Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1465 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 259-5472

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Friendly F.

I picked up here and several folks weren't wearing masks. One lady was right out front the door, as I was leaving I was curious and asked her about it. She went off and started yelling at me about how she didn't believe it was a real virus, and then her daughter came out not knowing why her mom was upset but instead started yelling at me also and turning it around on me. It goes to show you that even so called "healthy" women concerned with their bodies, are still not wearing masks for the safety of their community when it comes to corona. What ignorance. And I believe this place should be ensuring their patrons wear masks as the government states. Please and thank you. As for that lady, and her daughter, Brittany, I pray y'all never have to experience the loss of someone due to covid even in your stupidity. I will pray for y'all to wake up from your slumber. : )

Joseph J.

Went in to pick up a smoothie after working out and got the orange ginger glow which is my usual smoothie but today it didn't taste anything like it usually does. I quickly realized this when I got to my car and went right back in to the store to see about trading it out. When I got to the counter I explained this to the cashier and asked if she would swap it out for me. She quickly told me that since I had already tasted the smoothie they wouldn't trade it out for me.... which makes zero sense because I wouldn't know if it tastes off until I try the smoothie? After asking her if there was anything they could do for me since I didn't like the smoothie at all she rudely told me there's nothing I can do for you unless you pay for another... what "GREAT" customer service. Very irritated with this encounter and will not be coming back to this store.

Alyssa Vice

I order from here using uber eats frequently and it seems like my order is always missing something. I know that is also partially the drivers fault but its happened multiple times due to the order not being prepped properly. This location is hit or miss on service

Patty M.

I recommend the sunshine blast smoothie and super green chicken Caesar wrap, can't go wrong at all.

Sharon Young

Healthy and delicious food!!

Chris Moore

Clean, quick, delicious! I have lived in CP for close to 7 years and I have never been here. The employee (Rubi) was very helpful and friendly. I’ll be back for sure. ????


Always friendly, Little expensive but i love their smoothies

Christopher Moore

Wraps, flatbreads, quesadillas and superfood smoothies. Really tasty.

Jason Sawyer

Friendly staff. Healthy smoothies and food. Because I am "fluffy", my daughter is always watching what I eat. Yes, I have a 15 year old, personal trainer. When we are here, I can order whatever I want. Great goto for a pre or post practice snack or even meal.

Mary M. Stevenson

Wasn't able to access app. Kept having login problems and cx support useless. Went to a nearby restaurant. Fix it soon or I'll delete the app forever.

Robin B.

Worst customer service ever! Whoever was working the closing shift tonight should be fired! I ordered two smoothies and she just threw them down on the counter without saying a word. She should have said have a great night or thank you for coming in, but no, she just had a really snotty attitude. They even had the open sign shut off before 7:00, just because they didn't want to stay and close. Well, news flash, you're OPEN till 7:00, you don't turn your sign off and start shutting down before then! You lost a good customer tonight as I will not be returning!

c webb

i went for breakfast and loved the selections it was like panera and jamba juice had a baby...small baby with a small selection similar to its parents not exact but good representation

Sarah d.

Very yummy. Took my kids there for breakfast - super understanding about how kids order! And got all out food very quickly. The smoothies are delicious and come in so many varieties!

Christina Taylor

The service here has been hit or miss. The last two times have not been very good. My smoothie was made wrong...twice and they weren't very nice about it when remaking. When I first told them my smoothie tastes weird she took the cup from me and I expected it to go back in the trash. Instead she threw it back into a blender and added some stuff to it . Still tasted weird and should have been completely remade. I don't even think there allowed to take something you have eaten/drank from back into the kitchen right?

Chris Metevier

Great tasting food. I'm not a smoothie guy, but my daughter loved hers.

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