Pita Haüs

11200 Lakeline Mall Dr v07, Cedar Park
(512) 698-8284

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Gordon Montgomery

Excellllllllent food. Amazing friendly efficient service. Get the burroti!!

Fox E.

Haus everything going with you? Well I hope? If not, then it's a Pita, because I Pita the fool that doesn't enjoy Greek food. There's nothing at all wrong with PH, and in fact it's nice to have some decent - if not great - Greek food located inside this mall. So this is probably my go to Food Stand in the mall which, honestly, is not saying much. Because while they have a lot of options, the vast majority are awful. So I would come here regularly were I a regular shopper, and I appreciate it being here.

Jewel L.

I loved the food at this place BUT... I ordered on DoorDash and it was over 30 minutes late. ALSO... They were out of rice?? So my driver calls and the restaurant offers to cancel my order. NO thank you, I'm actually quite hungry while waiting for my late food delivery. Please don't eliminate my one source of sustenance... So I opted for the sans rice version of my dinner, and it was actually fabulous (after I made my own bleeping rice). The hubs loved his food, too. I just hope they figure out how to keep RICE on the menu... in a mall...foodcourt.

Bryan Alfaro

Just ok, had the burrotti cuz it looked interesting but the ingredients tasted kinda bland. Not bad not good, but definitely lackluster compared to surrounding restaurants in the food court.

Jeffrey E.

Worst meal I have had in recent memory. Where to start?? I ordered the fried chicken combo which came with 2 pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, biskett and some iced tea. * Chicken. Not bad, I ate all of it and it was fairly good. * Mashed potatoes. Total crap. Completely flavorless and actually runny. It dripped off of my fork (like water!) and soaked into my shirt instantly. * Biskett - I kid you not but it was chewy (like a bagel) for most of it and the inside was actually tough to bite through. I am sure it was microwaved for far too long, but it was served cold. Also gross. * Gravy. Never got there because they were "out" even though they just opened. * Iced tea. Yes it was a deep brown, but it had zero flavor... none. And this is not just me, my wife tried it and agreed. It tasted just like water. No way am I drinking brown water. Even now I am amazed how to pull something like this off. Dark brown, tasteless water. So, I ate the chicken, have a soiled shirt and everything else ended up in the trash.

Lauren B.

I will say this pita here is amazing. I love the chicken swarma BUT DO NOT ORDER A DRINK. I ordered a pita and didn't get a drink. The pita was $8 and some change. I decide eh... I do want a drink so I ordered one. She charged me once she poured it. It was TEA. SHE CHARGED ME $5.40 for TEA IN A 20oz STYROFOAM CUP. OVER HALF THE COST FOR THE PITA. This makes me want to never go back?! This tea better have liquid gold and make me lose 15 pounds and have glowing skin. FIVE DOLLARS FOR A DRINK. A TEA. STARBUCKS DOESNT EVEN CHARHE THAT MUCH FOR TEA!!!

John T.

For a decent meal under $10, come here. There's not a huge selection, but remember, it's a food court restaurant. It's pretty easy to customize your order, and the staff is friendly. I came during the week, so I'm assuming that there's more staff when the mall gets busy. Relative to other food court restaurants, this place is pretty scrumptious. I got full off of one pita, and I didn't get bloated or heartburn like I would have at one of the other joints. I'm surprised that they served gyro meat...it's been a while since I had a decent gyro...and I didn't even get bad breath afterwards.

Icy P.

My all time favorite place, if I eat everyday there I can get something new each time. And the staff explain the process very good. It's unlimited toppings but I good suggestions from the girl who helped me.

Sirajum Munira

The chicken tender was horribly undercooked and lacked any flavors. The wrap was average.

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