Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1465 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 259-5472

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Janet Sade

I was inspired to visit Tropical Smoothie Cafe after watching a YouTube blog. The YouTuber had the jerk wrap and raved about how delicious it was.I'm a natural cynic so I took with a grain of salt but decided to try it for myself. The YouTuber was right... It was delicious. I went on a Saturday night. The place was super clean and staff was prompt in their reception as I entered. Everyone was super friendly.I had the Southwest wrap and my boyfriend has the turkey club flat bread sandwich. Both were super tasty and satisfying. The prices were affordable and the quality was superb.I waited until I got home to eat mine... Don't make that mistake. My lettuce was wilted from the heat of the other ingredients but that was my fault. Even with the wilted lettuce, it was still delicious!

Tonya Lynne C.

Happy Monday...why do I call out Monday for this review? Monday's can be tough to bridge from the weekend into work. I like to hit tropical smoothie on Monday's to take a mini vacation before work. The happy and uplifting music paired with the refreshing smoothies and beach themed artwork is what brings this whole tropical journey together. I love that you can get a smoothie with no added sugar. Many places have turbinado in everything. My "go to" smoothie is the detox Green Island which is soooo refreshing and hydrating. The sugar is naturally from the fruit. The other pro here is the price point. At the other "unnamed smoothie" establishments, you could walk out after everything is said and done, with a $10-15 SMOOTHIE!!! If I am paying $15, it better have a shot of something stronger than Spirulina. The price point here, even with add on supplements and fruit, was still under $8 w/ tax. I usually add strawberries and Matcha. The only reason I gave 4 vs 5 stars is they removed matcha from their menu last week which was a bummer. They do have an energizer supplement but for those that know and love matcha, there really is no replacement. You also do NOT want to sleep on the food. They have a wonderful peanut butter, banana, granola flatbread that is served warm with a drizzle of honey. Trust works. TiPS: Download their app, join the reward program, and order online ahead so your order is waiting for you (they make your smoothie and keep it in a freezer until you arrive). Highly recommend Tropical Smoothie if you ever need to brighten your day w/ a mini vacation.

Amanda Mena

Every time I come to this location my order is messed up, and they seem to not even care when mentioned to them.

Daniela R.

Polite as always and great smoothies for a great price. My favorite are the peanut butter cup, the island green smoothie and the sunrise sunset. Their quesadillas are also great!

Sean Garcia

Of course it’s nothing but girls in the back room…so I ordered a turkey bacon ranch which if you don’t know looks like a normal sandwich with turkey on it but instead what I received was a chicken bacon flatbread after my wife had told them she was allergic to chicken. The use of the wrong bread was one thing but adding the chicken after asking politely to make sure it wasn’t on anything, a total disregard to my request…this place has officially lost my business

Nicole B.

I love this place. Wonderful detox smoothies and kale salad. So quick to deliver.

R W.

Came in at 12:40p on Thursday July 29th. The girl at the counter was very nice. There was a line to the door yet she did not seem overwhelmed; she was patient and helpful. At first I thought $6 was a lot for a smoothie, but these things are HUGE. You definitely get your money's worth. My smoothie came out in less than five minutes. It was DELICIOUS!


Ordered a humus wrap from this place and when I took a bite of it I immediately noticed there was no humus. So they remade my wrap and again didn't see no humus. So to just double check I opened the wrap to see if it was in there and low and behold it was there but only a smear of it!! Total waste of money for a wrap that contained 90% lettuce??????


Expectations VS Reality... I've ordered this before and it's looked comparable to the advertisement, but who ever made this one didn't even try.

Marice T Williams

I wish there was one in Georgetown. I use you over smoothie king any day

Priya Krishna

Great location, fast service, friendly staff

Daphanie Brown

Love love love this place! Best smoothies on earth and amazing flatbreads here!

Debbie B.

At first glance, I thought these smoothies were too expensive, but they are huge. I've never had one I don't like, and there are always new items added and great deals going on. I've also had the quesadillas which were surprisingly good to be from a smoothie place! Would recommend.

Rachel R.

We ordered. We waited a couple of people after us to give them the benefit of the doubt for a while. They forgot us. We requested a refund and left. Lost our business!

Sheila Martinez

Smoothie was ok.. didnt have many options, not really healthy. Can be considered a healthier fast food option

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