EurAsia Ramen

1335 E Whitestone Blvd #110, Cedar Park
(512) 696-8986

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I only go here for the Tonkotsu but the sushi selection gives you some variety, its not anything crazy but its solid and and I enjoy it. I do think the chashu slices are a bit thin,small but besides that I do enjoy this place.Ill keep getting my Tonkotsu here, its close by and the atmosphere is great for everyone.

Kim Legge

First time trying EurAsia Ramen. Had the curry mozzarella ramen and it was absolutely delicious. Will definitely be back. Would like to try other things, but that was so good I may not be able to pry myself away from getting that again.

Brenda Q

First time trying this restaurant. The takeout Katsu Bento is well presented, the rice beneath the Katsu is seasoned sushi rice, taste good. Just that the Katsu is kinda disappointing, very thinly cut and not juicy. Protein is kinda tough. Would give 4 star if the Katsu is thicker cut and juicy. [ Gave the restaurant a second chance. I tried their popular Eurasia Ramen, am not satisfied with the pork broth for this ramen. As I have tasted several authentic Japanese ramen before, this isn’t the kind of broth that will satisfied the tastebud for authentic ramen broth. It’s tastes like pork broth incorporated with heavy cream/ cooking cream. It’s not aromatic, the broth is unusual thick. It just taste odd. Never have I tasted pork broth that has heavy milk cream carrageenan taste and texture.]

Healing, Tea and Travel Sister

Best Ramen in Austin Area! Don’t let the name fool you! It is as authentic Asian cuisine as it gets.

Etreta T.

Tasty, lots of good toppings, a generous portion size with flavorful broth, packaged intelligently for takeout/delivery, excellent vegetarian option, and fairly priced! Happy to have found this place.

Jamie P.

The 'So Dang Good' sushi roll was named properly- because it's so dang good!! We visited on a Friday evening and it wasn't too busy. We ordered 4 rolls to share between two people including 2 So Dang Good rolls, one Philadelphia roll, and 1 Spider roll. There wasn't a roll I didn't like. Each one tasted fresh and it didn't take the kitchen long to bring them out. When you arrive, you place your order at the counter then go to a numbered table where they'll bring the food to you. They also have poke, bento boxes, ramen, and many other dishes on the menu. I look forward to trying out different sushi rolls in the future.

Shae H.

This ramen was AMAZING!!! I'm in love! it's everything I've been wanting in a ramen lately that I haven't been able to find! Noodles perfectly cooked and light and the ground pork was the most flavorful ground pork I've had and it had a kick to it and was still so juicy, cooked to perfection. The broth was so dang delicious! It had a an actual depth of flavor, unlike so many I've had in Austin. I got the tonkotsu black. Incredible. I could eat it every day of my life. Made fast with friendly phone service! Keep up the good work! If I didn't live 30 mins away, I would be there 3 times a week! Might still be able to make it once a week!

juno blanchard

one word: AMAZING! i am a seafood / ramen fanatic and i will be making excuses left and right to go to cedar park just to eat here again! thank you for a wonderful meal!

Jessica G.

Their Ramen is SO good!!!! Too bad they're only in Texas - I've been craving some good ramen, no luck where I'm at! Haha.. I will definitely come back!

Betty S.

This place is so great. I love the way they package everything to go.I always get the reaper ramen. I wish there was an option to make this less spicy easily but I deal with the spice and it's super good.

Laura Celeste Gomez-Castillo

Yummy food. Nice employees and over all it’s a good place to eat

trisha mirza

Had high hopes. Two star is for the bento box. It was ok. Ramen: chicken broth tasted like fish..boiled egg was boiled I don’t know when. I had to throw it away. Overall depressed that yet another disappointment in cedar park.

Norma Garza

Delicious Ramen and Sushi! We've already been back twice :)

Shadow Wessel

Excellent food and the kids and spouse loved it. Will be ordering again

Samantha V.

This ramen is SO GOOD!! Takeout/delivery orders come in great packaging. Will def order again.

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