Taco Shack

1400 E Whitestone Blvd Ste 100, Cedar Park
(512) 259-7800

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Jill Stostad

I love their whole wheat tortilla option. Went there today and they ignored me totally as I pulled up to the order place. Not sure why it didn't beep. There was a car behind me so while i reversed a few times i had no success hitting sensor again. Lady at window had back to window when I pulled up, clearly she was taking order of next person who pulled up and not alert at all that another car was waiting I tried honking but nothing so I drove off. I guess I was their ghost customer today and they lost a sale but i am trying to lose weight anyways so I guess its all good. Feeling annoyed though that person at window on a Saturday is not more alert and they need to check their sensor as should be able to tell when one car leaves and another hits it and there is no button I could hit to alert them that I was there. They probably have more than one drive off if they are that inattentive.

Tabitha Bergman

Great service. Small tortillas for breakfast tacos, but they stuff them full. The only seasoning, though, happened to be in the very last bite of the second taco, and it was a bit too much. If they'd put some salt and pepper in the eggs and potatoes, they would be worth five stars. Salsa was good and brightened up the breakfast tacos, but it had no salty taste, either. I'll go back again, and see if they have seasoning packets.

Jessica Wright

The chili con carne on the enchiladas is so delicious. Red salsa is perfect mixture of heat and delicious veggies. Need I truly say anything about the tacos and burritos?!?! Divine all the way around. Love this Austin family-owned restaurant ♥️

Jason Clark

Picked up breakfast tacos for the office. Nice fat tacos with quality ingredients. Everybody was happy with their choices. Don't miss out on the breakfast bowls. Like a deconstructed taco. Really good.

Christopher Alexander

I'm Ganna get tacos every morning now from here. Awesome food! Haven't been here in years due to moving. But glad I finally got some.

John Creswell

So glad that they are still open. We have lost a lot of good little restaurants. A great value. Queso is really good not too spicy. Chips are really good and I love their enchiladas. Highly recommend. Whenever I’m down this way I always try to swing in and get some. If you’re in the area give it a try.

Jox the Box

Delicious tacos. Had a drive thru that went fairly fast. The shack next to my house closed so I wasn't to sure about this place because of the drive but well worth it.

Kristeen Evans

Service was fantastic. Food was OK. My daughter and I had tacos. My husband had a breakfast burrito. I think Burritos are their thing.

Kevin Ellison

One of the better breakfast tacos in the area. Chorizo wasn't too greasy, no French fries for potatoes but soft chunks. Good sized bacon.Fast and friendly service. Will definitely be back and recommend.

Wes Ogilvie

There's not much to say about Taco Shack that hasn't already been said. Just suffice it to say that if you want a breakfast taco, this is a great option. The quality is good. The tacos are the usual varieties without the hipster flair, but done right.The salsa is fresh and the heat will sneak up on you.If I had any criticism, it's that they never have iced tea out with the other drinks.

Tim O'Brien

The enchiladas were very good. I have loved enchiladas since 1969 and find it hard to find my taste.I do feel that the price was a bit on the high side, but these days it's hard to judge

Ann Thrailkill

Omg today I had the crispy taco plate it was so delicious. The crispy tacos were not spicy just right. Thank you. Have a great day.

Courtney Muzyka

First time here and it was good. Kinda pricey for what you get. 2 tacos almost $9.00.

Michael Thornhill

Chorizo and egg breakfast tacos were eaten. Would not go back.

Kent Rohrer

Expected a lower quality "Taco Bell" like food choice. HOWEVER, I was pleasantly surprised as there food was really tasty, large portions and seemed of good quality.The employees were incredibly friendly and the owner was there being helpful to the needs of the business. He was even helping to ring people up, clean tables , and say hello to everyone.Overall, I was impressed and will be coming back. It was good food, clean restaurant, had high chairs (GOOD ONES TOO!) And was affordable!Did mention they have breakfast tacos till 2PM!?Had no idea they even had breakfast!

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