Rock & Rolls Sushi Lounge

1850 S Lakeline Blvd #200, Cedar Park
(512) 649-2222

Recent Reviews

Wayne Brooks

Service was slow, but not the first time during the pandemic. The atmosphere is cool and the guitar neck light board from the entrance to the bar is very cool!Food was good too. Most of the rolls and drinks have a Rock & Roll the name and they are different than any other place. They have a few "Classic Rolls", but not the typical long list.

Nicole Moulton

Delicious!!! My family and I loved our rolls here. Everything was fresh, spicy, and delicious!

Christina Garza Colley

Came in for dinner last night with the hubs. We sat at the bar and shared lettuce wraps, pork belly bao buns, Kobe beef sliders, garlic/black pepper edamame and some Cali rolls. All of it....ALL of it, was so delish. Everything was so fresh and with every bite of a dish we would turn to each other and agree it was the best we’ve ever tried. But the unsuspecting contender was my jalapeño Mexican martini. The absolute best I’ve ever had, by no exaggeration. Sergio served it up for me and let me tell you, he knows what he is doing. And now the food will not be the only thing bringing us back! Sergio will be shaking up my drinks. Thanks for a great date night experience, guys!

Sam Cho

This isn’t sushi. The two different types of sushi I ordered are white rice and different fish wrapped loosely with dried sea laver both with sweet eel sauce. Nothing else. Overpoweringly sweet and no difference in texture, scent, or taste. To top it all off, even though customers are required to wear masks as their sign says, but some employees are wearing masks to hold up their chin and not covering their mouths. The lady at the counter wasn’t even wearing one. Be aware!

Carla Angeles

really good sushi, rolls took a while to come out but that’s because they put a lot of effort into details. will be back!

Joshua Lewis

Fun place with good music and great food!

Miki Kirby

It was a super comfortable spot with fantastic gyoza and sushi rolls. My roommate and I are both Japanese and are a little snobby with our taste buds. Rock and Rolls met our expectations and then some!

Victor Carr

Great food, great service. Book the VIP room. Very private.

Meaghan G.

I've been to Rock & Rolls Sushi twice! The food has been amazing both times! I've ordered the Californication and HIGHLY recommend it. Their drink menu is phenomenal however, I ordered a lemon drop martini that wasn't on their menu and was skeptical (it ended up being BOMB)! I highly highly recommend this restaurant if you are in the area.

Jaya V.

I went to get curbside pickup today, and I was so darned dismayed to see people seated at the bar. We are in a sink-or-swim situation, and restaurants that are choosing to do dine-in (especially in-door) at this time, when hospitals are reaching capacity and doctors are begging people to stay home are contributing to the terrible problem we face. There are sushi places (Kai Sushi and Sushi Fever) who are takeout only, they will be getting my business in the future.

Seema P.

This place was okay. Not impressed with the food and flavors. The salmon and goat cheese was good. The rolls are pretty standard so you can't go wrong if you need your sushi fix. The place also offers a bar area and many tv screens so a good place for a post covid hangout. The wait staff had masks on but not properly wearing them which was disappointing.

Hasan K.

I really wanted to like this place since it's so close to home but it was awful and over priced. Super dry and smelly fish. Very poor quality sushi. I'm glad I asked for extra spicy mayo to drench the sushi with otherwise I would not be able to eat it. Also their kids menu Mac and cheese said it would be udon noodles but it was just regular macaroni.

Mike B.

It's really new and nice inside. The specialty sushi all have some rock and rock themed names which is kinda silly. However the sushi itself was really fresh and good. Price was average for a sushi place

Kevin H.

Was not impressed. Had great reviews and I don't know why.

Silver Silviano Rodriguez

Yes, I enjoy the music here, but more importantly is the excellent service from Amanda the bartender and waitress! Even though she was very busy, she managed to fill my every request with a smile! I will be returning because of Amanda's dedication to her customer!

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