Walmart Bakery

201 Walton Way, Cedar Park
(512) 528-0409

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Lisa G.

This location is THE WORST for grocery pick-up.  I understand that the world is crazy right now, and businesses are trying to adjust, but I drive for a delivery app and the other three Wal-Mart locations I've delivered from get the grocery orders out to my car within 5-10 minutes of arrival.  This Cedar Park location takes a MINIMUM of 20 minutes, and today it took 35.  If you are in no rush, then I suppose it's no big deal, but this location's grocery pick-up department is a hot mess.

Sheniah Cooper

I got a pumpkin roll about a week ago that was amazing, which is hard to find. I got one today that wasn’t good. The cream cheese icing had WAY too much powdered sugar in it, the pumpkin bread was good but the icing was terrible ?

Mark N Trish W.


the girl in Automotive today (AMBER)  refused to check us out today because we r white and she is of "other" ethnicity. She claimed it was cause we weren't wearing a mask but my husband was and she STILL refused to wait on him. Meanwhile, I went and got a manager. She made her check us put and told "AMBER " she needed to check everyone else standing out. She said no one needed anything!

Evelyn P.

Holy Cow!!!!! What a nice change!!!! As I entered the door, I noticed the flooring in the entry way was new. Nice. Clean. Quiet. I just felt calmer as I entered. Then I stopped by the bathroom. HOLY MOLY!!!!
Sparkling new white Subway tile, new sinks, mirrors and lighting! Absolutely a refreshing suprise. What a great way to begin an hour of shopping. Thank you, Walmart!!!

Nichole M.

The COVID precautions are ridiculous and don't make any sense. Shouldn't have to go through a maze to get in or out of the store. That to me causes major safety issues in the event of an emergency. Take the maze down!!

David S.

Covid has made things tougher than usual, but Walmart has embraced a new deeper level of suck with this specific store. It is time to rotate management and lets call it a rescue operation. I could go into specific detail, but why bother. I will not shop here anymore and I will instead go to the Walmart off of 1431 and Vista Ridge (well that area, also they are #2 in the USA for ratings).

Antonio M.

stay away from buying a phone from the walmart store another company handles that and it was the biggiest sh*t show ever.  i had to return 3 times to try and get the sprint phone working.  they call sprint and then try to port your current phone number took hours of wait time it was quite a joke the next day i went and the guy still could not get it working after 2 hours he just told me to visit a sprint store can you believe that so i leave and i gave up i said i'm returning this dumb phone and i'm going back to straight talk.  also they lie to you if you give them your social they will run a credit report they said it was soft it would not the guy straight lied.  i am very happy with straight talk and prepaying all day  never never never go with sprint their customer service lines does not allow you to talk to someone and then cut you off and never buy phones from walmart they really don't know what they are doing sadly.  walmart in general is a ok store  you can't make this sh*t up!!!!!

John V.

Do not order pickup from this Walmart. They have no clue what they're doing. They're taking more orders than they can handle, which results in nonsensical wait times. The first time I went, I waited roughly a half hour (this is over a month ago) and figured I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. My wife ordered today, received a text that the order was ready, left promptly, and has been waiting since 5:23. It is now 6:38. Ridiculous. Go to HEB across the street. They're a well oiled machine.

Update: 6:52 and she left. Hour and half of her life wasted waiting at Walmart. Ugh.

Emily S.

Awful curbside service. They let as many people sign up for time frames and you will wait over an hour every time! So greedy to make people spend money and take advantage of their time when the whole point is saving time!!!!! Awful.

Lyndi M.

This experience could have been way more stressful than it was- but wasn't all thanks to your Walmart employees. My mom and I were so worried to get our groceries due to covid, but every associate along the way was nice, comforting, and had smiles on their faces. From the lady restocking bananas to the gentleman restocking paper towels- thank you. You all were amazing and we especially loved our cashier, Kathy! Thank you for the upbeat attitudes and calming atmosphere during a chaotic time. It truly makes all the different in the world.

Joe D.

It's Walmart so you know what to expect. This location always has some interesting people shopping there. If you're in need of something fast and cheap it will do, but it's nothing special.

Booger G.

Ordered one single item online at noon. Never got any confirmation for pickup so I finally call at 4:15pm and they say it's ready for pickup. *rolleyes* Once I arrive at the store there is no sign on the outside saying what entrance the pickup is at so I park and of course it's the wrong entrance. Not my normal Walmart and will not be back to this one if I can help it.

Robert J.

In the past few months I have noticed this store has installed detectors at the exits and there is a person with a scanner checking receipts of customers as they leave.  In addition, I see the person with the scanner going through some people's Walmart bags.  I have a couple of issues with this.  Number 1, it is my understanding the items inside the Walmart bags are now personal property and I do not think Walmart as a right to search the bags based on rights against illegal searches.   Number 2, the person with the scanner only scans some people's receipt and not other's who are exiting.  What criteria I wonder they are using to decide who gets  searched and who doesn't.   I feel they are opening themselves to a profiling case.

Sarah E.

So this review is kind of funny but kind of serious. I was in the make up isle around 830-9 o'clock.. this OLD lady who worked there had something she was pushing it looked like some sort of cart with items on it. Y'all... this lady pushes her cart thing right into the mascara cardboard shelf on a end cap and knocks over ALLL OF IT! I feel like I'm a pretty nice person so I said, "let me help you". THIS CRAZY LADY was like, " why'd you knock that over your generation has no responsibility blah blah blah." I was at least 8 feet away from her and that shelf... Then she told me to just leave 0_0 wha tha fuh? SHE DID IT! I told a lady at the self checkout and she LITERALLY SAID "WORD??" Then chuckled. I will definitely be back.. it was worth it. Only giving 3 stars because ALL Walmart bathrooms smell like fresh shit.

Samantha Y.

I frequent this walmart and I have to say my experience this morning was excellent. I visited around 9:30am and almost every team member acknowledged me and said hello. Janet, my cashier, was very friendly and made small talk while checking out my items. This Walmart is always clean and well stocked. I also use the pharmacy and they are a great team, even with how busy and short staffed they are. It would be great if they could get more pharmacist and tech hours.

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