Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

1456 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 260-6454

Recent Reviews

Amy B.

This review is strictly about my drive-through experience. I had not had Cane's in several years. While visiting family we decided to visit this location. The person taking our order was very friendly. I think Cane's has to be the most efficient drive through ever! Nothing was left off of our order, everything was fresh and delicious, and they even got all of our weird substitutions correct (extra toast, no coleslaw, etc.). I would definitely visit again.

michael bernhardt

Drive thru line may look long but it does move. Staff communicates well and they're polite. That chicken is on point!!!

Everfaraway Rain

Tried to order through doordash. Took 1.5 hours for them to Cancel our Order. This was of course after the delivery guy for Doordash got there so they not only wasted my time and the delivery driver’s.

Tammy Wright

The strips are half the size they used to be. For more of a price. The food has great flavor but just real small for the price not like it was 1 and a half yrs ago.

Randall Pitcock

Cedar Park, Tx Cane's Chicken is awesome. We eat there most evertime we are in town. Our grandkids love the lemonade!

Lauren L.

This place is this best! My coworker and I feel guilty with how many times a week we eat lunch here. It's always consistent, my order is right, customer service is great. And as always... the chicken is the bomb. My favorite part is the canes sauce. I'm always sure to get extra. If you haven't tried it yet. You need to go!

Nat Mazon

Great little to pricey formal but the quality was on point everytime love it

Lisa Larsen

Twice we have had to wait through a long drive thru line only to be asked to pull over and wait for our order. Not too awful, but they give the next 6 cars their orders while we wait. We saw multiple bags handed out while we wait for seemingly no reason. They only have 1 item on the menu-why make us wait but no one else? Not sure we will be back.

Robert Vasquez

Who says you can't specialize and totally kick it. These cats do it daily. Much love and even more chicken.

Anthony Hamon

Canes aways puts out great tasting, hot, and fresh chicken! The texas toast is fantastic.

John L.

I mean it's fried chicken fingers. (I call them diddlers). It's not a complex menu. You can get a 3 diddler meal. A 4 diddler meal. Or a 6 diddler meal. Or if you're feeling saucy, you can get a 3 diddler sammich. That's it. You also get crinkle cut fries, a piece of toast that your cats will eat, some half decent slaw and some RAD sauce (mix it with hot sauce and blow your mind even more). Its good stuff. Have I had better? Sure. Not at Zaxbys or PDQ - btw PDQ stands for Poop Doodoo Quality. It's not breaking any molds here. BUT - The real star here is the drive through. During the 'Ronapocalypse, EVERYONE is doing drive through. You go to Whataburger and you're gonna wait 45 minutes if there are more than zero cars in the DT. Wendy's? Well, why would you go to Wendy's, honestly. Taco Bell? KFC? If there's a line, you're gonna wait a while, and possibly a LONG while. But NOT AT CANES. There have been times where the line has literally wrapped around the building, the last two cars in line are in the entrance from the main road. MY car has been that car that is at the entrance. Wanna know how long it was until I drove off with my Caniac of diddlers and large lemonade? 10 minutes. If that! These people know exactly how to keep a drive through MOVING. They should send some of these kids and the manager to other places to show them how it's DONE SON. Kudos to the kids at Cains.

Stefanie Palomino

Nothing like canes best fried chicken I've ever had. I come from California. Try the cane sauce and must have ice tea

Bb7 M.

Have lived here two years and just now found this very popular destination. Now, I enjoy takeout at least once a week. The chicken is fresh and delicious. I am now a regular and satisfied customer.

Jada Dubbs

Always and Forever a favorite of mine! Get the lemonade with a twist of Sprite and omg it's delicious. Don't forget to sub the coleslaw with extra toast! That toast is divine! Chicken is good but with the dipping sauce it's the best!

luke clark

Foods great and it’s very convenient to go to during work, but the staff seems to get confused and hand me or make me pay for someone else’s meal... probably be going to torches for lunches, cause it was not the first time and probably not the last

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