Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1465 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 259-5472

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Ordered a humus wrap from this place and when I took a bite of it I immediately noticed there was no humus. So they remade my wrap and again didn't see no humus. So to just double check I opened the wrap to see if it was in there and low and behold it was there but only a smear of it!! Total waste of money for a wrap that contained 90% lettuce??????


Expectations VS Reality... I've ordered this before and it's looked comparable to the advertisement, but who ever made this one didn't even try.

Marice T Williams

I wish there was one in Georgetown. I use you over smoothie king any day

Priya Krishna

Great location, fast service, friendly staff

Daphanie Brown

Love love love this place! Best smoothies on earth and amazing flatbreads here!

Debbie B.

At first glance, I thought these smoothies were too expensive, but they are huge. I've never had one I don't like, and there are always new items added and great deals going on. I've also had the quesadillas which were surprisingly good to be from a smoothie place! Would recommend.

Rachel R.

We ordered. We waited a couple of people after us to give them the benefit of the doubt for a while. They forgot us. We requested a refund and left. Lost our business!

Sheila Martinez

Smoothie was ok.. didnt have many options, not really healthy. Can be considered a healthier fast food option

Joshua Bryer

Great service, solid lunch stop. Better than smoothie king for sure

Kaitlyn W.

My husband and I went in today to be rushed to order because we weren't wearing masks and then the lady proceeded to ask if we had masks and we said no to then she went and grabbed masks and when I asked if we had to wear them she said yes before she would take our order. We automatically turned around and walked out and will not be coming back. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Destiny Raya

Went in today around 5:00 pm and got terrible servicer. My friend and I walked in with no mask and right after all the (teenager girls) employees were starring and making it obvious that they were talking about us. Right when we walked up a boy gave us a mask and we put it right on with no trouble. After that the whole time we were waiting for our drink they were making us feel uncomfortable by starring and laughing at us. The smoothies were also really disgusting, out of all the times I have came here with family they were so flavorsome.

H. F.

I order smoothies from them all the time and use the splenda substitute which helps one get a really delicious smoothie without a ton of calories. it is one of the healthier fast food type of delivery options. I have always had my orders be correct and on time. Thanks guys for doing a great job!

srirekha bandaru

Very bad service.they made me wait 20 minutes for 2 smoothies as they confused themselves with the order


Ok place

Sarah Hallett

I love going there for their smoothies.

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