Yak N Yeti

200 Buttercup Creek Blvd Suite 125, Cedar Park
(512) 514-1180

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Will Katz

I paid $16 for butter chicken that had maybe six pieces of chicken in it total, which I didn't realize until I got home with it. That's inexcusable, and I feel like I got ripped off. Tastes good though.

Gary Johnson

Hi, all. Oh, maaaan. This place is a gem! I can't add many more superlatives beyond what most of the other reviewers said here. I had the Momo Chat: Vegetable, Yak & Yeti Mixed Grill, and one other dish, name I've forgotten. Excellent food. Everything was very fresh. Flavor bombs in every bite, etc. :-) Basmati rice cooked perfectly.This is my new favorite restaurant. And Suhdeep (sp??) was the nicest guy. He brought my order out to the car. Very courteous and so pleased that I was a first-time customer. "You call me if you have questions.", he said too when I didn't know what to order next time. You could tell that he loves what he's doing; his food was indicative of that as well.They've been open about a year now and I hope that everyone gives them a try and that we keep this restaurant with us in Cedar Park for a long time! Thanks for listening (reading). :-)

Matthew M.

I love this place. I cannot say enough good things about it. I have had all but 3 menu items and still cannot figure out which one I like better. Maybe that YNY staff will read this and point me to some secret not on the menu items ( hint hint) But if i had to pick one today - my order would be in the following orderSamosas : Duh - I mean.. really? You know this.Pakoras : For the kids :)Sadheko Momo: OMG-- do not pass these over. Order them .Now. I will wait for you to order them .... Lamb Vindaloo: get your tissues ready-- runny nose alert. Spicy but addictive.Chicken Korma: Again- for the kids :) And the bread basket. Its basically all their different Naan. So you don't have to make a decision. Smart!Right now they are pickup and delivery only. I'm 100% ok with that. They are close and the procedure is easy. Order online- drive to YNY- Call the # -They bring it out. Bam. And each time I have done that - I end up having a short little convo about the weather, safety , and even family. Everyone is very personable. The food is top drawer. Hands down. Now, I am typically the only one in my household that gets excited about Indian, Nepalese ,etc - but everyone gets glow'd up over YNY. They have their favorites and start dancing around when i make the announcement that is who we are ordering.I keep saying I am going to take pictures.. but - I forget and then all the food is gone.Thanks for eating with me today, I will see you next time-M

Diplekha C.

I had a pick up from this place. I ordered chili dumplings, chicken biriyani and chicken 65. Food quantity is very less than the prices and quality is not that good. I liked the dumplings but chicken 65 was so less in amount and full of mustard seeds. Biriyani was not 'biriyani' at all and they charged $14 for one small plate where almost everywhere you can find one plate of chicken biriyani for less than $10 and amount will be sufficient. Very much disappointed with this place.

P J.

This place should be totally checked out for amazing momos esp chilli momos and excellent customer service. While the makhani dal was average the momos totally made up for the taste. Seven pieces in a plate with good filling is a proper meal in itself.

Mark Sam I.

The best momo in the town..biryani was great.very helpful staff..Will definitely be back again..

ritu nagri

Was looking for some good Chinese food around me and stumbled on this place. They claim to have authentic Nepali food as well. The reviews do justice to the food they serve.We ordered veg chowmein, veg momos and chicken momos and asked them if they can fry another serving of veg momos as my mother in law likes it that way. They didnot have that on their menu but agreed to our request. We also tried their garlic naan and dal makhni. (Forgot to click pics)The same request was made by us at several other places but none could match our expectations except this place.The chowmein were decent, almost like home made, momos were great! The momo chutney was nice but I expected that red chilli chutney which was missing.Garlic naans were soft and quite big, dal makhni could have been better as I feel the spices we use in north India are a little different from what they had used.I gave them 4 stars just because despite the order being to go they missed putting cutlery and napkins.They are offering curb side pickup!

Tim Golden

The food was pretty good and the price reasonable. The butter chicken curry I ordered wasn't quite spicy enough (4 of 10) and had too much honey for my taste. The lamb saag was very good though the same (4 of 10) level, it had a good heat to it.

Miranda Moonilal

First time eating here and it is delicious. Ordered chicken pakora, chow mein with shrimp, and goat rogan josh. Everything tasted fresh and clean. Thank you! we will come back!

Christopher Gronberg

Second time eating here.Food is delicious. Flavorful, fresh and rich.Curbside was safely setup.

ashok acharya

Highly Recommended!!!such an amazing place to enjoy variety of flavours with your friends and family?????

Sara G.

This is my favorite place to eat. Many vegetarian and vegan options. My favorite is the Gobi Manchuria and the Bhindi Do Pyaza (Okra). Forever a fan.

brian byrne

first visit tonight, got several types of momo and a curry with some naan... teally good flavors, looking forward to trying more!

Deborah Lambertson

*Update* We have ordered 3 times in 2 weeks and are going to get another order this weekend.... YES, it's that good!

Joey J.

Highly recommend this place. We have always decided on restaurants by country and never had Nepalese food before and absolutely love it. This place is amazing AND they do a great job of gluten free is you let them know!

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