Zao's Chinese Kitchen

1540 Cypress Creek Road #110, Cedar Park
(737) 205-5987

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Beverly E.

Was not impressed with their Sesame chicken or Shrimp LoMein! Their egg drop soup was good. We really wanted to like it but none of did so I ended up throwing most of it out.

Dorothy H.

First off, I want to say that our order was wrong when we got home. So why 5 stars? The staff was so professional and apologetic and remade our entire order and told us to keep the original order we picked up. So when we got home, we had a little of everything. Every single item was unbelievably good! We ordered kung pao beef and cashew chicken - so fresh! We even tried a few bites of the original order (wrong order) of sesame chicken and shrimp fried rice. Although that would have never been anything I would have ordered, I would definitely order both of those again too! Fantastic food and service. Highly recommend!

Kimber G.

This place is a gem with high quality, delicious Chinese food in Cedar Park. Our favorites are the Kung Pao, General Tso's and if you like green onions, you have to try the Scallion pancake!!! They also include rice with the entrees which is very convenient because who doesn't love rice, right? :) If you haven't tried this place yet, what are you waiting for? Enjoy!!!

'Niquela C.

Ordered from here for the first time last night. Delivery was amazing especially since I'm on the cut off line so I super appreciated that she delivered still. I ordered shrimp lo mein... noodles were dry and clustered together. Shrimp was alright. The fried rice wow disappointing, the rice was so dry. Was it even cooked honestly? Or maybe it had been out all day. I'm unsure but that chicken fried rice was not good. The egg rolls, I ordered two, totally four egg rolls. I barely ate one. The eggs rolls were trash. The worst I've ever eaten. Maybe it was a bad night for this restaurant but the food was trash completely. I gave two stars strictly because of delivery.

Mattie N.

Loved the items we purchased. Dumplings, Blue Crab Rangoon, Fried Rice, Mongolian Beef, and Sweet & Sour Shrimp were great! If you get their lunch portions, they also include an eggroll and soup (Hot/Sour and Egg Drop). The only negative thing is they don't offer Won Ton soup. We'd pay extra, too but I guess they don't make it for lunch. With Covid, we ordered online and all we had to do was call them once we arrived and they brought out our food. Everything was ready at the time promised!

Glenn Speer

Got Zao's delivered last night for the first time. Ordered a few of my favorites from other places -- Sesame Chicken, Kung Pao Shrimp, Beef and Broccoli, Chicken Fried Rice, and some Egg Rolls. Got it delivered, arrived within 20 min, super fast. Food was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Fresh, great flavor, honestly some of the best Chinese food I've ever had. Will be ordering again soon, Highly Recommend!

Diana Lynn Richwine

Had them to-go tonight, best Chinese we had have in quite a while!! Order was prepared perfect, and delivery early!


5 stars due to excellence of food matched excellent service. Lunch specials great portion. Definitely a do again and again and again....

Jenn Urban

A wonderful place that I'm so glad I got to discover recently! I love the General Tso Chicken. The broccoli is so fresh tasting! I also really like the chicken fried rice. The portion of both of these plates are large and you basically get 2 meals in 1, which is a great value especially because it's SOOOO delicious!

Dave Read

Surprisingly good food for a little joint in a strip mall. The crab rangoons we’re far and away the best I have had, and all the entrees were excellent. We are pretty picky about our Chinese food, but we would come back here in a heartbeat.

Aphrodite Kanti

Just amazing food hands down and the staff is so friendly!

Judith A.

We were looking for a Chinese restaurant that was actually good and tasty. The reviews were good so we decided to go. I had the Kung Pao chicken and it was actually spicy hot - and they had hot oil so you could make it hotter! Hubby got the salt and pepper chicken which by itself was delicious - the coating was light and crispy and the chicken moist but he was disappointed that there was no sauce or gravy for his rice. The hot and sour soup was some of the most authentic I've had in the area. The third member of our group ordered a dish with peas and carrots - which she wasn't too thrilled with - I think they were frozen peas and carrots (they looked like it) but I could be wrong. All in all it's very good and our new go to Chinese restaurant. I'm wondering if you can get the broccoli and mushroom dish with the fiery sauce... Yum.

Jill T.

I ordered General Tsos chicken, hot and sour soup , egg rolls and dumplings. They failed to put the rice or broccoli that comes with the chicken. The egg rolls were not in the order either. Another fail. The soup was bland. No flavor. The chicken was bland as well and MUSHY. The dumplings were fine. So I paid 27$ plus a 4$ tip for blah, bland small portions and no rice or egg rolls or broccoli. Very disappointing dinner! Will never go back.

Bink T.

This is where I go for good ole-fashioned Chinese stir-fry, egg drop soup, fried rice, orange beef with some spicy chili sauce on the side. Owners are friendly. Delicious, clean and fast! I think they deliver too but I'm usually dining in.

Ricky M.

Food was excellent! People were friendly but the atmosphere was lacking don't like to order at the counter then get my tea and utensils myself.

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