won’t return.

Mark Rodriguez

This small chain around Austin is one of my favorite places to go to for pho. It's by all means no the cheapest but I really enjoy the pho. The portion size is pretty big and the good amount of options for different types of pho. I've been going to this location for about 4 years now and to this chain for about 7 years and they have never disappointed. Their pho is always easy on the stomach, flavorful, and of course delicious.

Shelby Lammons

Horrible experience. I called to place an order for pickup and when I asked for sauces on the side the lady on the phone said, “Yeah you can get those yourself when you get here.” Horrible customer service. When food was received, the packaging was horrible and not handled with care and made a mess in the bag in vehicle. Got the vibe from the whole staff that they could care less about paying customers!!

Daniela Zavala

I've ordered from here quite a bit and I've also eaten in the restaurant a few times but these last 3 times they have been completely off their game. All 3 times I've ordered the bahn mi sandwich and all 3 times they have forgotten the most important part of the sandwich the meat I just don't understand how they forget to send the meat and 3 separate times at that it's ridiculous and even so when ordering the young man I spoke with was so impatient and just trying to hurry me up. Phonatic employees we need to do better.

Francis Foglia

By far one of the most mediocre meals I've ever had. I eat quite a bit of pho, and I was sadly disappointed. Besides a great name, the spring rolls sucked, they didn't give me any basil or condiments on the side, and the pho was very bland.

Texas Saint

Pho was great! Kids got vermicelli bowls and loved them. Not sure why this place isn't always packed when we visit because everything is always so fresh and delicious.

Shelly Parker

I always leave this place feeling 100% satisfied!! The food is amazing and the staff is great! They even take excellent care of important things you may have left behind, like Apple Ear pods!! Seriously, this is a local fav for me for so many reasons!! Thanks Phonatic, you’re Pho nominal! ???

Yvette Can

This locations quality has really gone downhill. Three shrimp in my $15 vermicelli bowl and the pho is provided with less than oz raw meat in a bag. Dine elsewhere

Alexandra Hernandez

Phonetic used to be ok, not great but ok. However, the last time I went it was horrible. The fish sauce tasted like water. The pho broth was just salted water. Everything was Terrible. A total waste of money. I would never eat there again.


Don't believe that gluten free thing. They used to boil the noodles in a separate pot to keep it actually gluten free but I guess they decided it was too much trouble so they don't bother, but if you have issues with gluten it will make you VERY sick. I called to ask and they said they quit separate preparation months ago :( Update the menu as NOTHING gluten free so you stop making people sick.

Ashlei Camille

Ordered the Pat’s Plate via Uber eats. I bit into the egg roll that comes with Pats Plate and it was completely raw. I contact Uber Eats asking for a full refund since I was served raw pork. Phonatic refused to give me a full refund even though I had not one but THREE raw pork egg rolls in my order. One of which was within my main meal. I of course wanted nothing to do with the meal and didn’t have dinner. Even my family stated they recently went to Phonatic and had a poor experience. Sadly we have all decided we will not return to any of your locations.


Giving 2 starts because they were fast and well packaged for delivery. But this is the worst banh mi I’ve ever tried. The chicken was smoked instead of grilled as described. The vegetables are basically nonexistent. Never ordering from here again.

Guyon J. Hill

I ordered shrimp spring rolls and bugs were actively crawling out after I took a bite. I talked to two people at the restaurant who were not helpful at all and I've ordered from here many times.

Laurie Williams

Tried this place out recently with my wife and was pleasantly surprised. They have lots of seating and fast service too. Would eat here again for sure.

Laura Lopez

Always so good. I've liked Pho for a while but when both my husband and I got covid last year, I was able to convince him to try it and he fell in love too, . Good service, airways fresh tasting, HUGE portions.

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