Smoothie King

909 E Whitestone Blvd Ste. B, Cedar Park
(512) 259-1173

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Emily Rullan

Our kids were craving smoothies, so we scooted on over to Smoothie King. We walked in and noticed some of the lights were being turned off. We asked "are you still open?" to which a young man behind the counter replied "for about another 30 seconds" in a very sarcastic way. He never made eye contact and looked very put out that we were there. My husband asked if he could still make us smoothies and the young man stood behind the register and asked "what do you want." His tone was rude and unfriendly. We ordered 3 smoothies as quickly as we could. He turned around while another young man was spraying and sanitizing. The boys were obviously ready to get out of there as quickly as possible, discussing "you do this and then I'll finish that." Never once did he or the other boy make eye contact, show any manners, make small talk, or act friendly in any way. We would have had no problem leaving if he had said the store was closed, but he made the decision to let us order, so he should have treated us like any other customer who comes into the store during the day. When he rung us us he placed the last smoothie on the counter and, once again, identified which shake was what when i asked, yet still didn't make eye contact. He then said "have a nice night," as fast and under his breathe as possible while turning around to get busy preparing to leave. I'm sure the boys were ready to get out of there and go do whatever they wanted to do, but their lack of good customer service was a real turn off. Working in the business industry for 30+ years, I would never allow my employees to treat customers that way. Those boys need to take a customer service 101 class. We won't be back.


Staff is super sweet and our smoothies were amazing!

Josh & Courtney Preston

So good. Good customer service every time and great smoothies.

Issac Auld

This place is amazing. Great customer service from all the way from the manager to the employees. Today I ordered a smoothie from the location in Cedar Park. I was given a great recommendation by the employee named Zach there. After that my smoothie was made quickly and tasted amazing. I am definitely recommending some friends to try out some smoothies there.

Angie Duran

I love this place you want a healthy real good smoothie this is the pace to go, from the manager to the staff to of course the smoothies all high ratings. I am here almost on a daily, so that says how AWESOME and AMAZING this place is. Thank you all for great wonderful friendly service.

Torreyana S.

If you want the best smoothie in cedar park and the best customer service come and visit them! the manager is super sweet!

Lisa A McIntosh

Love love 12 year old daughter got these at a dance competition and we’ve been hooked ever since. The whole family loves. CedarPark team is personable, friendly and efficient.

Tracey Messner

A HUGE THANKS to Ms. Christie & Najaia, Colten, Jourdan & Others at the Cedar Park Smoothie King as they take Such GREAT CARE of us!!! They make us feel like Family & are the Most AWESOME BLESSING to me & my daughter who have lots of food allergies & Special Orders!!! See you next Friday! We LOVE YOU ALL, Ms. Tracey & Liesl

Alex Miller

Always fast service and lind employees. Often spark up conversations and leave happy!

Tyler T.

If the sign says closes at 9 you better close at 9. It's pretty damn frustrating to show up at 8:54 and be denied entry because "we're closed".... yea well that's not what your sign says :/ I'll just go to tropical smoothie next time

Chris Thatcher

Terrible customer service... went in and waited for 5 minutes and the kids behind thre counter never asked for my order

Raven Nollan

Gabbi is so personable and sweet. She remembers me and my order every time I come in and only after being here about four times. I have never been a regular anywhere but she make me feel welcome and appreciated so I don’t mind being her regular. Thank you for all your hard work Gabbi if you’re not in management I’m sure you will be soon.

Whitney G.

First I'd like to start off by saying my smoothie was delicious and totally hit the spot. I'm 7 months pregnant and was craving some fruit. I went with the Angel food Slim (added pineapple) and it was everything I could've hoped for. Now for the "not so great" part. When I ordered, the young girl at the counter asked if I wanted strawberries with sugar added or without. I told her I just wanted the smoothie how it typically comes as the menu stated it would be 330 calories. So she asked me again "well do you want sugar added strawberries or not?" Again, trying to be polite, I signal to the sign and tell her it's 330 calories, so whatever comes in the smoothie typically for the 330 calories is what I'd like, just whatever the recipe is. This very young girl.... starts to clap as she asks me again if I want strawberries with or without sugar. She actually clapped as if I was too stupid to understand the question. I know we're all under stress due to covid and quarantine but "clapping" at a customer because they're telling you they want whatever typically comes in the smoothie for 330 calories is way too aggressive. Management might want to consider some customer service training.

Daniel Sidler

This location is great. The employees are very knowledgeable and always help me find the right drink! I will be back!

Ricardo Henriquez

I used to visit this location all the time but recently the quality and service have deteriorated drastically. My last visit I had 3 smoothies ahead of mine and the wait time was over 25min. I'm making smoothies at home from now on.

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